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Global Hawk - 9/11 Encyclopedia

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Maxwell Air Force Base
Air Force spokesman Col. Ken McClellan said a man named Mohamed Atta -which the FBI has identified
as one of the five hijackers of American Airlines Flight 11 -had once attended the
International Officer's School at Maxwell/Gunter Air Force Base in Montgomery, Ala..." Ken
McClellan is indeed still spokesman of the Air Force and furthermore "..official spokesman for
the office of the secretary of defense.."
He declared on October 24th, 2001, that the closure of Bad Aibling (an Echelon base) has to be
postponed for two more years: "..The closure was postponed for two years to help fight
America's newest war, according to military officials in the United States. "We basically
couldn't get it done in time..." (Lt. Col. Ken McClellan) The Air Force has begun a series of
wargames entitled Global Engagement at the Air War College, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.
These wargames are intended to illuminate the capability of joint air and space power..."
These "wargames" include Network Centric Warfare: "..Future sensor grids will feature a variety of new
imaging and signals intelligence sensors, currently in advanced stages of development, deployed aboard the Global Hawk, DarkStar, and Predator unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as well as new
space-based sensor grids, like the high and low orbit elements of the Space-Based InfraRed System (SBIRS).
(See Flight Schools)

Echelon Global surveillance system
Global surveillance system, which was developed by the NSA and DARPA. Initially forged in 1948 and known back then as the UKUSA agreement, it wasn't officially confirmed before the late 90s. Confirmed coordinates of Echelon-bases: Ayios Nikolaos, Zypern (32 O, 35 N)" since ? Bad Aibling, Germany (12 O, 47 N) since 1952 Buckley Field, USA, Denver Colorado (104 W, 40 N) since 1972 Fort Gordon, USA (81 W, 31 N) since ? Fort Mead, USA (76 W, 39 N) since ? (Headquarter of the NSA) Geraldton, Australien (114 O, 28 S) since early 90s Guam, Pazifik (144 O, 13 S) since 1998 Hong Kong (22 N, 114 O) since late 70s Kunia, Hawai (158 W, 21 N) since 1993 Leitrim, Kanada (75 W, 45 N) since 1985 Medina Annex, USA Texas (98 W, 29 N) since 1993 Menwith Hill, England (2 W, 53 N) since 1956 Misawa, Japan (141 O, 40 N) since 1948 Morwenstow, England (4 W, 51 N) since early 70s Pine Gap, Australia (133 O, 23 S) since 1966 Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico (66 W, 18 N) since 1995 Shoal Bay, Australien (134 O, 13 S) since ? Sugar Grove, USA (80 W, 39 N) since late 70s Waihopai, New Zealand (173 O, 41 S) since 1989 Yakima, USA (120 W, 46 N) since 1970 Compare: http://www.humanunderground.com/echelon.html http://www.bigbrotherswatching.com/ http://serendipity.magnet.ch/hermetic/crypto/echelon/echelon.htm http://www.zdnet.co.uk/news/specials/2000/06/echelon/ Echelon 2: http://cryptome.org/echelon-dc.htm (See Carnivore) (See Promis) (See Sigint) (See Tips) (-> Total Information Awareness)

Uav unmanned air vehicles
UAVs are unmanned air vehicles, which are iN production since the mid 90s. One of many succesful unmanned X-37 and X-40 (a NASA project) tests at Edwards AFB, CA, are mentioned at Schafer Corp in one of their customers letters at: http://www.schafercorp.com/Company/customers/letter36.pdf The letter was sent on August 8th, 2001. Brian A. Arnold, Lieutenant General writes, that he "knew a group from SMC [which] had played a large part in the success of this testing..." "..Through the two-months and seven tests they ran, are paving the way for the first flight of the larger, unpiloted X-37 from a B-52 aircraft next year. For a multi-million dollar and multi-agency program with involvement from NASA, Boeing and the US Air Force, it is imperative we send our best to get the job done in record time and without delays.." NOTE: "The X-37, a reusable launch vehicle, is designed to operate in both the orbital and reentry phases of flight. The robotic space plane will play a key role in NASA's effort to dramatically reduce the cost of putting payloads into space."

An early variation of UAVs are described in the GlobalHawk Project.

Can anyone identify boeing debris peice boeing debris peice photo

Who was fooled on 911? The most protected airspace in the world (the Pentagon) was penetrated, well after both towers were hit and our nation knew we were under attack. While the truth remains a mystery to most of us, it appears that we are not being told the full story. While some of this may appear to be "conspiracy theories" on the surface, there is plenty material to show that the full truth has not been made public.

After reading these articles and my airgames page, i think you will come to the same conclusion. This page is not intended to point fingers at the government, or any other party, but only to provide information. While some things do appear to be not forthcoming, or even "covered up". Let us not jump to conclusions that everyone in the government is the opposition. Indeed, we know that many factions of the government would like to know exactly what happened that day.In the material that has been presented to me, it is apparent that this could not have been done at least without help from someone on the "inside".

These articles (and the ones below) pose questions about the FAA, ATC, radar, NORAD, transcipts and other inconsistencies. IMHO, the flight maps hold a valuable clue. The maps we were shown are inconsistent with the 911 commission report, as well as with witness testimony, and news articles. Why would these maps be so different? See my Airgames >site for a clue.

Interestingly, The guy who runs Flight explorer has deep ties with the DOD and Military !

INN globalfreepress (archives) here (back online)

Significant "terror drills" between 2000 and September 12th, 2001

Team8 + Article - 9-11 Something smells in the air

On September 10th N591UA and N594UA were reported at 2 places at one time.
On Sept 10th 2001, Flight 0078 (N591UA) arrived in Newark from SFO (San Fransisco) at 6:54 wheel on time. However, Flight 0507, with the same tail number, 591UA departed Boston Logan for ORD (Chicago) at 7:39 wheel off time.
Also, Boston does not have records of N591UA arriving at Logan that day and Newark only has it departing once at 19:40 PM EST.
There seems to be a problem here. It had 45 mins from touchdown in San Francisco before it left from Chicago. B
acktracking N594UA, i come up with a similar scenario. Were these planes swapped on Sept 10th?

Holes in the Radar (Frank)
in air defence were located?

Question 2: Why go to all that trouble when you can take off from
nearby airports (Dulles/Newark), hijack the plane and crash it straight away?

Flight 11 never made it to Boston

Why did Betty Ong and Sweeney BOTH say they were on flight 12 ?

So called "wargames" (which target oversea enemies only, i.e. Air Strikes against North Korea etc..) imply negligence and limited hangout.

The following "terror(ist) drills" (which target individual enemies WITHIN the United States) not only imply prior knowlegde of specific details and locations of 9/11 and the "anthrax attack(s)", but also active planning, participation and orchestration of the attacks.
Complicity only (LIHOP) is therefore impossible.

Significant "terror drills" between 2000 and September 12th, 2001 (Nico Haupt)

Pittsburgh International Airport control tower was ordered to be evacuated at 9:49 on 9/11, 21 minutes before United flight 93 crashed in the Pennsylvania countryside. What possibly could have been the reasoning for evacuating the control tower when an air crisis was going on?

Were the war games a cover for the terror drills on 9/11?
look at the officials from the area of flight 93 crash site, and terror drills that were happeneing that day. Look at the shady charachters and their connections...

Pressing Question that could end all conspiracy theories (or prove them)
September 11 Cell Phone calls

can a cell phone call be made from 40,000ft? Was one of the calls made in Chicago?

september 11th Cell Phone Callsat 911review

The lost"terror drill"? Pt.11

"Twin tails" of pre Flight 93 and other "phantom flights"

The official timeline of Sept 11th is breaking apart.

Atta's Portland flight did not exist; various flights of the official flights or the tail numbers of their precursors existed twice; new, recently unknown terror drills show, that the scenario of 9/11 was well known; the new "flight plans" and meeting points of the alleged hijacked flights included too many coincidences; the planners of the "hijack" must have had inside knowledge about other flights and their cancellations as well.

On Sept 10th 2001 a plane with the tail# N591UA was reported in 2 different places at the same time accoring to a Government database at www.bts.gov this plane was reported the next day to have crashed as flight 93. The 2 flight 93's and also in the article above.

WoodyBox: How to steal an airliner and fake a hijacking
- The names of the hijackers don't appear on the passenger list
- There is no video footage of the hijackers passing the security check at the airport
- The flying skills of the alleged pilot Mohammed Atta were hardly sufficient to hit the Tower (more...)

Did Flt 11, Flt 93 and Flt 175'Survive'
Flight 11 was spotted on the radar screens at8:48 by New York ARTCC controllers:
The New York Center controller and manager were unaware that American 11 had already crashed... (
At 8:40 happened the last transmission from UA 175. It stated that they had heard asuspicious transmission (most likely from Flight 11). Minutes later it turned southwest without clearance from air traffic control. At 8:47 itís transponder code changed, and then changed again.(Commission Report, p.21)
Commission Report states: 9:20 UA headquarters aware that Flight175 had crashed into WTC (p.32)
Unfortunately this is simply not true. To put it mildly.
The first one to mention that Flight 175 crashed is NBC minutes before noon.

Gerard Holmgren

Flight 11, the TWIN flight

Showing the main probelms with the idea that a 757 hit the Pentagon.

Major Problem with Pentagon Investigations (new)

no 757 hit the pentagon photo evidence 9 11

enhanced photos

more photos also showing the chair which was not burned

several photos of debris, some seem to be from the trailer that exploded

Response to Snopes debunk september 11 urban legends

gate CCTV Pentagon security video

Pentagon damage not consistant with a 757 column bend - 911 ASCE report

pentagon photos sept 11th 9/11Close ups of the wall and lawn damage before and after the wall collapse at the pentagon.
close-up pictures of debris

closeups of the wall and reels

9/11 Pentagon Photos fakes ?

Pentagon satellite and arial pictures september 11

Pentagon plane debris flight 77? september 11

video - pentagon security camera fake?

More video stills... Pentagon gate CCTV security video camera

plane debris photos

9/11 Closeups of the pentagon, photos of the cable reels before the wall collapsed.

Graphic images of the plane entering the pentagon made with 3D software9 11 sept 2001

There was a generator and large cable reels
in between the light poles that were downed, and the hole left bt the "plane"

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Photos of the generator
Pentagon attack generator photos 9-11

This page shows the exit holes at the Pentagon. from september 11 9

Still photos from the Perdue simulations in contrast with photos of the wall column damage.
Photo analysis of discrepancies of the damage to the Pentagon wall columns.

was the taxi cab moved?

PentagonAttack at 911review

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NEW, rare, unseen photos from the WTC hi res images

Twin Towers at 911review

all debris photos i could find from the WTC planes

Comparisons of the wall damage and plane hi resolution images,
with help from Marcus...

WTC 7 collapse or missile ?

flight 175 stills from 2 videos. One shows the 2nd impact from a side view. The wings should have sheared off since this plane came in at an angle,

flight 175 video hi resolution still images from 9-11 planes nose cone A very large object, which at first appears to be the nose of the plane, seems to begin its exit then explode..
Acceptable Use of Torture in the USA [Gwinnett County, Georgia] - Google Video The use of electric shock as a method of torture was first documented in Nazi, Germany, but today it is still used as an acceptable use of torture in the United States. 9-11 fake photo flight 175

911 Helicopters around the WTC that day, closeups...

The flight 175 anomaly, boeing buldge

flight 175 faked photograph

photos of the wtc plane striking the south tower.

video stills of the plane as it hits the tower

Flight 77 security video Dulles airport Flight 77 security video terrorist photo

radar atc 9/11 FAA flight maps

Flight 93
Flight 93 is the flight known to the public as the Flight of the Heroes, because of the Cell Phone Calls that were alleged to have been made from the flight, and the story it spins of the Heros trying to take back control before it crashed in rural Pennsylvania. We will look at just 2 aspects of that flight: the cockpit voice recordings, and the witness accounts of the crash. The main web site is [WWW] United Flight 93 Crash Theory Home Page - The Real Story of Flight 93 Unlike Flight 77, the NTSB has allowed people to hear the CVR from Flight 93, although there is something that smells: it appears that the tape the NTSB played for the families of the victims ends 3 minutes early: (from Paul Thompson's [WWW] Flight 93 timeline) What do we know about theFAA radar maps we were shown from the sept 11 planes?
The maps and the flight transcripts do not match...
Many people now considering the possibillity that a 757 didnt hit the Pentagon. If the plane didn't hit the Pentagon, then where did it go? If the information from ATC, the FAA and other sources are wrong about this, then they could easily be wrong about the other 9/11 planes. If the transpoder code is not on, and another plane close to the plane is being tracked, they could appear as one. One plane may have been swapped for the other.

The 9-11 planes happen to cross eash others path that day. There were also several war games being played by the US military contolled by cheney. One of those games included the "fake" hijacking of a plane. The 9/11 commission stated that flight 175 CHANGED its transponder code 2 times at the same time that flight 93 was crossing it Flight 93 changed its transponder code 3 times and filed a new flight plan AFTER the plane was hijacked!

TEEVEE - 9-11Review media lies

Speed Likely Factor In WTC Collapse -CBS News black boxes

NYC hit by terrorist nuke - Atomic Iran PART 3

september 11 Wiki at 911review

batcave 9/11 planes flight path maps from the faa radar

Webster Tarpley: Bush Backers prepare Super 9/11

exit hole

china 2 nuke archives

china nuke archives

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cia refusal declassify chilie 2001

CNN no plane hit Pentagon cnn reported

FBI Does Not Rule Out Shootdown of Flight 93

Articles By Alex Constantine - NSA CIA links to terror governemnt and corporate corruption

september 11 links 9/11

world trade center pentagon Flight 93 conspiracy

Brad's 9/11 batcave

brads 9 11 bactave Homepage

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Cheney got a gun

Rub a Dub Dub, Bush want's YOU to join the CLUB ? (Head Rub Fetish)

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Political Humor 2006 images cartoons satire

Quotes from George Bush our Presidnet in Thief 2006 Bushisms

Political Humor - Isael + wheres the money ? DOD lost trillions !
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Watch Condoleezza Rice turn into Alberto R. Gonzalez right before your eyes!

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