here are some qoutes for u guys

"we take a rather cynical/comedic view of the human race. Life is a tragic comedy in my opinion. If you can't laugh, you must cry. I prefer to laugh."--Greg Graffin

"How can i help you, when i cant even help myself! your looking for a saving grace, but a saviors somthing i am not!"--Davey Havoc, from AFI

"Nothing From No where i am no one at all"--Davey Havoc, from AFI

"Im so ugly thats ok cuz so are you Im so horny thats ok my will is good" and "Just because youre paranoid dont mean there not after you"--kurt Cobain, from nirvana

"there is no such thing as hell but you can make it if you try"-- Greg Graffin, Bad Religion

"Everyone is a hipocrit"-- Greg Graffin, from Bad Religion

"clear your mind hide your fear don't look around don't turn around pennywise is here"--Jim Lindberg, from pennywise

"How can I live- When you won't let me in, How can I die- Without reasons why, How can I laugh- When I want to cry, How can I go on- with nothing nowhere, How will I make it"--Jim Lindberg, from pennywise

"all we need is more factories pumping filth into the sky. corprate greed and perverted preists its the story of our lives."-- Jim Lindberg, from pennywise

"Everything that you could never say, Would never matter anyway, I took a hammer and two nails to my eardrums long ago, Before that steak knife took my eyes, I looked up to the sky, For the last thing I would ever see, For the last time I'd cry"--Mat Skiba, from alkaline trio

"i lied my face off when i said that i would be ok. its never fine when your goaway. these cuts run deep these scars ar perminent and always on display" -- Dan, from ALKALINE TRIO

" you don't know what you wanna be. you don't know what you do. never gonna amount to much of anything, so whats the diffrence if you win or loose. well thats somthing"-- Trevor Keith, Face to Face

" Whats the problem now this time. I thought you learned by now that nothing ever works out right. you want to take away the edge, you told me its the only thing that helps you to forget. You've made your promises, thats not enough this time. theres only so much you can squander from a feeble mind"-- Trevor Keith, Face to Face