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out of Green Hope High in Cary, NC, we're definitly the best section in the best band, with some absolutely KILLER instruction from David Wilson, Aaron Tucker and Andrew Hummer(patron saint of the new picture on this page)..., and our fearless leaders liz, cashin, peter, steph.
Recent news:
May 28th
o the lines set, and, for the record, we have an inordinate amount of talent joining us.  sectional and full line meeting information will be posted here when it arrives.  Congrats to all, wot wot wot.

7/17-7/18: Leadership Retreat (poor, ambitious fools... they'll soon learn.)
7/19-7/23: 8-8 (to 5 on the 23rd) home band camp
7/25-7/29: Band Camp at Lenoir-Rhyne
ill have more on band camp, auditions, and the general lowdown on how the DL works (for the newbies) when i feel like it.  till then, dont panic.

Band D
: a chance for one of the lesser known/learned players to have an unscheduled solo
: a reminder that people have been playing to loud
or: someone who can follow multiple performers at once
Half St
ep-: what a non-snare drummer or tuba player uses when carrying his loaded case
: what most drummers feel compelled to do to any non drummer.  up beat is on the head, down beat is under the chin
: a chance for the other marchers to rest and drink while the one carrying 2 to 5 times as heavy instruments play on
: complex organization of sound thats set down by composer, misinterpreted by conductor, who is ignored by musicians, who are then ignored by the audience
Joe: Traffic Jam = "I wanna ---- you like an animal!"
all images contained within this site that were not created by me are brought to you by Green Hope Band members, who are so very nice as to leave me alone to work with them.  All original works are brought to you by Colin Richardson, the Letter Q and the Number 12
"He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt.  He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice.  This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once."
Now, we here at GHDL try and be as forgiving as possible.  However, Einstein, with the above remark, has proven that he is a Big Poopy Head.  So there.
DL Anthems
Our Comrades in arms, the Pit
The DL Graveyard: a tribute to our fallen warriors "Liz, i just want you to know... if we dont survive tonight, its been an privelege to serve under you, and we die with honor." "sure thing."
RIP: the soles of Colin and Liz, Miltons tenor sticks, Andy, Bill and Peter (patar)'s tenor heads, the vibes, the windchimes, the concert bass, the timpani heads, stephs water bottle,  almost every snares sticks, the red brushes, the grover tamborine, contless mallets (except annes babys)
if you wish to purchase Colins Sole, donations are accepted.
Circles of Hell
please dont go here. please.
Camp Info and Important Perc. Dates
Its here! Its finally here!
the 04 audition packet! w00t!