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This page has links to photos of Hyderabad Central University (University of Hyderabad). The majority of the photos are related to the greenary of the institute. Spread over 2000 acres of land, the University has wonderful scenic beauty. This page intends to bring this facet of the Univeristy. The site is under heavy construction, and hopefully shall be able to link and bring together all those who love the Green Campus. I (Sanjeev B.S.) hope to make this page better looking, but at the moment time constraints allow me only to go ahead with a modest one. Within next few days (probably months ;-) more pictures are to follow! Also links to pages similar in spirit! Hope you enjoy. I request. especially those from HCU, not to take offence at the poor quality of the pictures! I had only a few that I took with my camera and someoneelses'..., and scanner (including the fellow managing it, that is myself) are probably not upto your expectations. If you have better ones, or those which you want to share of the campus greenary, I would be glad to help in whichever way I can.

The University's Album (I couldn't trace..., it seems to have gone. You can try though :-)

Green HCU's extended Album!

Patanjali's photos of HCU rocks!

Chandra's photos.

A study in green (The Hindu)

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