After over a year of being offline, Green Day Universe is officialy back (sort of)!!! I apologize to everyone of GDU's visitors and regulars that the .NET site was deleted a year ago due to miscommunication because since then there have been no improvements in the majority of the Green Day websites. But I kept the Geocities page as a backup, so below is Green Day Universe's vast catalog of pages including photos, tabs, lyrics, and much more! Since was deleted, I have been working on a site called Slaves of Music, which is a great site devoted to Audioslave (Chris Cornell and the remaining members of Rage Against the Machine.) I encourage you to check out the new site and to keep coming back! If you would like to send questions, comments, or suggestions to me, e-mail me at Thanks for coming back and enjoy!!!

Chris Bergsvik - former webmaster of Green Day Universe - September 1, 2003