Yes I know it has been nearly a year since an update...but I don't care I've been busy...but I'm board right now so I think I'm gonna work on this...


SO some cunts and assholes have decided to spam my g-bok so all submissions have to be approved, not that anyones signed it in like 2 years but im just lettin everyone know


AHHHH!!!! I'm so happy! It feels so good outside, finially! Texas weather sucks.


RED BULL IS AWESOME unfortunatly the picture is too big to put in this little box and my html skills are a little dull so i dont know how to shink it but check it out (underneath the window) Red Bull is coming in bigger cans now!


Ok so it's not like anyones been to this page in the last 15 seconds, never the less, I don't believe in mistakes I believe in editing, thats why I have no problem with not being able to spell. Anyways instead of local music I'm going to so "Upcoming music" which may not actually be upcoming, but if I haven't heard it, it's new to me so take that. But yeah, if I put someone on there that's....I don't know popular in the UK but unknown here and you really really REALLY have you panties all in a bunch over it then I'll take it off, just cuz I don't like conflict.


So, how 'bout a local(local meaning Austin, Texas.) music page? Well I don't care what you think I'm making one anyway.


Ok i swear i havent forgotten about this website, i just havent had anything to put on it lately. i dont know what i want to do with it, but i think i wanna start using it again. just to keep my html skills sharp. so, ill be working on what i want to do with it for the next couple of weeks, maybe months. so i havent been doing the raver thing lately, i dont know why, but i havent. but ill keep a section up for it, you know. but yeah for now the site will stay as is til i figure what to do with it lol.


WAAA :'(( It was graduation today and I balled like a baby ima miss all my senior(sp?) buddies


welp its the end of school, end of my freshman year, and my i gotta go see my senior buddys graduate tomorrow, but all and all its been a good year and i get to start next year as a sophmore, half-way there! yay!


Not much here to report just wanted to say no I haven't forgotten or abandoned this site or anything just dont have any idea what to put on here. oh yea I added a guest-book mabye someone will give me some ideas of what to put here.


O.K. so yea I was watching my brother and Tony play D.D.R. earlier and it really inspired me to do some more stuff to my site so, I thought maybe I could put like a dance music section, and some more dolls, maybe some other stuff, give me some feedback tell me what you want to see on here, after all I'm making this site for the public.


ok i think i may have made some updates but im not sure i know i logged on to here so its a possiblity but its like 3:00 in the mornin so im in a completer towlie state "i have got no idea whats goin on"


The Background is my tribute to the great author Hunter S.Thompson (Fear and Loathing on the Campain Trail '76, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) who commited suicide on Sunday, February 20. Hunter S. R.I.P.

Ok so yes I have been updating latly so don't think that I've completly forgotten about the site, most of the pages are up and running now, I believe I still have just a few more to go so yea latz for now.


YESAROONIEDOONIE!!!!! HI! I'm me and this is my site! If you could not tell I am a raver, sorta kinda, I like to rave, not so much the drugs but yea anyways yea! This is my BRIGHTly coloured site. So YEAAAAAH have fun go nutz and check out my store LATZ 4 NOWZ! oh yea and this site is still under construction so yea and also i cant spell for shit



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