Tobey Masters

Ya got a name?   *A male glances up at you, after setting a piece of paper down on the desk* *he smiles a little, and you can see gentle, friendly features in his face* I'm Tobey... Tobey Masters, leader of the boys here at Greenwich..*puts his hand out for you to shake* It's nice to meet you. *his handshake is warm and inviting, making you comfortable in the atmosphere* Here, please sit. *gestures to the chair in front of the desk, and then sits in his own chair*
Ah, that was an easy one. How bout a REAL name?  

Tobey's my real name. *smiles and nods once, in a non-insulting way*

What about a nickname?   I've never really had a nickname, I think Tobey is as close to a nickname as you can get. *smiles and laughs a little bit*
How'd ya get it?   I don't have a nickname, and I'm not sure how my mom and dad picked out the name 'Tobey'. *shrugs a little, and you can see in his eyes that that's probably the only thing his parents have never shared with him*
How old are ya?   Right now I'm seventeen. My birthday is July 14th. *gives a warm smile* Don't worry, you don't have to remember it. *you can kind of get the idea that most people forget his birthday, or other things that mean a lot to him, so he's pretty much used to it by now*
Whaddaya look like? *receives a 'look' from you* Just answer the question.   Well, I have short brown hair, which my mom says I get from my dad, and brown eyes. I'm not too tall nor too short, about average height, I suppose. Nothing too special. *shrugs and sighs a little, his professional demeanor fading away a little* *he sits up and swallows, trying to get it to come back* *smiles a little*
I'm assuming you have a personality. What's it like?   My personality?  I'm always told that I'm quiet, rather reserved. Sometimes I just don't like large groups of people together, all at once..*gets a look on his face, as if he's remembering a horrid memory that had that same situation* *it quickly goes away as he looks at you again* On the other hand, my family says that I'm smart, bookwise, anyway. Streetwise, it's a whole different story.
Ya know your history?   Ah, my history. *sighs and thinks for a minute* I was born into a family of my mom, my dad, and my older brother. I never really had any close friends as I was growing up, but I tried to make friends anyway. I never went out with any of  the local girls, or went out with the guys. I stayed at home and read, studied. *sighs, trying to decide on whether or not he liked his history* I moved out of my folks' place, and now I live here. *smiles the gentle, warm smile again*
M-hm. I see. Got any friends or relatives?   I have a couple friends, like Sunset Westing, the leader of the girls here..and a couple of my brother's friends are nice, too. My family, well, they're my mom and dad and brother..a few aunts and uncles and cousins, too. *smiles and nods*
You got a special someone?   Oh..girls..*smiles and blushes a little* Well, I've never really actually had a girlfriend..*He gets tense and nervous around girls, because he doesn't know how to act around them*
Anything else you wanna let us know?   *shakes his head a little* No, nothing else. Thank you for talking with me, though. *smiles warmly* Have a good day.

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