This is the slideshow section of Leo and Greenlee Foreva. I found these slideshows from various websites and message boards. If your slideshow isn't on this list and you would like it to be on here. Email me the link and I would be happy to add it!
GreenLeo Slideshows

Can U Help me By: Usher

Believe me By: Christina Aguilera

Home By: Brian McKnight


I knew I loved you By: Savage Garden

She's all I ever had By: Ricky Martin

Goodbye By: Alicia Keyes

I Believe in You By: Joe f/ Nsync

When you love someone By: Bryan Adams

If you're gone By: Matchbox 20

Fantasy By:Mariah Carey

Never had a dream By: S Club 7

Baby I would By: Otown

I wanna know By: Joe

The Hardest Thing By: 98*


I do (Cherish you) By: 98*

I've got my eyes on you
By: Jessica Simpson

Angel of Mine By: Monica

Picture Perfect By: Angela Via

Irresisible By: Jessica Simpson