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It started in 1953.The Pack met at the St Francis of Assisi Church Hall in Parkview but for the most part met in the veld where Greenside High stands today.

In the mid 50s the area was two thirds open grassland but with the occasional protea tree and one third wattle population. James Craig, one of the first Cubs, reminisced many years later in 1994 after some 24 years of  association as a Cub, Scout, parent, GSM and committee stalwart, that it was ideal Jungle Book territory. The Group belong to the North Western District and the annual Jones Bones Soccer tournament was already a feature on the annual calendar. 

In 1963 at least one Scout went to the 11th World Scout Jamboree held in Marathon near Athens, Greece. He was the same James Craig who also attained his Springbok Scout Award. Address at the time: 4 Woodview Road, Westcliff.

1967 committee records show the names of Mesdames Wentzel, Cuyler (54 12th Street, Parkhurst), McLennon, Foster and of Messrs Thurman, Carlton, Blair and Craig. Mr Blair had obtained quotes for a ladder and was quoted 70cents a foot. The ladder in question was to be either 14 or 16. Dr Craig also sat on the committee who were always busy with various fundraising activities such as a donkey race.

Scouters of the time Mrs Amanda van Ryneveld became the ADC for Cubs in the area and later went on to become National Commissioner for Cubs for the country. Her husband Pierre also rose from Scouting in Greenside to become National Commissioner for Training. Another family strong in Greenside roots are the Gobeys. Ernie became an ADC and later also occupied higher office. His wife Jean succeeded Amanda van Ryneveld in heading up Cubs in the country.

1968 the ADC was Mr A Ritchie and Pack Scouters Mesdames van der Geest and Cannon were sent on Wood Badge training at a cost of R1-00 for the cost of the course! The Pack was by then 25 strong and the Scouts had 32 invested boys. The hall was extended to 20 feet thanks to the efforts of among other activities as a kite flying competition and a Halloween party. Mrs van Ryneveld was awarded her long service award.

In 1969 there was meeting held to discuss the real dangers of the Group closing owing to the lack of new Scouters. Once again the van Ryneveld and Gobey couples held the fort. Bicycle racks were erected.

The Group held its 21st birthday on 15 Feb 1974 with Mrs van Ryneveld the Akela since inception being presented with an alarm clock in thanks for her dedication to the Group. 

The 1970s saw the GSMs being DWT Cole and Ken Bradford. 

In the 1980s at the time that Angus Hay was Scoutmaster the tent was fixed by the Rosebank Orthopaedic Centre! 

The 1980s also saw the extension of the Hall to include the storage facilties of the garage and the upstairs used by the Rovers. A letter from the Area Scout office recognises that the lease of Stand 1110 had been extended by another 20 years at R10-00 rental a year. Mr Werner Kieswetter was the architect. Jenni Craig was presented with a certificate of recognition and thanks for all her efforts towards the extensions of the Hall.

Mr Gobey died in 1988 seemingly shortly after his son Stephen had been awarded his Chief Scout Award. Stephen attended the Jamboree in Australia  in Canada and the USA. 4 Scouts, Daryl Gobey, his brother had four years earlier attended the Jamboree in Australia along with a Greenside contingent of Bruce Greig, Kevin Craig and Angus Hay. 4 years later Richard Craig and Stuart Greig went to the Jamboree in Korea.

 Bruce Greig obtained his Chief Scout Award while David Ellis and Jo Spencer attained their Springbok Badges. 

Jean Gobey edited the Group newsletter called PATAC.  Saskia Jeffreys was the Pack Scouter, Angus Hay the Scoutmaster and TW Kelley the Group Scout Master (GSM).

 The Group celebrated its 40th birthday with a cheese and wine party.

 The Rovers organised the Googlie night hike. The Scouts went camping at St. Lucia and the Group held a hobbies evening. 

These days the Group still is busy. Some of the Cubs and the Akela took part in the District Camp at the Joburg Zoo. The Jones Bones Soccer and the annual Cycle Relay, Googlie Night Hike, Kontiki Raft competition are still eagerly undertaken. A newsletter is still produced.

Now some ten years later the Group is still going strong, now has girls as members of the Group and takes part in many activities.