My Pictures!!
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New pics coming soon... patience, patience!

Click on Charlie and Lucy to see lots of pics of them!!!!!
And I also have pictures of my other pet, malachi

All of the older pictures are in these galleries, browse through them if ya wants. I used to take lots and lots of pictures.. Now there aren't as many. I'll try to get some new ones in.

Gallery 0 Baby/High School pictures
Gallery 1 Early College
Gallery 2 Jenny and Heather, 1997-1998
Gallery 3 A 1997 tour through my apartment...
Gallery 4 Wedding pictures, January 1998
Gallery 5 Early Spring - Summer 1998
Gallery 5 1/2 Old Kkpsi/tbs stuff I came across
Gallery 6 Fall 1998
Gallery 7 Early 1999
Gallery 8 Spring 1999
Gallery 9 Summer/Fall 1999
Gallery 10 2000
Gallery 11 Mexico Cruise, Spring 2001
Gallery 12 Miscellaneous, Summer/Fall 2001
Gallery 13 More Misc., Spring 2002
Gallery 14 New house tour, August 2002