Lil timmy, AKA"Gleek"
Hello, my name is Scotty, I'm a senior at Marshall University in Huntington, WV.  I'm majoring in Criminal Justice to get my base degree for Law ?School.  In my spare time I hunt, fish, and ride my streetbike.  Ladies if interested in riding, just contact
Junior year at Marshall
My Favorite Links:
The University I Attend
Herd Sports
My Startup Page
My Favorite Hobbie
Reach me online at:
AIM:  greenherdmu
icq: 60837392
My sister Beth and I.
My bike, I Ride because I do not have Wings!
Who's got a HERD ON???
          GO HERD
Always a WVU hater. Morganhole Mountainqueers.
My sister and I coming in from a rock climbing trip at New Rivers George, WV.