We hope to gain a nationwide list of radio stations that suck like 1075kzl in the Piedmont Triad of Greensboro, NC. here and their advertisers, send your info to : CLICK HERE

JJ McCain of the tragic JJ McCain Radio Show

Jack Murphy of the dreadful Murphy in the Morning and the Hometown Countdown. Airheads and big ego's. Call in today they will probably curse you out rather than play your request.

WELCOME TO ANOTHER ANTI CLEAR CHANNEL / PAY FOR PLAY RADIO SITE! The objective of this ridiculous space is to poke fun at todays so called hit radio stations who participate in and inside "industry" practice called "pay for play". If you hear Jlo, Britney or Usher 2 times an hr or more you know what we mean here. This radio station 107.5kzl in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina REALLY SUCKS! The dj's there Murphy and JJ McCain for instance think it's all about them because they have a crappy job and get to sit on their asses and play crap in rotation all day and night. The station is really a joke. Just call in and request a song, you may get cursed out or even made out to be psycho, simply for calling in a request at a request line. The big duffuses have a 1800 request line too 1-800-682-1075. My urge is for anyone all over the country to call in and tell them you are tired of the hate they promote. They must like to pay the phone bill all over the country calling in. They support a few childrens charities like Give A Kid A Coat once a yr at Christmas to cover up all the ugly at their station year round. Making fun of gay people, and any minorities, and any people with a disease or disabilities. It has gone on, been left alone long enough, that's why this site is here. To point out the advertisers that support such garbage and bring that to the publics attention. And to remind the public in the Piedmont Triad Greensboro, High-Point, Winston-Salem areas to not support their businesses if they just toss their advertising dollars around without thinking or possibly just being unaware of what's going down at the Radio Station 107.5kzl they support, and obviously they don't.
It's time attitudes there to get cut down a notch.
To cost them 1 advertiser dollar is our objective, all the more, all the better, this station needs shutting down.
Contact the below advertisers and inform them you won't be buying their products because they support this with their advertising dollars at 107.5kzl radio station in Greensboro, NC.

Here is the list of their pre-dominant advertisers:

Time Warner Cable (click online form)


Carolina Kia (click on feedback bottom of page):


Centex Homes:


Verizon Wireless:


Shoe Carnival:

email: info@shoecarnival.com
Call in your complaint to their advertising department: 812-867-6471

CiCi's Pizza:

call in your complaint at: 972-745-4200

UNC Greensboro:

email: MyBryanMBA@uncg.edu