dark and defiant
is subtlety an art
words of a cynic
sounds of wit
mentally aroused
dark and defiant

a penman
veins of ink
the conduit a quill
are words enough
dark and defiant

lights, music, action
dance like everyone's watching
perfect poetry in motion
does life have rhythm
find the meter
dark and defiant


From Afar

Incomplete, my soul reaches out to you
     Daily, hoping that its soft prayer might
Fall upon the ears of those beyond view,
     Dwelling between dawn and the passing night
Its plea may be subtle or obvious--
     A solitary candle's dancing flame
          Or an angry torch's impatient blaze--
               Off-key or melodious,
Sadly calling your unspeakable name
     With persistence that ceases to amaze.

O, for that sacred bliss called ignorance
     Wise ones say, "Better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all." This dance
     Though forces my heart to love and pay the cost
Which it cannot afford at this time and place.
     Wanted or not, this is my destiny,
          Shapéd long before I took my first breath.
               Now I can't forget your face,
Your neck, your chest, your stomach, nor your knee
Come from a place beyond birth, beyond death.

With resisting soul, I push you away,
     Past the boundaries of my naked eye,
But beyond the vision of my heart; nay.
     Thinking of you, ev'ry breath is a sigh;
Each second, too long; the mornings, too dim.
     O Lovers' Moon, won't you hasten the night
          And bring with it the sleep of precious dreams,
               So that I may escape Earth's rim.
There, I meet you in an embrace so tight
     We become one, without fault, without seams.