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The Shout Out Page is solely dedicated to people who want to be put into it. 
   1) Give me your first name and then the letter that starts your last name.
   2) Tell me what you wanna say in your quote
        Can be something you wanna say like a quote...or something nice to say
        Or something about me its your option
   3) Geocities would not let me make a comment box so you can do it yourself...You             have to message me on either yahoo or AOL instant messenger
My CIS teacher taught the class how to put games on in javatext onto websites.  When I have some free time I am going to put some classic games like break-out, checkers, a figher game and black jack. So far black jack is the only game that works.  Maybe you see it and play it.  Give me some comments about it so I know if you guys like it or not.  Have some fun with it...Oh, I forget on 10/22/03 I added more pictures to my site.  Some pictures are from the Temple vs. Villinova game while the other ones are part of a new section I made.  This section is dedicated to pictures of my friends that I took on my dig-cam.  The only pictures I have rate now is the pictures of Ashley's 17th Birthday Party.