Sunset (Ava ) Westing

Ya got a name?   *looks at you and raises her eyebrows* Most people do. *You can hear a slight British accent*
Ah, that was an easy one. How  'bout a REAL name?   *crosses her arms in front of her* Ava Westing. Nobody's called me that in a long time. If you want to get my attention, I go by my nickname.
What about a nickname?   *licks her lips and nods* Sunset.
How'd ya get it?   *looks at you in disbelief* Gee, I thought it was pretty self-explanatory.... guess not. I love sunsets. I never miss one. Speaking of that, hurry up.. it's almost time. *taps her foot impatiently*
How old are ya?   *smiles proudly* Just turned 18 last month!
Whaddaya look like? *receives a 'look' from you*. Just answer the question.   *looks about herself* I stand about 5'6, with  dirty blonde hair. My eyes are a striking shade of green, like emeralds, or so I've been told. I have a fair complexion, and I blush very easily. *blushes at the thought* I am on the skinny side, these past few weeks have been rough.
Ya know your history? If you've noticed my accent, I am from England. I came from a wealthy family, and my parents could afford to send me to a boarding school for young women. I liked the classes and all, but I did not get to see my parents all that much. Last  year, however, my parents died in a fire. Being an only child, and still a minor, my uncle received my inheritance, and ran off with it. I was stuck with only my saved up pocket money that my parents had sent me for an allowance. I used the money to come to America, where I could start again. I used to live in the Upper East Side Lodging house.. but it wasn't for me. Somewhere in there, I found my Uncle. I forced him to give me the money that was rightly mine.  I then moved down here and started Greenwich Village with the building I purchased with my money *smiles proudly* Now I'm here *grins*
M-hm. I see. You got any friends or relatives?   *grins* I have a lot of friends. All the girls and guys up at the Upper East Side, Singer, Kitty, Phoenix..*goes on to list more* As for relatives, I have my uncle, who is now poor. He ran off again.. I don't really care to find him again!
You got a special someone?   Well...*smiles shyly* I've had my eye on Justin Brennan....he's a splendid  fellow.. *smiles at you* Alright, is that it? I'm gonna miss the sunset! *runs off towards Washington Square Park*

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