The Library


Character Index - A listing and description of the characters that visit Greenwich Village often, or that have a major place in the lives of the lodgers.


The Scrapbook - A photo scrapbook, containing candid photos of the lodgers and some of their close friends.


The Black Dress, by Taps Webster

The Harbor, by Taps Webster

Taming a Mustang. by Taps Webster

Discovering the Past by Shyrah WebsterA young Shyrah is forced away from family into a life of high crimes and fast paced action. She feels like she has the world figured out, when out of the air her brother throws a curveball in her direction.

Redd and Sun, by Sun Keller (written at the old Greenwich Village House)

Finding the One, by Sun Keller (written at the old Greenwich Village House)

(The above stories were written by Sun Keller before the old Greenwich site was closed down. The characters, besides Sun and Redd, no longer live at Greenwich Village. )