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Congratulations Mom
On your ASU Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, December 2007.

Congratulations Skyler
On your ASU AA degree, May 2007, your sucessful transfer to UA Fayetteville, and your summer long European vacation. See you in the fall!

Congratulations Aunt Jen & Uncle Bud
On the birth of our newest cousin, Landon, on Mother's Day 2007.

Congratulations Eli, Duke University Young Scholar, May 2007
Eli participated in Duke University's Scholars Search which resulted in a remarkable ACT score. We share in his excitement about the life altering academic opportunities this presents.

Congratulations to cousin Jason
on his Wedding March 24, 2007, in Riverside, CA.

Congratulations Arielle, MHHS Marching Band, 2006
She past her driver's test earlier this year and is enjoying small doses of freedom. The MHHS Marching Band was the first band invited to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, November 2006. Arielle is a junior and will travel with the MHHS Marching Band to New York, New York.

Our News...

2005 was a year of many painful changes and intense grief that in 2008 we are still recovering from. We are looking forward with courage, strength, and faith to the healing process. We have faced many challenges and we are proud of our progress. We are learning that as we distances ourselves in time from the shock of the tribulations, we can see the blessings and wisdoms buried in those experiences. We are learning the gift of being thankful in adversity.

Homeschooling gave us an awesome start on our lifelong journey of learning. Skyler graduated from MHHS in spite of a life-threatening illness and then graduated from ASU. After 5 months in Europe, he is back to continue his education at UA. Arielle is thriving at our local High School where she is fast approaching graduation. She is participating in the German Exchange Student program, and excels in Marching Band and food arts. Eli has excelled the past three years in Odyssey of the Mind, and this past year as a Duke University Young Scholar. His favorite subjects are science and math. He hopes to be a Robotics Operations Systems officer.

Pretty Pippen Greene

June 19, 2002 - May 10, 2004,
in honor of the memory of a wonderful pet that we still miss.

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You can find out more about the Bahá’í Faith by clicking the logo below.
Click here to investigate the Bahá’í Faith.
Important Bahá’í Links:
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Other Links associated with Our Site...

Learn what
homeschooling meant to us and how we went about it.
Skyler maintains his own, personal, unrestrained web page at Check out the links there to the many websites he has created for others.
Mom has her own site at Greenekidsmom.
Our Grandpa Fergy makes neat products out of the really neat wood he salvaged from a sunken clipper ship, but his site is currently being reconstructed. For more information about what he makes, please contact him directly at
You can see the site for our Uncle Charles' Carpet Factory business.
You can see our cousin Samantha's pageantry site.
Visit our Aunt Carole's site for her working German Shepards, Shomer and Zohar.
This site is dedicated to our host sister, Myriam, from Switzerland, of the memories she is made while in the USA.
Investigate our ancestry.
See the music store where our previous guitar and piano instructors taught, Lynn Martinson and Nancy Lindeen.
See the site for the zoological park and refuge near our home that helps to rescue, shelter, and protect injured and endangered animals.

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