When you walk into the room, you can immediately sense if he's there, as if you have a radar. You can't stand to be around him when he gazes deeply into the windows of your soul with his azure colored eyes, but you can't stand to be torn from him either. His sweet smell captivates you and forces you to salivate like a hungry wolf going in for the kill. Your heart beats faster... faster... in a rhythmic dance accompanied by the soft, deep tap of the drum. You begin to pant from the heat of the passion, as a dog does on a hot day. Your stomach wraps itself into a perplexing knot that won't break loose. When he touches you, bolts of electricity run up and down your body, giving you a charge. Your mind becomes a bowl of mush and your body begins to shake finally erupting into a display of fiery passion bubbling with lust. Ths is how you feel when you fall in love                     
- Amy-Lauren Sheyer

JEP IS SOOO HOT DUDE!!  Jake and Greens 4 ever!!!
- Amy- Lauren Sheyer
Hello all! Welcome to the world of Greenlee Smythe (played by Rebecca Budig) and Jake Martin (played by J. Eddie Peck). This site is made by Ying and Amy-Lauren. You can contact us at yingyang4184@aol.com and sweet_kisses223@yahoo.com Between the two of us, Amy's the Greenlee/Jake fan.
Created: June 14, 2001
Last updated: September 5, 2001

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