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Are you trading valuable ad space for ho-hum articles?
Scrambling around for ready editorial? If modest-priced articles are the problem,
then Green Grass Syndicated Features is the answer.

We’re fast, efficient, economical, and we’ve got what you’re looking for -- more than 300 articles on a variety of equine subjects, including:

* Training, Riding, and Showing *
* Breeding, Foaling, and Stallions *
* Health and the Show Horse *
* Accidents, Illness, and Lameness *
* Leg and Hoof Care *
* Nutrition *
* Vaccinations and Parasites *
* Working With Your Veterinarian *
* Traveling and Transport *
* Tack *
* Barn and Farm *
* Seasonal and Special Interest *

Our authors include
MARCIA KING, an award-winning writer published by numerous popular equine, canine, and veterinary magazines; CARIN SMITH, DVM, an expert in health care topics; KAREN BRIGGS, author of several equine books and contributor to dozens of equine magazines throughout the world; JOHN LEWIS, who competes in flatwork and dressage on a Thoroughbred ex-racehorse and writes for numerous American and British equestrian magazines; AUDREY PAVIA, former Horse Illustrated editor and successful freelancer with numerous books and countless articles to her credit; SUSAN DUDASIK, an experienced horsewoman who's been published in numerous horse publications; JANEEN DeBOARD, an accomplished rider, trainer, and instructor who has written for numerous national and regional horse magazines, and who also writes historical romance novels
under the name of Janeen O'Kerry
; and other writers.

One-time print rights or one-month non-exclusive web rights to each article costs only $20. Second usage or additional months on web site for the same article costs $10.00 per each additional print usage or per each additional month on web site.

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