Amalie-days 2000
                  17 - 22. august


Thursday 17.       17.00pm             Free meal at Grønlandsleiret ”31B”
                           18.00-21.00pm  Open meeting introducing the foreign guests, Grønlandsleiret ”31 B”. René and Hagai talk about activities among users and survivors in Germany and Israel and Filomena and Giedre talk about psychiatry in Lithuania.
Friday  18.8        12.00-16.00pm House of Film, Dronningensgt 16. Film director Haakon Sandöy’s Jukleröd-/psychiatryfilms  and films from Germany / Israel, eg The Verdict of the Foucault Tribunal.
Friday                 17.00pm Dinner for all at restaurant Bingo, Aker Brygge (each pay their own dinner)
Saturday 19.8     10.00am Commemoration at mass grave for victims of lobotomy, Ris Church. Coorganizer: Romani     People’s League
                          11.30am Lunch Café Årstidene, Gaustad
                          13.00pm Banner demonstration outside National Theatre (high street)
                          15.30pm Gathering at Aurora, Rosenkranzgt 10 A
Sunday  20.8                    Day off with sightseeing in Oslo
Monday 21.8     11.00-14.00pm Seminar at Grønlandsleiret ”31 B”. Women and psychiatry in Lithuania and Norway. Eg presentation of the women’s club Biciules, Kaunas  in Lithuania, by Filomena Michneviciene and Giedre Zaludiene.
Monday             18.00-21.00pm Debate meeting on Psychiatry and Holocaust (euthanasia/psychiatry’s organized mass extinctions). Gamle Festsal, Univ. of Oslo, Karl Johans gt 47 (high  street). Lars Olle Engaas, Norway, René Talbot, Germany, and Hagai Aviel, Israel.
Tuesday 22.8    18.00-21.00pm Commemoration of the birthday of the antipsychiatric author Amalie Skram (1846-1905).
                                                  Gamle Festsal, Univ. of Oslo. Eg Thorvald Steen.

                                                                The main theme of this year’s Amalie-days is:

            Psychiatry and Holocaust

so that we may learn from history. Among the speakers are former leader of the Norwegian Writers’ Union Thorvald Steen, Lars Olle Engaas, René Talbot from Die Irren-Offensive / Landesverband Psychiatrie-Erfahrener Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany, Hagai Aviel from Israeli Association Against Psychiatric Assault (IAAPA) and Filomena Michneviciene and Giedre Zaludiene from the women’s club Biciules i Kaunas, Lithuania. Among the other participants are film director Haakon Sandøy on Friday and Romany People’s League / Romanifolkets Landsforening (RFL) and AURORA (another Noregian users and survivor organization) on Saturday. Free entrance at all events except dinner on Friday. Welcome!
              We Shall Overcome
     and Galebevegelsen in Oslo

        Norwegian Antipschiatry:
                  with links to European Network, René Talbot, last year’s Amalie guest Peter Lehmann etc. 1