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[an-trey: human; individual]

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antré my own little space in the web universe    antré my own little space in the web universe    antré my own little space in the web universe    antré my own little space in the web universe    antré my own little space in the web universe

If this website's name

sounds strange to

you, here's a hint:

Try translating it

in Filipino


just trying my luck here!


So you found my website eh? Well, before you go on and browse through these web pages, let me tell you a couple of things about this site:

Point one, this is a personal website. This is all about me, myself and I (hehehe guess my point sounds clear enough!).

Point two, this is something I've originally created for my Journalism 122 (Publication Design and Layout) class under Prof. Danilo Arao last semester. But now, since I'm over and done with the course, I'm just keeping it to suit my own interests. I'll be lying if I say that it doesn't make me happy to see my own website online. Of course, it does! It's self-gratifying to know that you exist on the web.

Actually, this is my second time to create a personal website. The first one I did, Being green," is not personal enough (if I can call it that!). It's more about the way I think or how I look at things.

This time around, I've decided to share a little more about me. Here I'll let you into the craziest, weirdest, and jologs things I do for a living.

So you're still there? Can handle more of my narcissism? Then read on the rest of this website. Beware if you must! =)

wHaT's wiTh antrée?

Well to start off, a personal website isn't my first choice. Initially, my website was about a hobby - the kinds of music I listen to but then I realized that since I'm into many diverse kinds of music, it wouldn't be possible to put all of them in one website given the limited time I have. And so I decided to make one about myself - of course this is the subject I am most familiar about.

While I was brainstorming for a title/concept for this website, I realized I wanted something new. I came across the following options:

  1. Biyaheng Ikot - It is coined from the famous University of the Philippines Ikot Jeep ride of course. It would be about my life in UP.
  2. Greenstar_88- It is a name I call myself for three years now. Does it ring a bell? Pinoy band Moonstar 88? The word star is taken from the band but Green (my favorite hue) and 88 (8 is my favorite number) are mine.
  3. Creative Flipside - I just want to explore the artistic side of myself. I used to draw a lot when I was younger. I want to take painting lessons but I can't find the time to do that.
  4. antrée - When I was younger, my friends used to tease me and call me ann tree(translated of course from my surname in Tagalog.)

In the end, my top pick was the last option - antrée.The reason is simple. It's short. It's funny. An original at last!

Ann Catherine B. Puno
©October 2003
Last updated: February 2004
DILIMAN, Quezon City,