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Welcome to Green Earth Temple

Green Earth Temple was established at Litha (June) in 2000. We are a group of varying paths that come together to perform magical work and to learn.
Green Earth Temple is associated with Rainbow Bridge Builders based out of Tennessee and Temple of the Earth in Chesney.
The temple is led by the High Priestess and High Priest, each governing the Temple during the reign of their respective deity. The ultimate power and responsibility however, always rests with the High Priestess in accordance with the Old laws.
Talora and Brehon are both legally ordained Ministers in the state of South Carolina and both well versed in herbalism and the ways of the craft. Both are well known in the area by various groups for their work. Talora offers one on one as well as group teaching of the craft.

We are working from Talora and Brehon's home in Pelzer, and are also in the process of looking to purchase another piece of property in the area where we will have a bit more space to attune with nature.
Talora and Brehon are currently involved in Phoenix magic as the picture below reveals what the fires at the current property will show you!

Talora is always willing to talk to those both new and old of the craft and happy to answer any questions about the craft or the temple. Initiation for those new to the craft is open from Samhain (Oct.31st) to Imbolc (Feb. 2nd) only, however others that have been in the craft for a relative amount of time may join at anytime during the year.

Green Earth Temple
P.O. Box 224
Pelzer, SC 29669
EMAIL: Talora45@hotmail.com


Talora's Vow

A Study of the Rede

The Lesson of the Tree

Yule Time Thoughts

Wicca Information
(site built by Talora containing basic craft information)

Herb Information
(site contains pictures of herbs,information on: essiac tea, herbs for menopause/hormone zappers, oils, tinctures etc.)