Ya got a name?
Ah, that was an easy one. How bout a REAL name?
What about a nickname?
How'd ya get it?
How old are ya?
Whaddaya look like? *receives a 'look' from you.* Just answer the question.
I'm assuming you have a personality. What's it like?
Ya know your history?
M-hm. I see. Got any friends or relatives?
You got a special someone?
Anything else you wanna let us know?
Ok. The rest of this is OOC.
E-mail address AND AIM screen name.
Do you play any other characters in the Union? If so, who, and where??
How much time are you willing to spend RPing?
Alright, Thanks!! I'll get back to you soon. Oh! Before I forget. Email me a picture of your character to Thanks!!