Greensleeves Garb

Fashions for the Fantasist


        "Thy petticoat of sendle white
With gold embroidered gorgeously;
       Thy petticoat of silk and white
           And these I bought gladly."

~~ Greensleeves, traditional 16th Century lyrics


Good Morrow, fair Lady (or Gent, as may be)! You have reached  Greensleeves Garb,

 where can be found my own hand-made costumes, both historical and fantastic.



I believe within us all is a sense of fantasy - a wish to be transported to another time, another realm.
Clothing is one of the best ways to accomplish this, and I make it my aim to provide clothing that's
not only comfortable but beautiful, for "a thing of beauty is a joy forever!"

A major source of inspiration in many of my costumes is Pre-Raphaelite art. Strictly speaking, the
Pre-Raphaelite movement began in 1848 and continued through the 1920's. It proposed to transport
one to a world not entirely mythical, when beauty and grace and magic cohabited much more happily than now.

My costumes attempt to do the same. Whether it is a gown fit for Guinevere, a fantastical Faery dress,
a proper Renaissance lady's attire or your own dream-gown, you'll find it here. If you don't see what
you're looking for, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do! Meanwhile, enjoy your look around.



This site is still under construction - be sure to visit again soon for more updates!


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