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The Yurt (Ger) originates from Mongolia and has been used for centuries by Nomadic people.   It became popular in England with travellers and eco-minded people who wanted to move away from mass produced nylon tents.  Our Yurts are designed to be complete eco-dwellings and in harmony with their natural surroundings.  Being circular in shape, the Yurt lends itself to a range of uses such as storytelling, acoustic music, holistic healing and just a comfortable space full of positive energy.    
We have now been making Yurts for the last 5 years or so and first became involved in Yurt making after a friend gave us a book on "How to make a Yurt".   After wanting to build a Tipi for so many years the logistics of transportation were a bit of a problem unless you have a large vehicle.  The Yurt seemed the more viable option as everything packs down to a managable size.     

My work involved conservation and coppicing in the local woodlands and this gave me a ready supply of suitable materials.  We make Yurts from 8ft to 20ft - popular sizes are the 12ft yurts, and the eco friendly 8ft Summer yurt which has proved to be a more affordable option. 

The crowns of our Yurts are made from hardwoods, usually Beech.   The roof poles can range from Sycamore to Hazel to Willow and the wall poles are usually made from softwoods such as Larch or Pine.   Our Yurts are now in use from North East England down to South West  England and even in Spain!  
Our Yurts are certainly weatherproof and can withstand the odd downpour or two!!  Memories of 7 days in the Lake District come to mind with torrential rain and high winds.  With the Yurt "roped down" and ready for anything, by the end of the week,  we were the only tent left standing on the field!

If you are interested in any of our Yurts, or require any information please contact us by e-mail link opposite. 
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