Gabbert, Nancy (female)
FatherAbout 1757Gabbert, George
MotherAbout 1759Reed, Anne
Birth20 Feb 1802Lincoln Co., KY

Clemens, Lewis (male)

Family of Gabbert, Nancy & Clemens, Lewis
Marriage8 Feb 1826Lincoln Co., KY
GirlUnknownClemens, Mary J
GirlUnknownClemens, Sarah
BoyUnknownClemens, Joseph B
GirlUnknownClemens, Elizabeth
GirlUnknownClemens, Josephine
ChildUnknownClemens, Woodford

Gabbert, Rachel (female)
FatherAbout 1757Gabbert, George
MotherAbout 1759Reed, Anne
BirthAbout 1803Lexington, VA

Blackstone, Kenard (male)

Family of Gabbert, Rachel & Blackstone, Kenard
Marriage6 Aug 1821Lincoln Co., KY

Gabbert, Mathias (male)
Father10 Apr 1699Gebert, Johann Friedrich
MotherUnknownBoger, Susanna Catharina
Birth24 Feb 1728Schwaigern, Weurttembert Germany
Baptism24 Feb 1728/9Unknown

Kreemer, Christina (female)

Family of Gabbert, Mathias & Kreemer, Christina
GirlUnknownGabbert, Elizabeth
GirlUnknownGabbert, Christina
BoyUnknownGabbert, John
ChildUnknownGabbert, Hannah
ChildUnknownGabbert, Michael
ChildUnknownGabbert, Sarah
ChildUnknownGabbert, Peter
Girl1764Gabbert, Rebecca
BoyAbout 1757Gabbert, George
GirlUnknownGabbert, Chatherine

Gabbert, Richard W (male)
Father2 Feb 1864Gabbert, William Nelson
MotherOct 1875Jenkins, Cordelia
BirthJan 1898Brown Co., TX

Gabbert, George (male)
Father2 Feb 1864Gabbert, William Nelson
MotherOct 1875Jenkins, Cordelia
Birth1 Nov 1901Brown Co., TX

Gabbert, Jessie James (male)
Father2 Feb 1864Gabbert, William Nelson
MotherOct 1875Jenkins, Cordelia

Hester, Mary Loretta (female)

Family of Gabbert, Jessie James & Hester, Mary Loretta
BoyUnknownGabbert, James
GirlUnknownGabbert, Joye
BoyUnknownGabbert, Revis
BoyUnknownGabbert, Duane
ChildUnknownGabbert, Norma
BoyUnknownGabbert, Doyle Ray
ChildUnknownGabbert, Barbara
BoyUnknownGabbert, Dean
ChildUnknownGabbert, Jean

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