Leo and Greenlee's History
Where it all began..................................................................
     Leo du pres came to Pine Valley with his mother, Vanessa Courtlandt to get their louds on some money, even though no one knew that at first, but Leo later fell in love with his target for real. Leo's target was Greenlee Smythe. But Greenlee was still hung up on her college lover, Scott Chandler and later Ryan Lavery. So Leo took an interest in Becca Tyree, whom Greenlee disliked. Greenlee was determined to make Ryan make love to her. She even tried to play a damsel in distress in order to get Ryan's attention and almost ended up getting raped.  Luckily, Leo and Becca came to Greenlee's rescue just in time.  Leo became smitten with Becca and so did Scott. But Becca choice Scott but later dumped him. Leo and Greenlee became lovers but both insisted it was merely physical with no strings attached.

      Greenlee learned that Ryan had borrowed money from IncredibleDream.com and thjnking she was helping him, she turned to Wade, a shady business man for help.  Wade blackmailed and kidnapped Greenlee and Leo, but he was exposed in the end.  Leo came to Greenlee's rescue many times during her ordeal with Wade and they grow really close. They formed a relationship and told each other how they felt. 

        Although Greenlee was happy with Leo, she was not thrilled by the attention Leo gave Bianca. At Halloween, Greenlee discovered that Bianca was gay and threatened to tell Erica, but Leo assured Bianca that she wouldn't tell.  Greenlee was jealous of the attention Leo was giving Laura so under the influence of a drug, Greens pushed Laura overboard. Bianca had seen what had happened, but Greenlee threatened to tell Erica that Bianca's gay if she told a soul.  Bianca told Erica the truth, so she exposed Greenlee so Greenlee ended up in jail but got out on bail. Leo was furious at Greenlee for what she had done so he wanted nothing more to do with her, even though he still loves her. 

            Greenlee befriended Jake Martin and he moved into her loft. But Greenlee's new loft was still being fixed so she moved in with Jake for the time being.  But Greenlee still had her eye on Leo.  She tried to help Leo with financial problems but he refused her help. Leo did need Greenlee's help but didn't admit it. Leo later told her he changed her mind, but Greenlee refused to help him now. 

     Leo and Greenlee reconnected at Ryan and Gillian's wedding and decided to give their relationshp another chance. Leo feared that his mother would tell Greenlee the real reason why he came to Pine Valley.  But he couldn't bring himself to tell her the truth.  Greenlee proposed to Leo after a nasty confrontation with Roger.  Leo accepted but Roger threatened to tell Greenlee about Leo's past with proof. Leo didn't want to give in so he asked Greenlee to sign a prenuptial agreement denying him access to her money.  Roger found out and confronted Leo about it.  Leo pointed out that Greens would cut Roger out of his life if he exposed Leo, so Roger gave him the evidence, but secretly made plans for a special visitor at Leo and Greenlee's Engagement Party.  Leo was worried of losing Greenlee, so he asked her to elope, but Greens wanted a real wedding. 

      Greenlee was shocked when Leo ex wife, Katerina crashed her enagement party. Greens accused Roger of arranging it to get back at Leo, but Roger said Katerina is real.  Leo admitted it and Katerina told Greenlee that she was a wealthy heiress until Leo had stolen all of her money.  Leo admitted that it was true, but told Greenlee how much he loves her and how much he has changed.  Greenlee believed Leo until Roger told her that Leo came to Pine Valley to fleece her, which forced Leo to admit the truth.  Greenlee told Leo she hated him and never wanted to see him again. They were both devastaed and ended their relationship because Greenlee couldn't love him anymore or trust him.

      Jake comforted Greenlee and suggested she moved on with her life. Greenlee decided to go work for Erica and Erica agreed but only to keep an eye on her.  Greenlee's motive had to become better than Erica, but later was forced to have Erica's as her boss.

       Laura had a problem with her heart and needed a heart transplant. Leo took his mind off Greenlee by being their for her.  Leo wanted to give Laura a reason to live and he wanted to prove that he's changed, so he married her not thinking at all. Laura lived and Leo was stuck in a marriage.

    As time whent by, Greenlee forgived Leo but he was still stuck in a marriage. As Laura started to grow insane, Leo's feelings for Greenlee were as real as ever vise versa. They even shared a few kisses and admitted to each other that they still love each other. But Leo wouldn't leave Laura. And Jake told Greenlee that he loved her, but Greens wasn't over Leo yet.

       Greenlee was determined that Leo see that Laura's changed-that's she's crazy. Leo wouldn't listen to her until the day he remarried Laura. He told Laura no. Greenlee's father had had a heart attack and kept on asking for David Hayward.  So Greens ran to the church to find her father, but Laura saw her and locked her in the closet. After Leo told Laura he wouldn't remarry her and basically said he wanted a divorce, the sprinklers went off because Greenlee was trying to escape through the vent.  Laura accidently spilled the beans about what she did to Greenlee and Leo was furious! He ran to Greenlee's rescue once again and help her escape and they went to find her father but they couldn't find him. Leo is trying to make it up to Greenlee and wants her back and wants Laura out of his life because he never loved her. But Jake is still in the picture.

Stay tured to All my Children. There's more to the story.