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Hey y'all, Jim here. Welcome to my site devoted to who are, in my opinion, the worlds two greatest punk bands. If you have Yahoo! instant messenger, you can get me on - ' billie_joe_armst ', MSN messenger - 'jim_bizkitfan@hotmail.com', or AIM - 'JimGreenDay' usually between 9 and 10 pm. Otherwise, e-mail me with queries or suggestions.  

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Green Day Live in 2002
Jim's latest news. (Updated 17/7/02)

What a few days!

Lat Thursday- saw Oasis, on Monday - saw Green Day, and today, my Birthday!

Both of the shows were absolutely wicked, with both bands proving that they are back to their best, and both contenders for Best Live Band In The World.

Oh, and I'm having a bit of a problem with the section below here, if it doesn't say that the best band is Oasis, please let me know, thanks!

Check out the reviews above.

Later, JiM.


Non - Green Day or Blink band of the month: Oasis

Quote of the month:  "I'm a loser, drug abuser, so I don't need no accuser" (Billie doing 'When I Come Around' on Monday!)

Song of the month:  Oasis - Little by Little

Guitar Solo of The Month: Bon Jovi - One Wild Night


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