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Wild Earth Eco-Camp
2008 Forest Activist Training and Networking Gathering
This summer in BC.
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Saving Mount Elphinstone
Take a tour of this enchanted and endangered forest on the Sunshine Coast of BC. The Green Monkey meets the three bears, a walking slime mold, frogs with tails and more. Local conservationists vow to do whatever it takes to protect this forest - even if they have to break the law.
Download or play the audio here. 34 minutes
Jane Doe on Monkeywrenching
with music by DAAU. A spirited defense of eco-sabotage on the BC Coast. Recorded in Summer 2000.
Download or listen to the audio here. 6 minutes
Counter Forest Summit Street Party
Street Theatre, Carnival Band, and speakers protest the global forest industry in Vancouver on June 1, 2005.
Download or listen to the audio here. 20 minutes
Interview with the Animal Liberation Front
The FBI is targeting the ALF and its sympathizers for promoting direct action for animals. Dr. Stephen Best is a philosophy professor at University of Texas. Listen Here 20 minutes
BURN the 2010 Olympics!
Build Underground Resistance, Not the 2010 Olympics!
~ a new campaign for the coast ~
Listen Here 14 minutes Read the text
Storm at Sun Peaks:
A Green Monkey documentary
The Green Monkey traveled to the cutting edge of the latest land grab on Secwepemc (Shuswap) territory near Kamloops, BC.
Sun Peaks Ski Resort is bulldozing a lush mountainside for a new golf course and housing development.  In 2004, over 100 people marched through the resort and up the mountain to build a new Skwelkwek'welt Protection Centre, right in the path of the bulldozers.
Speakers Irene and Janice Billy, Wolverine, Betty Krawczyk, Chief Stewart Phillips, Chief Mike Retasket, Tania Willard, and others.
Copies available on CD. To order, email the Green Monkey.
Visit the Skwelkwek'welt Protection Centre
Direct Action Gets the Goods!
The Animal Liberation Front Press Office
Tre Arrow: Tree Hugger, Political Prisoner
Maximum Security Special
He's never hurt anyone or even threatened anyone. He's accused of sabotaging logging equipment and machines.  Tre was on the FBI's Most Wanted list for 19 months.  Jane Doe interviewed Tre in a maximum security prison on Day 42 of his hunger strike.
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Interview with the Earth Liberation Front
Why torch SUVs? Why burn urban sprawl?
The ELF Press Office tells all!

Click here for the full transcript.
Archive reports
What's really killing the Vancouver Island Marmot? Read Ingmar Lee's expose about logging, politics, and the Marmot Recovery Foundation's complicity in extinction.

Deep Ecology, Politics and the Squamish Nation
From Jane Doe's interview with Chief Bill Williams of the Squamish Nation.
A Fragile Truce: Sacred Land vs. Logging in the Elaho