Hey guys!  This is a site dedicated mainly to Greenwheel!  They are an awesome band, so you should check them out!   There are some icons to download at the bottom of the page if you like them.   Their new album comes out on June 25th....so go out and buy it! 
Ryan Jordan-   Vocals

Brandon Armstrong - Bass

Andrew Dwiggins-  Guitar

Marc Wanninger - Guitar

Douglas Randall - Drums
Greenwheel started out in St. Charles Missouri in November of 1998. They played at local venus like Mississippi Nights and The Pageant and sold copies of a self-produced CD. One night at a local club, a producer named Malcolm Springer (Full Devil Jacket, Spike 1000, Liquid Gang) saw Greenwheel and was impressed.  He whisked them away to Memphis, Tennessee, where they worked on a demo and then recorded it in Nashville.  When the demo was done, Greenwheel set off for New York City. They showcased and signed all within three months of hooking up with Springer. Then they went back to Tennessee to write their album....in a storage shed!!  The shed sessions were remarkably productive; although there were a few rats.  They wrote 25 songs, including Shelter, Holding On, Breathe,  Strong, and Drowning Man....my personal favorite!
"All the way up from your childhood,"  says singer Ryan Jordan, "you've had somebody there to pat your butt along and make sure everything's going okay. As soon as you graduate high school, it's like, 'welcome to the real world.' Who the hell am I?  What am I going to do with myself?"
"It was a carpeted box about 7' x 21'," reveals Armstrong. "It had dark gray carpet and we had a couple of mice that hung out with us and climbed the walls. It had one light switch and it was timed so it would only last for like 45 minutes, if that."
Dim Halo:
Imagine no daylight only the moon as your guideWhen ours is to darkness what forgotten sun is too brightEyes wide open now taking it all in strideI can see your eyes when the stars hang lowLike a crown the moon wears a dim haloAnd to all my regret I fair thee wellYou came around to slowly as I fellMy screams can only echo off the wallsI see nothing left to break my fallTo bear the slings and arrows, my chances narrowJust roll with the punches now, bruises can healSoften the blow cause I don't want to feel anymoreJust cancel out this fear 
(c) 2001 Island Def Jam Music Group
Faces:Broken down, this place seems to have no faceThere's no one moving forward now they're just drowning in it allWalking around in circles with a never changing viewAs hopeless as this seems there's a reason for everythingTrust me I knowI've been the same places and seen the same faces that come and goYou're left wondering nowCan you resist somehowBut you've fallen behind againNot knowing where you've beenJust where did you beginAnd again, you're faces blank like they've always beenIgnoring everything that matters just following behindAlways pointing fingers now, no you're never the one to blameI know you don't want to feel responsible for all that is realTrust me I know
(c) 2001 Island Def Jam Music Group
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