The Greenjackdavey Interview

I : How big is the garden?
G : It is a small garden (60' by 30' feet) on the edge of an English west country coastal town.

I : When were the pictures taken?
G : They were taken around dusk and dawn in the middle of Summer.

I : Are they Faked?
G : No. But they have been adjusted (brightness/contrast) to try and make the images more clear.

I : What Camera did you use?
G : I used a Fujifilm MX- Digital Camera (Fujinon Lens, f=5.8mm. F4.5) 1.3 Mega Pixels. Sometimes with automatic flash.

I : Do you talk to the Fairies?
G : I have never held a two way conversation with them. : )

I : Have any other odd things happened in your garden?
G : Too numerous to mention, except I never cease to be amazed, by the amount of wildlife that visits. In the past it has include, apart from a large range of birds, butterflies and insects, large birds of prey, foxes, hedgehogs, bats, squirrels, rodents, kingfishers, ducks, moorhen, herons, frogs, newts, lizards, snakes, dozens of dragonflies and an incalculable amount of strange cats that seem to want to sleep in the bushes.

I : Can people visit?
G : No, Sorry but although I don`t mind sharing what is happening on this site, The Garden is to precious to me, to risk losing and I definitely do not want to upset them.

I : Has anyone seen them in the "flesh"?
G : I have seen things when I use the flash as an after image, as if the light has froze them in time, and I have seen the single balls floating around the garden but they are not as bright as they appear in the pictures. They are more like colourful swirling orbs of mist. Other people have reported seeing things moving quickly around the garden but to quick to see. The other most popular description I hear, is that of small dark shadows flitting on the edge of vision. In the house we have had little pin pricks of light suddenly popping. This got to such a stage that we had an electrician in to check our circuitry.

I : What, if anything, upset you most about your experience?

G : Absolutely nothing, but there is something related that has caused me corncern. After this happen and I came to terms with the fact that I was not going insane. I tried to read everything I could on the subject from old folklore to modern books on magic and psychology.

There is now no doubt in my mind that like the belief itself, some books about the Fairy Faith have been and are being successfully suppressed.
A good example is "The Anatomy of Puck", An examination of Fairy beliefs among Shakespeare's Contemporaries and Successors by
K.M. Briggs [Routledge & Kegan Paul, London. 1959]

Even if you can get an original copy, it will be very expensive. Then you will have the problem of finding the answer in the text without knowing the question.

Why are they so important? Why do some people go to such lengths to obtain these books only to hide or worse destroy them? So, perhaps you do not have to understand them fully, maybe it is really just a case of finding copies of these scarce books and protecting them for the future, everybody's future, and that will be enough"

I : What is the strangest thing you have come across in the garden?

G : An interesting question that actually raises an important point. I took a picture of a strange thing in the Pond.
One of the major setbacks in investigating these things is that you may not see what is front of your very nose.
I knew there was something there but I just could`nt visually understand what it was.

When the Impressionists (painters) first exhibited their work, visitors complained that they could`nt see the the pictures, they appeared to be blobs on the canvas. A man was charged with disturbing the peace, when he was the first the first person to wear a "Stove Pipe" Hat in Covent Garden, London. Women fainted, children cried and horses panicked.

How do you become used to "seeing" things that are normally beyond your ability to comprehend? Perhaps this is what was truly meant by the old references to "having the gift of the sight" or the "Second Sight"?