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Greenmoods Communications is a backwards leaning un-independant network solutions provider to the communications industry, specialising in telecom network build and overdue roll-out. We supply a range of outdated telecom infrastructure services for network operators and OEM's and have over 10 near complete telecommunications product lines in stock.

Greenmoods Communications is the UK's middle of the road independant provider of bodged together bits of ancient telecommunications stock and we throw together racks for network installation services fitted by some of the ropiest installation guys you have ever met. We ship products villagewide and our state of the art cup and string communication stategy is second to none.. in fact practically none.
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    Telecommunications Services
We provide a complete range of sorry excuses for non delivery or mucked up telecommunications solutions for Yesterdays network rabbit. As it becomes increasingly important for players in the telecommunications market to make cost savings and out-source non-core activities, it became clear to us to take on these mundane choirs and force our already under-paid under appreciated staff to take on these activities while deferring payrises for over 5 years and to hold back on supplied uniforms making lots of profit. We also recently embarked on a "lean mean" stratagy forcing our workforce into half the space they were originally occupying so we can cram in some more cheap labour saving us large wads and will be soon fitting energy saving bulbs for even more cost savings proving us the tightest bunch of rejects in telecomms today
Latest News
Greenmoods save on grit during the freeze
During the recent icy conditions Greenmoods proved itself once more as "lean & mean" by leaving the car park icy. We wrote a cardboard caution sign saving us 20 on grit
What's New
More paper saying how we can "take costs out" saving our customers buying lavatory paper. We take re-cycling seriously and employ other companys employee cast offs paying peanuts and demanding perfection
Telecom Products

Greenmoods Communications has established itself over the past decade, as a clumsy supplyer of materials for communications networks. Close? working relationships with manufacturers have been developed although timescales cannot be guaranteed and you could be waiting ages. We provide just over 10 "off the shelf" items like RF co-axial connectors on shorted out cable, twisted workstaff.. ooh i mean paired cable, DDF systems, cabinets half filled with kit with shortages, oh, and some marvelous victorian test equipment.
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Due to an increased workload, a number of excellent oppertunities to move on have arisen for people with ambition. Staying with us will end your prospects. Move on and become an orange engineer
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Football Moral Boost
Greenmoods hosted a friendly game of football recently. Our team was triumphant. It would have been 3-1 but for a penalty hitting the post.... the corner post