Josh Duhamel Biography
           Newcomer Josh Duhamel joined the cast of "All my Children" in November 1999 as Leo du pres, a young charismatic player who believes in breaking all of the rules

       Born and raised in Minot, North Dakota, Josh attended Minot State University, playing collegiate-level football and basketball.  He earned a bachelor of science degree in biology, with plans of a career as a dentist.  Not being content with his plans for the future, Josh moved to Los Angelesand began to pursue an acting career.

       During his time in Los Angeles, Josh auditioned for "All my Children" and then went to Europe where he starred  in his first leading role as Dorian Gray, in a adaptation of Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray"  After competing the film, he was notified to pack his bags and head to New York City, where he landed the role as Leo du pres.  Josh is adjusting to life in New York City, and when he is not working, he enjoys basketball, football, skiing, and golf.  He currently resides in Manhattan.