We are a loosely-knit group of Witches, Pagans, Shamans, Independents, and Just   Folks who choose to come together for worship, work, and fellowship.

   Members of Greenleaf have presented programs for TV, newspapers, radio, and   have also presented programs at Southwest Missouri State University and at   Drury University.  The founders and board of directors of Greenleaf are:   Reverend Patricia A. Allgeier, Reverend William D. Byler, Reverend Kathleen P. Mullins, and Monte A. Tarrant.   Greenleaf Coven was founded and made  legal in the state of Missouri in 1993, although we have been chartered on   and off by the Church and School of Wicca since 1976.
Our   religious traditions are primarily influenced by the Celtic and Germanic   traditions although we are pretty eclectic with the understanding that, as   all Wiccans and Pagans, we believe in a Prime Creative Source that is both   our Mother and our Father.   We teach karma, reincarnation, and the Law   of Multiple Return - that is, everything you send out is returned to you  multiplied.   The Mother Earth and all life is sacred and should be treated with love and respect.   We encourage people to express gratitude every day for all that we are given.   We also encourage people to ask questions, to recognize and develop their abilities and talents, and to try  to get through life doing good and causing as little harm as possible.   Greenleaf Coven exists as a church and support group for those who do not find their home in the traditional churches.   While we do not proselytize nor do we seek out members or converts, we are always available for people who need us.