Well, this page is going to be about me, my freinds, my music, basses and other stuff.  If you like it, thanks, if not, im sure you will survive.
Bass stuff,
Im a 15 year old guy from Melbourne, Australia. I go to Croydon Secondary College and im in year 10. I got a dog called Minnie that looks like a rat when its wet, and a 10 year old cat that likes to beat up the dog. I play bass gutar and i LOVE it.  People ask me if im good, and i hate that, because if i say yes then they think im up myself, and if i say no, well then i have no " Self-confidence", I own a Monterey P-Bass copy, and (my pride and joy) an Ashon AB705 I have 2 amps, a 20 watt and a 100 watt.

My favourite bands are Metallica, Slipknot and Papa Roach, but i also like Limp Bizkit, System of a down, Kittie, 28 Days, Grinspoon, Slayer, Pennywise, Fear Factory, Frenzah Rhomb, Korn, Millencolin, Mudvayne, One Dollar Short, The Ataris
, ONE ODD REASON,Reel Big Fish, Alien Ant Farm, Greenday, Offspring, Primus, Pantera, Sepultura, Megadeth, Static-X, Boxcar Racer, Unwritten Law, Incubus, Hoobastank, Anteskeptic, Deftones, Soulfly, P.O.D., Drowning Pool, Jebadiah,Dephiler,and...A LITTLE Blink 182.; Yes, a big variety, so basically i like Metal and Punk, with bits of Ska, Alternative, Rock and Techno, Yes, Techno....

Ok, freinds, you will get your own special page, but here, ill list you all anyway.

Lisa (My "sister"), Woody (U smart ass drummer), Aurin(Your always right with EVERYTHING!), Emma ( heh heh), Zoe (Buscuit), Dylan (Hmm, yes, Dylan), Kirsten (cant think of any nicknames hehe), Gezza (Gezza is, gezza thats all i can say hehe), Damo/Merls(Ahh a fellow bassist), Julianne (ITS FUNNY COZ ITS TRUE), Jimmy/James ( Whats your favourite band HUH?!? lol), Oweb (Ur just...scary sometimes hehe), Robyn, (Your so mean to me, but you luv me! Just face it!), Ash (you have your ways hehe), Ian (ive known u 10 of my 15 years of life....good or bad? lol) Sarah (No, your not aN"igel"), Elly (hehe HEY B1!) Renee ( ill get to meet you someday), Steph (Ill get to meet you someday aswell lol), Daniel, (Why am I your clone, what cant you be MINE?!), Penny (You have your weird and wonderful ways); Sorry if i forgot anyone
Freindly people
Yessum, this is me.  Accept at the moment ,I have bleeched hair, and my eyebrow RING (that you cant see) is a BOLT