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10 years is quite a lot of time and although it seems it has gone fast, the real thing is very different. We have chosen a mexican beach; we have chosen a very special place; a location where we will find and remember the typical mexican athmosephere we used to enjoy so much and at the same time, discover the wonders and beauties of the caribean sea.

The chosen place is Cancun. Very well known all over the world because of its beauty and recreational facilities. Therefore, Cancun International airport has connections to almost any city around the world, and there are plenty of flights coming and going. If you want to check the easiest way to get to Cancun from the place where you live, check out these two websites. You will get the time tables for the flights and even the cost for the tickets.

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We are negotiating with two of the best All-Incluisve Resorts in Cancun in order to obatin the best fare for our reunion. It is not only a matter of getting the best price, but of getting several value-added items and activities included in the room fare.

As you can see, we are really making a big effort in obtaining the best hotel, the best price, the best activities, the best everything. So be sure that you will have a great time. If you want to have a look at the two Resorts, the click on their logo. Remember, the one that gives us the best and the most, will be the one chosen