Greenekids Spring/Summer 2007

Mother's Day at the Atrium

Happy Birthday Arielle! She finally got the only thing she ever wanted... a horse! These are the "before" pictures of the mare in her previous owner's pasture. Notice how knotted her mane is??

The mare is pregnant. If all goes well, we are expecting her foal in late October/early November. Below is the thoroughbread who sired her foal.

Arielle, Ferg, & Mom built the 45x90 pen.

Congratulations to Eli! He was honored by Duke University at a ceremony in Little Rock for scoring so high on the ACT in the 7th grade.

After a thorough check up by the vet, coggins test, vaccinations, and ultra sound, we brought the mare home. You can see how much shinier her coat is. And where are the snarls in her mane?? Skyler, and cousins Stephan and Christopher check her out too.

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