Hi ! Let me tell you about myself. My name is Chan, i was born in 24-05-1984, in Hanoi - capital of Vietnam . I have some bad habits,  like having late night, messy and very lazy ... >"< , but  most of people say that i'm very entertaining, and i think they're right ^ ^. I'm a friendly and optimistic person and that's why i'm always enjoy life. My friends love and trust me. I'm a little fat, but no problem, a little fat gentlemen looks so imposing :D. Besides, i'm also a headstrong guy. Now i'm studying about foreign economy in Hanoi National University, but my favourite domain is marketing or banking. '

About Me - Bui Thanh Chan
Mufans in Vietnam
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Bui Thanh Chan
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My hobbies and interests include game, traveling, eating, singing karaoke, bowling, watching movie ... I love football and i'm a crazy fan of Manchester United, in Vietnam, i love The Cong.. I also listen to many kinds of music: pop, rock, R&B, dance ...  but pop is essential. Fomerly, i like BSB, Take That, MLTR but now i don't have any specific idol, i often listen music of many artists as well as other bands: Greenday, Maroon5, Simple plan, Busted, Ashlee, Avril, Black eyed peas ... great many ! In short, i listen to anything that make me feel pleasant. Sometimes i often go out to take the air with my friends, and it makes me feel really relaxed. If there's somewhere that i always wanna come, it will be the sea. With me, the sea's always a wonderful place to have a rest or relax.
Have you anything else to ask :D ? Contact me ! Pleased to make your acquaintance ^_^
Now I live with my grandmother, mom, dad and my younger sister. Sometimes we have some arguments, but they're persons whom i love most.
I have many close friends: Minh, Viet, Khanh, Chinh, Son, Hanh ...Especially all of us are at the same age.They're best and we're happy to be mutual friends.