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ddy and Janelle first met in October of 1996 at a Cal Poly Homecoming football game, Janelle's first day of work with the Athletic Department. As she waited for her work assignment, she noticed an attractive blond gentleman with glasses as he walked by. He immediately caught her eye and she later learned in orientation that he was her new work supervisor. During the football game, Eddy came to check on Janelle (as he did all his workers) and they began to talk. He bought her a Diet Pepsi and continued talking as Cal Poly scored a touchdown. Janelle, in her excitement, grabbed Eddy and jumped up and down and shook him…

The two continued working together throughout the school year. Both were dating other people, but they enjoyed a friendship with each other. In fact, Eddy and Janelle spent Valentine's Day 1997 together! This was their first "date". They would occasionally see each other at the beach, around town or campus, but would always see each other at least 3 times a week at work…

In the summer of 1997, Janelle was walking through campus and stumbled upon a shirtless Eddy, working at the football stadium. It was then that she considered taking their friendship more serious. The two began talking on the phone more often and made frequent "dates" to the 7-11 for Big Gulps and Laffy Taffys. When Eddy mentioned that he was repainting his house, Janelle quickly offered to help and worked diligently in her bikini and flip-flops…

Also that summer, Janelle and her friends went on a prank spree and used Eddy's front lawn as a midnight testing ground for dry ice bombs. When the District Attorney decided to end the city-wide, summer-long prank spree, it was Eddy who came to the aid of Janelle with support and encouragement….

Dates became more frequent and the two were quickly inseparable. So it has been in years since, as Janelle and Eddy have both graduated from Cal Poly, moved away from San Luis Obispo, and have now moved back to be married in the town they met, courted and fell in love in...