Beautiful Linden Wisconsin

At first glance Linden may appear just a quaint small town in the middle of nowhere in southwestern wisconsin in Iowa county. It is a tiny little town of less than 700 people. There are two bars a church a post office a cheeze store, a small grocery, and a gas station. Its one of those small towns where everyone grew up there and lived there all their lives and everyone knows everyone else and has relatives in the area. If you dig deeper Linden is steeped in the history that made Wisconsin what it is today. You may ask, how did I come to take an interest in Linden? But, that is another story, perhaps I may tell you later. For now, lets just say, I took a personal interest. Its located in a beautiful hilly wooded region that was sparred from the glaciers that covered large parts of the state. Linden was once known as Peddler's Creek. Lead was discovered in Linden in 1821. Once Linden was much larger. It had about 2000 people during the lead rush days. One of the famous earlier mines was the "Dark Horse Mine" that was mined and owned by the Tredinnick's some of the early cornish immigrants that originally settled in this region. Lead played a large part in the early settlement of Wisconsin. The largest number of cornish immigrants settled near or in Linden during the lead mining days. If you have never had Pasty give it a try sometime its a favorite cornish dish, You can still see remnants of earlier mining activities left by the piles of dirt and the "diggin holes". Linden is very near mineral point where the state was first surveyed and it is also close to where the last indian battle east of the mississipi took place in the blackhawk war. Along with the lead deposits there were deposits of zinc and nickel in the area. After the lead mines panned out and minning became less profitable farming became more important there are many large dairy farms just outside of Linden. There is a cheese factory located inside the small town.

Peddler's Creek Cemetery (more about the history of Linden)

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