Name: Ann, if I have to choose one.
Nicks: Lumen Q, Greensery
Birthday: 24.7 1986
Position: student
Lives: Finland, Helsinki-city
Interests: reading, writing, drawing, movies, music, creating, sillyness, tales and those who tell them.
Addictions: computer, m/m slash, pepsi max, Harry Potter



Uninteresting person who seems to have no other life than internet-orientated one. I have several personas(-or sides, if that sounds sane enough x) and that for am unable to analyze myself completely. Never typecast me. That's for actors. For the same reason; I'm not too fond of genres either.


I'm almost constantly changing my nicknames, because I'm never content with what I have at the moment. Maybe someday I'll come up with a perfect name... hopefully.


Writing is the most important art-form for me: it's my drug and a reason to live. Although I study in art school, drawing is just something I do when I feel like it.


I half-belive in predicting the future, which I've had as a hobby when I was younger. I don't belive in any kind of gods. Would like to belive in free will, but sometimes I feel there actually is such a ridiculous thing as fate. I'm very insterested in dreams, and what they tell us.

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