Ahnentafel Chart for Gregory Ray REECE

First Generation

1.	Gregory Ray REECE was born 16 Sep 1964 in Boone NC.
Gregory was baptized in Evergreen Baptist Church Trade TN.
Gregory married Lisa Gail PHILLIPPI on 29 May 1987 in 1st Christian Church MTN City TN. Lisa was born 10 Apr 1965 in MARYLAND.

Second Generation

2.	Chester Albert REECE was born 30 May 1929 in Trade TN. He married Bernice Mabel POTTER on 27 Jul 1950.
3.	Bernice Mabel POTTER "mabel" was born 1 Nov 1930 in Trade TN.

Third Generation

4.	Don REECE was born 17 Dec 1901 in Trade TN. He died Jul 1987 in Boone NC and was buried in Trade Methodist Cemetary Trade TN. Don married Pearl BROWN.
5.	Pearl BROWN was born in Zionville NC. She died 16 Aug 2001 in Boone NC and was buried in Trade Methodist Cemetary Trade TN.
6.	Daniel Marvin POTTER "Little Dan" was born 25 May 1895 in VA (prob Damascus). He died 15 Mar 1957 in 3rd Dist, JCT and was buried in Potter Cemetary. Little Dan married Thelma Iva Lee MILLER on 24 Dec 1920 in AA Dotson. The marriage ended in divorce.
NOTES for Altha: 
	Cause of Death: "shot and killed by husband"
	Obituary: "The Tomahawk", 13 Mar 1957 issue -- "MURDER, SUICIDE IS BELIEVED CAUSE OF TWO SHOUNS DEATHS. An inquest to be conducted by Coroner William D. Hill in the deaths of a Johnson County man and his wife has been reset for Monday, March 18, after having originally been set for last Saturday. Cause of the delay was given by Sheriff Dayton Payne as an effort to 'ease the burden' on the two young daughters who were in bed in the house at the time of the shooting. Dead, are Dan Potter, 61, and his wife, Altha Lee Potter, 35, of Rte 2, Shouns. The sheriff stated that Potter died en route to a hospital at about 6:00 a.m. on Friday, March 15, after sustaining a .32 caliber pistol head wound at his home, still grasping the pistol which Payne said was the death weapon. Mrs. Potter was dead, also of a head wound, when officers arrived. Both shots were apparently from the same gun, officers said. A cousin of the dead man, Ray Potter, who called officers at the time of the shooting, is being held for 'investigation'. Sheriff Payne states that the double death 'appears to have been a murder-suicide, although some details need more clarification'. It is thought that complete testimony by the two daughters and the cousin will make possible a clear picture of events leading up to the shooting. Potter, a veteran of World War I, was a life-long resident of Johnson County and a member of the Baptist church. He is survived by two sons, Bruce Potter of Kennett Square, Pa., and Wilton Potter of Salisbury, N.C.; a daughter by a former marriage, Mrs. Bernice Reece of Trade; four brothers, Grant of Galipolis, Ohio, Dave of Zionville, N.C., Mrs. Lizzie Dowell of Shouns, Mrs. Alice Tester of Neva, and Mrs. Hollie Rushton of Pennsylvania. Mrs. Potter was a native of North Carolina but had lived in Johnson County for the past 23 years. She was a member of the Baptist church. Survivors, in addition to her two daughters, are four sisters, Mrs. Bertha Brewer of Mountain City, Mrs. Mae Tester of Shouns, Mrs. Faye Vanover of Toughkenamon, Pa., and Mrs. Marie Potter of Trade. Funeral services for Mr. and Mrs. Dan Potter were held Sunday at 2:00 p.m. at Antioch Baptist Church with Rev. W.N. Riddle officiating. Burial was in the Potter Cemetery at Trade. Hill Funeral Home in charge."
NOTES for Daniel: 
	Mil Svc: US Army (WW I)
	Cause of Death: "suicide" (it is told that after several days of heavy drinking Daniel shot his wife and then himself -- per John ROCHELLE)
7.	Thelma Iva Lee MILLER was born 8 Aug 1902 in Trade TN. She died 7 Jan 1995 and was buried in Sunset Memorial.
Was a life long member of Evergreen Baptist Church and served as its custodian for close to fifty years.

Fourth Generation

8.	Will. Columbus REECE "Lum" was born 1 Sep 1868 in Trade TN. He died 28 Nov 1944 in Grace Hosp. Banner Elk NC and was buried in Zionville Baptist. Lum married Maggie Naomi ROBERTS on 1898.
Known as "Lum" and worked as a carpenter. Home was located just off of the Trade-Creston road on right with the original house still standing. Lum was  a small man in stature, about five feet tall.
9.	Maggie Naomi ROBERTS "Naoma" was born 4 Jul 1874 in NC. She died 27 Mar 1932 and was buried in Zionville Baptist.
Maggie's first son Robert was born out of wedlock. Nevertheless Lum took the boy in and gave him his last name.
10.	Ambrose BROWN was born 1865 in Snake  Mtn NC. He died 1940 in Trade TN and was buried in Zionville Baptist. Ambrose married Debbie THOMAS.
Lived on TN/NC stateline (small creek that runs by house was the state line at one time) on the Snake Mtn gap road. House is still standing (as of 6-2002).
11.	Debbie THOMAS was born 1870 in Sutherland NC. She died 1955 in Trade TN and was buried in Zionville Baptist.
12.	James POTTER "Jim" was born 17 Aug 1872 in Wallace Settlement Trade, TN. He died 27 Oct 1950 in Wallace Settlement Trade, TN and was buried in Potter Cemetary. Jim married Matishia WHITAKER.
13.	Matishia WHITAKER "Tishie" was born 14 Jun 1874 in Damascus, VA. She died 8 Dec 1956 in Wallace Settlement Trade, TN and was buried in Potter Cemetary.
census records of 1900, and 1920 list Tishie's birth place as NC
1900 cenus lists her parents as NC & NC, 1920: NC & TN
shown in the 1880 Ashe Co with husband Jesse Whitaker.
14.	David Filmore MILLER was born 1868 in Meat Camp NC. He died 1920 in Key Station  TN and was buried in Dotson Bumgardner. David married Mattie C D DAVIS.
David took a different career path from his brother Alex. Alex became a career soldier, and served in the Phillipines during the Spanish American war of 1898. David ran his father Epharim's store at Key Station, farmed, sold headstones, and was a photographer.  He was not a preacher (several cousins were Baptist and Church of Christ pastors) but served several  years as Evergreen Baptist Church's "Singing Clerk" or song leader. He appears to have been a man of many talents and interests. He died after being kicked by a horse.
15.	Mattie C D DAVIS "Martha" was born 1872 in Drakes Creek, Trade TN. She died 1952 in Key Station and was buried in Dotson Bumgardner.

Fifth Generation

16.	Will. Larkin REECE was born 1837 in Trade TN. He died 1910 in Trade TN and was buried old Reece Cemetary Modock Rd. Will. married Mary A CORTNER on 13 Apr 1856 in JCT.
Larkin had a brother, also named William ( B ) Reece. Larkin lived in Trade, but am not sure exactly where, but it was probably the same homestead where Columbus Reece lived.  Census records show that later in life Larkin and wife Mary Ann are living separately: she with son Robert, he with longtime servant Lurana Miller. He may have married her later.
 Larkin is buried in the "Reece" cemetary on Modock road. There are twenty-plus gravesites but his is the only one with a legible inscription. The stone was purchased in the late 1930's.
17.	Mary A CORTNER "(Arnold)( Costner)" was born 1837 in TN (census records). She died 1901 in Trade TN and was buried in Arrendell Cemetary Trade TN.
According to Rhonda Reece Larkin and Mary Ann "just didn't get along too good" and for this reason they are buried in different places, He on Modock Road and she (with dau Sallie Minerva Reece who died young) at the Arrendell-Arnold cemetary.

COSTNER name is from compiled marriage records of JCT (Hawkins & Johnson)
spelling though is in doubt, and other possibilities are: COINSTER, COSTON, CAUSTON,COSTIN,

Personal examination of records on file at theJC Courthouse appears to be CORTNER.(Sept 2002)

According to marriage records it appears that she married Larkin after the birth of first dau Mary. Is it possible that Costner/Cortner is a married name, not maiden name? Chester recalls a very old Arnold man who was supposed to be related to the family that used to visit often. Her burial in the Arnold Cemetary is further evidence that she may have been an Arnold/Arrendell.

There is in the Ashe Co land Grants records (NRValley) an entry for a Daniel Kester 1800-1804.
18.	William Harrison ROBERTS was born 1841 in Ashe Co NC. He died 1915 in Shady Valley TN and was buried in Blevins Cem.. William married Mary Polly MADRON.
19.	Mary Polly MADRON was born 1838\46 in JCT. She died 1905 in JCT.
20.	Ezekiel BROWN was born 1820/1828 in Kentucky. He died after 1870 in Murder Snake-Rich Mtn Gap. Ezekiel married Susannah KEYS.
Was more than likely a unionist judging by the names of two of his three chidren born after the war: Ambrose (Burnside) and America. His wife Susannah was seventeen years younger than Ezekiel, so she may have been a second wife. Where he came from is unknown, however 1870 census records indicate Kentucky. It appears that his parents moved to KY from Wilkes Co NC. If so then (according  to James Brown family histories) his ancestors were Dutch from Holland. That settled on the Pee Dee river 
The spot of his murder was in the Snake-Rich Mtn gap on the road between Trade and Meat Camp. about a half mile below the "Blessing Site" on the left side of the road. According to what Grandma (Pearl Brown Reece) related to me: someone had slit his throat and stole what was supposed to be a considerable sum of money from him. She related that he had been to Meat Camp to sell a horse or other livestock, and was robbed on the way home.
21.	Susannah KEYS "susie" was born 1837 in Wilkes Co NC.
22.	James Wiley THOMAS was born about 1853 in NC. He married Elizabeth C SHELTON on 18 Apr 1872 in JCT.
Wiley was a boisterous character. Not only was very pro confederacy (the Thomas-Sutherland families had as many as twenty slaves between them in 1860) he was in the Ashe Co Home Guard. The Home Guard actually served as  the recruiters/conscripters/draft board for the area. The Ashe H G was not content to recruit only in their area, but often ranged over into JCT to meet their quotas.One such trip resulted in the murder of Silvers Arnold in the 3rd Dist, and the deaths of some Potters of Forge Creek. This started a "Feud" between these Potters (cousins of Rueben Potter) and Wilsons of Ashe Co. During a return visit to TN (on Drakes Creek) Wiley shot and killed Hiram Mains ( who by some accounts was defending himself, as the HG had broken into his home) and helped capture George Dotson (brother to Sarah Dotson Davis) who was later shot and killed while attempting to escape the conscription party. Not much can be found about Wiley after the Civil War. He may have moved to Fayette Co TN in 1870.
23.	Elizabeth C SHELTON was born about 1855.
unconfirmed source on maiden name
24.	Rueben POTTER was born 22 Feb 1845 in North Fork New River. He died 13 Sep 1930 in Wallace Settlement Trade, TN and was buried in Potter Cemetary. Rueben married Eliza WALLACE.
Rueben served with the Union army in the 4th TN infantry after being led to Kentucky by Daniel Ellis. Not sure, but he may have been with the unit when fought and surrendered at Sparta TN in late 1862.  Tn state records show him as enlisting with the famed 13th TN Cavalry in 1864  and serving to the end of the war, hence he would have been involved in Stoneman's raid thru Boone NC in early 1865.
The home that he and Eliza built was in the Wallace Settlement where the present home of Jay Jackson stands on the Old Stage Coach Road. It was a large two story home built of poplar logs. This home stood until the mid 1980's when it was burned by some Potter descendents after the property was sold at auction.
25.	Eliza WALLACE was born 4 Sep 1848 in Wallace Settlement Trade, TN. She died about Aug 1923 in Wallace Settlement Trade, TN and was buried in Potter Cemetary.
26.	Jesse WHITTAKER was born 21 Jun 1845/1855 in Ashe (?) NC. He died 4 Jul 1911 in Damascus VA and was buried in Greenwood Cem. Damascus VA. Jesse married Ellen GREER.
Supposedly from VA, but on 1880 Ashe Co Census with wife Ellen, Tisha,willima & Charlie (children) page 181. There are several other (Whittacker) listed on  page 180:age 26 equals birthdate of 1844 or 1845
gravestone at Greenwood cemetary Damascus has date of 1845 (according to book) and is probably a typo.

if Jesse was born in 1855 he may have been the son of William Whitaker and Mary scott married 4-21-1855 in Ashe Co NC, by JW Fisher, Robert Gambill, bondsman.
27.	Ellen GREER was born 2 May 1856 in Watauga Co NC. She died 2 Jul 1911 and was buried in Greenwood Cem. Damascus VA.
not POSITIVE on parents. however, dates are close, Ashe co, and younger sister named Matitia all point to this being correct.....
28.	Ephraim A MILLER was born 10 Nov 1823 in Wilkes Co NC. He died 17 Mar 1874 in Watauga NC. Ephraim married Mary ISSACS on 1851.
1st Lieut in Co D,  58th NC, CSA ( many of his relatives were also in this unit). He resigned his commission on 9-1-1964. possibly from injuries. By this time the 58th had fought at Chattanooga, Chickamauga, and the Atlanta campaigns. 
He later owned several small general stores (including the one later owned by Hoy Mast) at Key Station (Trade). He moved back and forth between JCT and Watauga Co NC.
29.	Mary ISSACS was born about 1825 in Watauga NC.
30.	John B. DAVIS "Belzona?" was born 26 Apr 1845 in NC. He died 25 Mar 1914 in Drakes Creek, Trade TN and was buried in Dotson Bumgardner. Belzona? married Sarah E DOTSON on 25 Mar 1869 in By Mel. Arrendell JP.
Unsure of where John B's parents are from. His census and death records state that they were from NC and death records indicate James and Fanny Bryant (or Bryan). There were lots of Davis and Bryan families in Ashe and Watuga but none with a son named John at the correct age.  It is also possible that John B came to the area as a result of the Civil War.
31.	Sarah E DOTSON was born 14 Sep 1845 in Drakes Creek, Trade TN. She died 12 Mar 1925 in Drakes Creek, Trade TN and was buried in Dotson Bumgardner.

Sixth Generation

32.	Hugh REECE was born 1810. He died after 1880. Hugh married Mary Elizabeth BUMGARDNER about 1830.
. Hugh Reece, the youngest son was born about 1810 in Tennessee. The name of his second wife is unknown. His first wife, Mary, died between 1850 and 1860. They resided in Johnson County, and they had William B. Reece, born about 1832; John C. Reece, also born about 1832; Isaac Reece born about 1836, William L. Reece born in 1837, Anna Reece born about 1838, Jacob Reece born about 1843, Mary Ellen Reece born about 1844 and Hannah Reece born around 1848 and died in 1920.

Hugh and wife shown  in the 1850 JCT census: dist 9, house #18, Hugh 40, Mary 39, will L 13, anna 12, Jacob 7 Hannah 2, and Hannah Silvers Reece 72. I believe his first wife was the dau of John Bumgardner. Hugh owned land in the Mock Rd area of Watauga co NC. This is land that was in the middle of Bumgardner property.
They are two doors down from John Bumgardner 65 and wife Mary 60.In that household are several older children plus Eli Miller jr 31

One source (census record 1870) has Hugh's second wife as Luranna Miller
33.	Mary Elizabeth BUMGARDNER was born 1811 in NC. She died about 1853.
parents unknown but some evidence points to John and Mary Bumgardner of Watauga co.
household in 1840 &1850 census records in close proximity to Bumgardner families.
German families traditionally married spouses of similar background.
36.	Rufus ROBERTS was born about 1815 in NC. He married Lena CHURCH.
37.	Lena CHURCH was born about 1815 in NC.
38.	Robert MADRON was born 1810 in Ashe Co NC. He died 1 Jun 1906 in Shady Valley TN. Robert married Jane GREER.
preacher: Robert served as a preacher inJCT, Ashe Co NC.  Married twice to Jane Greer (1812-before 1850) and secondly to a  woman named Margaret (1824-1880). He died while living with his dau Martha Bishop, in Shady Valley TN.
Hassie Madron History of JCT 1986 edition 
39.	Jane GREER "Jenny" was born 3 Oct 1812 in VA. She died 1847 in VA.
This is not a positive match but about 90% sure of this. Birthdates, names and nicknames matched. In addition there is no data found to disprove the connection. The only problem is that Ellen's husband Jesse Whitaker is supposed to be from the Damascus VA area (family tradition). There is also some question about the timing of their marriage and the birth of her first child. (see notes of NEVAJ)
44.	William THOMAS was born 13 Mar 1802 in Salem NC. He died 15 Feb 1891 and was buried in Thomas Cem, Sutherland NC. William married Mary GREER.
according to one source Bourne Family, he married a Mary Pugh also
45.	Mary GREER was born 1815. She died after 1880 and was buried in Thomas Cem.
was the second wife of William Thomas: Sarah Sutherland was the first.
48.	Enoch POTTER was born 1810/1820 in TN. He died before 1880. Enoch married Hannah Eliz. STOUT on 19 Feb 1838 in Carter Co/Johnson Co.
Enoch agreed on marriage contract married to Elizabeth Bets Baird11/1832-1835 (died).
49.	Hannah Eliz. STOUT "Anna" was born 1818 in TN.
50.	Drewry WALLACE "Drury on 1850 Census" was born 5 Dec 1799 in VA. He died 12 Dec 1882 and was buried Wallace Settlement Cemetary. Drury on 1850 Census married Elizabeth SNIDER.
No sure records of where Drewry (Drury in some records) came from. There were Wallaces for a short time in Abingdon VA in 1810 marriage and 1815  tax records (which shows considerable taxable property). Those Wallaces left for Lincoln Co TN, and Alabama before 1820. It is believable that Drewry was part of this family and chose rather to stay in the area but not in VA.
One family tradition has that he came from England or Scotland, and was orphaned on the way. A family by the name of Wallace "adopted" him in transit. Another has that his family (Wallis) came from either England, Scotland or Ireland. Unfortunately there is scant evidence other than name to link him with William Wallace of early Scotland fame, and none with Mel Gibson.
There is also no clear record of when he came to JCTexcept that he was here for the 1830 census. However he had title to two hundred acres in the Wallace and married the young daughter of his next door neighbors, the Sniders in 1827 or earlier. Whether he purchased the land or acquired it by marriage is unknown.

Reuben Wallace was born arund 1765 died after 1820 Ashe Co., NC. Children: Easter Wallace b. 1786,Susanna Wallace b. 1784 and Josiah Wallace b. 1799. Looking for any information about Reuben and his wife. Parents of Reuben Wallace.
I believe we have corresponded before. I am a descendant of Drewey Wallace who lived at what is known as the Wallace Settlement near Trade, Johnson Co., TN.

Some family stories indicate that Drewey was born out of wedlock and left on the doorstep of a Wallace family which adopted him. Others have said that he was the illegitimate son of Elizabeth "Betsy" Wallace, a Scottish Islander who came to America, and a German man with the surname Maneelas (spelling?). The story also goes that Betsy later married a Sexton and had more children.

I am away from home right now, but I believe Drewey was born in 1799 -- census records say in VA.

Am I correct in saying Reuben Wallace's daughters Easter and Susanna both married Sextons? Do you think there is a connection between these families, especially considering the close proximity of Ashe Co., NC and Johnson Co., TN and the fact that both married into the Sexton family?

Maybe Easter or Susanna could be Drewey's mother rather than a Betsy Wallace, although either one would have had to be quite young at the time of Drewey's birth  (Terry
51.	Elizabeth SNIDER was born Aug 1814 in TN. She died 21 Mar 1900 and was buried Wallace Settlement Cemetary.
Though the census records vary, the family records and gravestones don't. Elizabeth would have married the 29 year old Drewry Wallace when she was twelve or thirteen years old and had her first child before she was fourteen. She and Drewry raised nine children to adulthood.
52.	David WHITTAKER "Whitacker" was born 1829 in NC. He married Martha PAUL.
May be Jesse's father-unsure-records from 1880 Ashe co census.10 houses away from Jesse. In household are older children from first wife: seven from age 10 to 20. Younger second wife (Clementine age 29) with four more children age 10 months to 4 years. Only Whittacker/Whitiker/etc in Ashe Co. has age as 47 equals birth of abt 1833. Therefore father would have to have been born abt 1815 or earlier.

If they connect with Whiteaker family that spread thru SW VA and Allegheny Co NC then they are descendents of Richard Whiteaker (born 1752-1756 in Wales) and wife Rachel Bentley born abt 1770 in NC. They had seven sons, of whom John, Giles, Thomas and Aaron little are known about.The descendents of James, Joseph and Benjamin are well documented. Nothing found on children by his second wife Eliz Blair Chapman (b 1764).

Name: Richard Whiteaker 
Birth: Abt 1752-1756 in Wales 
Death: 18 Oct 1838 in Washington County, Virginia 

Marriage 1 Rachel Bentley b: Abt 1765-1775 in North Carolina

GILES  Whiteaker b: Abt 1782 in North Carolina
 John Whiteaker b: 22 Dec 1783 in North Carolina, d 03-17-1872 Ogle Co Illinois
 James Whiteaker b: Abt 1787 in North Carolina, no sons named James
 Moses Whiteaker b: Abt 1791 in North Carolina, no sons named James
THOMAS  Whiteaker b: Abt 1792 in North Carolina 
 Aaron Whiteaker b: Abt 1793 in North Carolinad aft 1860, Putnam Co Illinois
 Benjamin Whiteaker b: Abt 1796 in North Carolina, Independence Ore by 1850
 Mary Whiteaker b: Abt 1800 in Washington County, Virginia
 Elizabeth Whiteaker b: Abt 1803 in Washington County, Virginia
 Catherine Whiteaker b: Abt 1804 in Washington County, Virginia

Marriage 2 Elizabeth Blair Chapman b: Abt 1764
53.	Martha PAUL was born 1829/1840 in NC.
from 1870 watauga co census
54.	Andrew GREER was born 1 Apr 1818. He married Nancy Jane CLAWSON.
55.	Nancy Jane CLAWSON was born 1823 in NC. She died 1866/1870 in Watauga NC.
56.	David MILLER was born 5 Feb 1775 in Boones Ford Rowen Co Nc. He died 28 Mar 1845 in Meat Camp NC. David married Elizabeth NORRIS on 4 Jun 1801.
One of the first settlers of Meat Camp area NC. He served  as Constable and  two terms NC House of Commons. Fathered twelve children.
57.	Elizabeth NORRIS was born 9 Feb 1782 in Wilkes Co NC. She died 22 Jul 1863 in Meat Camp NC.
60.	James S DAVIS was born 1806? in NC. He married Nancy Fanny BRYANT.
He may have been the James Davis (b. 1806) who came with his father at age of thirteen to run a linseed oil plant for John  Moretz on Meat Camp.
61.	Nancy Fanny BRYANT "Fanny" was born 1812 in Newton NC.
Most likely (according to Arthur's history of Watauga Co) the dau of John Gilson Bryan and a dau of James Norris of New River. John G Bryan was a Baptist preacher who later moved to north Georgia, dying at the age of 96.He was a son of Battle Bryan (who changed his name to Bartlett Bryan because  his children called him "battling stick"). His father Lewis Bryant dropped the "t" form the last name and was a noted merchant after the Rev. War. While away an employee sold off all of the stock and collected most of the payables at a large discount and left, never to be heard of again. This virtually bankrupted him.
62.	Allen DOTSON "Sheriff of Johnson COunty" was born 1815/1817. He died 6 Dec 1899 and was buried Dotson cemetary above Dean THomas. Sheriff of Johnson COunty married Delila PEARCE on 24 Feb 1843 in Ashe Co NC.
Noted as a merchant while living on Drakes Creek Road in Trade. He also served one term as Sheriff before the Civil War. JCT history book records that "no man ever spoke ill of him". Lost his oldest son  George to conscription party in 1863-4.
63.	Delila PEARCE was born 15 Apr 1822. She died 28 Aug 1886.
Dotson family Bible spells last name PIERCE. Most of her family appears to have left the Trade area within twenty years of her marriage, some went to the Butler area, some to middle TN. 
 She and husband purchased land  (present day Peggy Garcia property) on the right of Drakes Creek Road.

Seventh Generation

64.	Jacob REECE was born 1772 in Deep Creek, Yadkin NC. He died 1843 in Trade TN and was buried in Modock Rd Cemetary?. Jacob married Hannah SILVERS.
Jacob Reece was the second son of Valentine and Christina, born in 1772 and died in 1843 at the age of 71. He married Hannah Silvers daughter of Hugh Silvers and Joannah Greene. Hannah was born in 1778 and died at the age of 72. Jacob and Hannah had the following children, Joel Reece, born about 1793 and married Fanny Shearer. Laodicea D. "Dicy" Reese, born January 1, 1795, married Jarrett Arendell in August of 1813, and died on May 22, 1885, Elizabeth Reese, born 1796 married Richard Arendell, she died in Taylorsville (now Mountain City) Tennessee on August 7, 1885. Rebecca Reece, born 1798 and died in 1855 and their second son, Jacob Reece Jr., born November 1, 1802. Two more daughters followed, Hannah Reece, born about 1805 and Joanna Reece shortly afterwards. Then was born another son, Hugh Reece, born about 1810, then daughters Paulina (Purlina) Reece who lived from August 25, 1813 to May 7, 1869 and finally Lydia Reece who married John Williams in Carter County, Tennessee on September 4, 1829. 

Of the sons of Jacob and Hannah, Joel Reece (John?) is a mystery, we do know that the next son Jacob Reece, Jr. died in Missouri on January 12, 1879. When Jacob was 22 he married Elizabeth Smith, March 16, 1825 in Ashe County NC. Hugh Reece, the youngest son was born about 1810 in Tennessee. 

Land grants:
1. Ashe co NC 1800
Jacob was living in Ashe/Watauga in 1800 census: Jacob & wife with 1 son and 3 daughters (all children under ten years old)name spelled REASE (spelling at discretion of census taker)
2.deed for land transfer from Elijah Curtis, 1806 JCT (Carter co records)
Landrine Eggers, witness book b page 233: this land appears to have included land on the present Hwy 167.
This tract is adjacent to land willed to Jacob by his father Valentine (1814):
 3.  which was on the left hand side of Modock Road (including the "Reece" cemetary, the Rhonda Reece place, Grandpa Don Reece's farm (parts of which he purchased from sister Gladys) over to hwy 167. 
Jacob is listed as a member of the Three Forks Baptist church on church rolls in both 1790 and 1800. Jacob was also the executor of Valentine's will in 1814.
65.	Hannah SILVERS was born 1780 in Linwood, Davidson Co NC. She died 1850 in Johnson County TN.
66.	John BUMGARDNER was born 1780 in NC. He married Mary ------BUMGARDNER.
67.	Mary ------BUMGARDNER.
76.	John MADRON "Jack" was born a 1775 in NC. He died a 1850  in Ashe Co NC. Jack married Jane COINSTNER.
77.	Jane COINSTNER "Lidia" was born 1787 in Wilkes Co NC.
78.	Jesse GREER Sr was born 14 Nov 1778 in Wilkes Co NC. He died 17 Sep 1869 in Ashe Co NC and was buried in Howell Cem. Todd NC. Jesse married Mary MORRIS on 17 Jan 1800.
Jesse's Brother James is also found in the Madron Line-
79.	Mary MORRIS was born 17 Sep 1787 in NC. She died 28 Feb 1880 in Old Fields Ashe NC.
88.	Lieut. Jonathan THOMAS was born 19 Nov 1762 in Grayson Co VA. He died 1838 in Grayson Co VA. Jonathan married Patience BOURNE.
Served with distinction in the VA milita during the Revolution.
89.	Patience BOURNE was born 18 Nov 1770 in New River, Grayson Co VA.
90.	James GREER was born 17 Aug 1783. He died 1844. James married Mary HAMPTON.
91.	Mary HAMPTON "Mollie" was born 1787 in Surry Co NC. She died before 1817.
96.	John O POTTER "Johnson" was born about 1784 in JCT.
98.	Adam RAINBOLT was born 1757 in Cape Fear NC. He married Elizabeth POTTER.
was left part of Father -in-Law's estate (John Potter) in 1791. She is not mentioned and is presumed to have died. 
If so who was second wife and mother to children #5-9? Possibly a Dugger (See last son)
99.	Elizabeth POTTER was born about 1770.
102.	Peter SNIDER Jr was born 1771. He died 1860. Peter married Elizabeth GRAGER Snider.
103.	Elizabeth GRAGER Snider.
104.	Thomas WHITTAKER "Whitaeker" was born about 1792 in NC.
108.	Jesse GREER Sr is printed as #78.
109.	Mary MORRIS is printed as #79.
110.	William CLAWSON was born 4 Apr 1772 in NC. He died after 1835. William married Margaret HOLMAN.
111.	Margaret HOLMAN "Peggy" was born 8 Nov 1778 in Wilkes Co NC. She died after 1850 in TN.
112.	William MILLER "Mueller?" was born 1735 in England or Maryland. He died about 1790. Mueller? married Mary ALDRIDGE.
Fought in Revolutionary War at  Kings Mountain under the command of Col. Cleveland.
Tradition says he married a woman named Eldridge/Aldridge. She was presumed to be from England also. They migrated from Maryland/PA and came to the upper Yadkin Valley  about 1780.
There is some debate over whether they were of English background or were of a German background (original spelling may have been Mueller). If they came with the Jersey settlers  from PA (see note on wife) they would have been of the Moravian faith (almost certainly german). If they came form Maryland more likely they were  English ( both Aldridge & Eldridge being an English surname) descent. In any event nearly all the Millers of the area claim descent from William. They had seven sons and five daughters.
113.	Mary ALDRIDGE was born about 1740 in MD or PA.
According To JP Arthur in History of Watauga Co NC, she was one of three sisters (the others were married to a Horton and a Baird) that came with the Jersey Settlers from PA.  Some sources state that they were Eldridges, some Aldridges.
114.	III John NORRIS was born 20 Oct 1750 in Lunenberg Co VA. He died 1845 in McMinn Co TN. John married Ann GILBERT.
Fought at battle of Kings Mountain while under the command of William Lenoir.He had earlier been captured at Battle of Camden, but escaped the British.
Applied for Revolutionaryy War pension in 1825 after moving to McMinn Co TN.
He and wife both died and were buried there (he in 1845)
115.	Ann GILBERT was born 1 Jun 1757 in Charlotte Co VA. She died 1 Jun 1819 in McMinn Co TN.
124.	Reuben DOTSON "Old Man Rueben" was born 1765 in Trade TN. He died 28 Jan 1869 in Ashe Co NC. Old Man Rueben married Sarah Green ESTEP.
Some contend that he was the "First White Child" born in the area that is now Tennessee. It is possible, although some evidence points to a settler near present day Bean Station being there in 1764. In any event he was one of the first and claimed in his old age to have been a resident of five states while living his whole life (though he died at a g-child's home in Ashe Co) in the same house he was born in. When JCT was first settled almost all of its settlers thought they were in (and paid taxes to) VA. By 1783, NC was clearly presiding over the area, then for two years Trade was in the "Lost State of Franklin" and finally a part of Tennessee. Legal squabbling over the exact spot of the state-line continued until the 1850's.  
Rueben's home was probably at the present day site of Dean Thomas' home on Eggers Branch Road off of Bulldog Road. Over his life Rueben acquired several tracts of land in Trade, which many of his descendents live on to this day. Several of his children left for the Boonesboro Ky area and settled there. William Arnold Dotson was his adopted son. His wife had him out ot wedlock with Ben Arrendell (Arnold).William also left for KY. Rueben has been noted as a colorful character and is reported to have tended an acre of corn in his hundreth year.
125.	Sarah Green ESTEP "Nellie" was born 2 Jul 1781 in NC. She died 1860.
There is some disagreement as to her parentage: some contend that she was a Green, while others say that she was an Estep. The Estep connection appears most likely as several Estep historians record a daughter marrying a Dotson. The nickname "Nellie" and "Green" appear though in most genealogies. Green probably comes from her g-mother, though she may have been widowed. Her burial place is undocumented though a single footstone in the Dotson-Bumgardner cemetary is marked "SNGD" in the oldest part of the cemetary in line with what would be her daughter and g-dau. For some reason "Green" has been carefully preserved thru the histories as has Estep (by at least one branch of the family) Her husband Rueben Dotson owned 100 acres adjoining John Estep (her brother) in 1815. In any event, her son William "Billie" Dotson was born out of wedlock with Ben Arrendell (Arnold) before she married Rueben. This info has been maintained by his descendents in KY. Rueben adopted him and gave him his last name.
126.	James PEARCE was born 1795/1801 in NC. He married Elander PEARCE.
127.	Elander PEARCE was born 1795 in NC.
unknown maiden name, some evidence points to Arrendell/Arnold. Some to Musgraves.

Eighth Generation

128.	John Valentine REECE "Felty" was born 1748 in Germany/PA/NC ?. He died 1814 in Trade TN and was buried in Modock Rd Cemetary?. Felty married Christiana HERRMAN { Harman} on 6 Apr 1769 in Rutherford Co. NC.
Valentine "Felty" (Felty being a a nickname of germanic origin) and Christina had ten children. Their first home was near his father Johan Jacob on the south side of Deep Creek in Rowan Co NC.  Records show him selling several tracts of his land, but in 1787 he received a land grant (perhaps for service in the Rev. War) in Wilkes (now Watauga) Co. For 200 acres lying on the north side of ___ (probably Howards Knob) and to the south side of Howard Creek. So after twenty years of marriage, Valentine and Christina sold the remainder of the family's land in Yadkin and left to homestead in the mountains. Over the next ten years he acquired several more tracts of land: some adjacent to the initial grant, one on Cove Creek, one on New River, and finally a purchase on sep 8 1802 of 100 acres on the head waters of Roan Creek in Carter Co TN (now JCT) formerly of Wilkes Co NC. This property has been known as the "Old Bowers Place" and is located to the NW of Modock Road. Here they lived out the remainder of their years. Valentine's will is dated April 16, 1814.
Valentine, like his father was an adamantly religous man. He and his children fill the rolls of the Three Forks Baptist church (in present day Boone NC) the first Baptist church west of the Allegheny mtns. When some of the family moved to Cove Creek they were some of the first members of the Cove Creek Baptist Church.
129.	Christiana HERRMAN { Harman} was born about 1750. She died after 1840.
130.	Hugh SILVERS was born estimated 1745. He married Joannah GREENE.
131.	Joannah GREENE was born estimated 1750.
132.	Leonard BUMGARDNER was born 1754 in NC. He died 1818 in NC. Leonard married Catherine MILLER-MUELLER.
133.	Catherine MILLER-MUELLER was born 1758 in NC.
husband was of unquestioned Germanic descent, likely that she was also and that maiden name would have been Mueller. Probably both came with the Moravians to Carolinas from PA.
156.	Capt Benjamin GREER was born 1746 in Albemarle Co VA. He died 1816 in Green Co KY. Benjamin married Nancy WILCOXEN.
Famous for his exploits in the Revolutionary war, his bravery at Kings Mtn and Cowpens as well as his leadership ability; and infamous for his ruthlessness in dealing with the Tories (loyalists to the KIng) who came to the Mountains as the tide of the war turned to the Patriots. He served with Col Cleveland at King's Mtn and tradition (as well as records of the Battle of Col William Lenoir)  state that it was his musket that brought down the English commander  Ferguson. 
Benjamin was also involved in the rescue of Col Cleveland when he had been captured by a band of Tories in 1781, near Riddle's knob. It was here that the term "Greers hint" came about because of Benjamin's punishment of a fellow Patriot who also stole some pipe tobacco. 
He and second wife Sallie Jones later moved to Green River KY where both are buried.
157.	Nancy WILCOXEN was born about 1744 in Berks Co PA. She died 1790 in Old Fields Ashe NC.
family named changed through the years from Wilcockson to eventually simply Wilcox.
158.	Henry MORRIS married Franky ----MORRIS.
159.	Franky ----MORRIS.
176.	Owen THOMAS was born about 1736 in Grayson Co VA. He died 18 Jan 1815 in Battle Of New Orleans. Owen married Mary HARDIN?.
177.	Mary HARDIN? "Polly" was born about 1740 in Grayson Co VA.
unknown maiden name
178.	William BOURNE was born 23 Aug 1743 in Grayson Co VA. He died 8 Jun 1836 in Grayson Co VA. William married Rosamond JONES.
Was the first Court Clerk for Grayson Co, with the first meeting being held in his barn, May 21, 1793.
179.	Rosamond JONES "Rosa" was born 14 Feb 1750 in Grayson Co VA. She died 16 Mar 1821 in Grayson Co VA.
Left a life of relative fortune in Tidewater area for the wilderness. At one time there was reportedly no white neighbors within ten miles. They were the First white settlers in Grayson co VA.
180.	Capt Benjamin GREER is printed as #156.
181.	Nancy WILCOXEN is printed as #157.
182.	Thomas HAMPTON was born about 1755 in Caroline Co VA. He died 1817 in Wilkes Co NC. Thomas married Abigail LAWS on 1769 in Surry Co NC.
183.	Abigail LAWS was born about 1752 in NC. She died after 1817.
192.	Abraham POTTER was born 1745/1762 in Surry Co NC or Elk River TN. He died after 1837 in Pike Co KY. Abraham married Hannah ROARK-GREER?.


193.	Hannah ROARK-GREER? was born 1785?.
according to some sources (most notably John Rochelle) se was most likely half indian.
This would probably account for Abraham's very meager inheritance from his father. (a a cow instead of part of the very sizable amount of land in the Elk River area.
196.	Godfrey Daniel STOUT was born about 1745 in PA. He died 1846. Godfrey married Catherine BOLTZEN.
197.	Catherine BOLTZEN "M/B VOLTZEN" was born 3 Mar 1755 in Shenandoah Co VA.
198.	John POTTER I was born 1705 in Catawba Co NC. He died 1789-May 1790 in Roan Creek JCT. John married Hannah TIDWELL.
01-01-1779 entry made by John Potter for a warrant/grant of land in Washington Co dist  (Johnson Co) . It was surveyed in Nov 1779: " on both sides of Rones (Roans ) Creek. Surveyed for John Potter the 4th day of Nov , 1779 beginning at a Buck Eye on the creek thence South thirty degrees west sixty poles to a white oak  on the creek thence due East  oe hundred and twenty six poles to a stake on the side of a large mountain thence along the said mount that lies on the north side of the creek thence along the  alon th side  of the mounatin and south fifty eight degrees west four hundred and ninety two poles  crossing the creek to the side beginning INCLUDING  THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ACRES. "MY KILLING KIN"
199.	Hannah TIDWELL "Sallie" was born abt 1745 ? in Fairfield Co SC. She died after 1790 in Carter Co/Johnson Co.
204.	Peter SNIDER Sr was born 26 Dec 1752. He died 23 Jul 1823.
208.	Richard WHITEAKER was born 1752/1756 in Wales. He died 18 Oct 1838 in Washington Co VA. Richard married Rachel BENTLEY.
209.	Rachel BENTLEY was born 1765/1775 in NC. She died before 1829 in Washington Co VA.
216.	Capt Benjamin GREER is printed as #156.
217.	Nancy WILCOXEN is printed as #157.
218.	Henry MORRIS is printed as #158.
219.	Franky ----MORRIS is printed as #159.
220.	William CLAWSON was born about 1750 in New Jersey. He died before 1820 in Wilkes Co NC. William married Martha -----CLAWSON.
221.	Martha -----CLAWSON was born about 1750 in Wilkes Co NC. She died after 1820.
222.	Thomas HOLMAN was born 1723 in Kent Maryland Colony. He died 1798 in Wilkes Co NC. Thomas married Susannah TUGMAN.
223.	Susannah TUGMAN.
228.	II John NORRIS was born 1726 in Charleston SC. He died B Jun 1780 in Colleton Dis, SC. John married Jane CAMPBELL.
229.	Jane CAMPBELL was born 1728 in St Marys Co. She died A 1791 in Wilkes Co NC.
230.	Simon GILBERT.
248.	George DOTSON was born estimated 1735 in VA. He died ? in UNKNOWN. George married Elizabeth GREENE?.
249.	Elizabeth GREENE? was born about 1740.
250.	Shadrick ESTEP was born 10 Oct 1745 in Anne Arundel, MD. He died after 1801 in Ashe Co NC. Shadrick married Ruth DUGGER.
251.	Ruth DUGGER.

Ninth Generation

256.	Johan Jacob RIES  "Reece" was born 14 May 1729 in Gamberg Baden Germany. He died Jun 1772 in Deep Creek, Yadkin NC. Reece married Anna Maria ---RIES.
Reece immigrated 1749 to Philadelphia, PA. He emigrated 1749 from Rotterdam Germany. He was employed Surveyor.
Our  Reece / Reese / Ries family originally came from Germany in 1749 with the immigration of Johan Jacob Ries, said to be a surveyor, and his wife Anna Maria from Wurttenburg to Pennsylvania. With them was their baby son Johann Valentin Ries, another son Marten Ries, and a daughter Barbara Ries. Nothing is known of Marten Ries, other than he was present to sign the will of Jacob when it was written in July 22, 1771 and filed in Rowan County. Barbara Ries married Frederick Shore and died in Surry County NC around 1820. Although it canít be proven, we believe that our Jacob is the same man listed on the passenger list of the ship Chesterfield which landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 2, 1749, having come from Rotterdam by way of Cowes on the Isle of Wright off England. After landing in Philadelphia the Ries family probably did what most other German immigrants of the time did, they moved out to the "German" or "Dutch" settlements that lay to the west of Philadelphia in Lancaster and Bucks Counties. By 1750 there were almost 90,000 German speaking settlers in those counties and the surrounding areas. Here land was expensive, and the settlements had become over crowded so most new families rented land, put in crops and stayed just long enough to earn a little money working as contract laborers before moving on toward the frontier. 
Before 1758 the family had left Pennsylvania and moved west and south along the "Old Wagon Road" to settle near the Shallow Ford of the Yadkin River in the "Bryan Settlement" near Yadkinville, NC.  We havenít determined exactly when Jacob settled the land there, but the first settlers didnít cross to the west of the Yadkin until 1746, and the first German speaking settlers werenít recorded until around 1752.  Although his deed is dated in 1761 history tells us that this official recording was often delayed for many years after the land was settled. We believe that he must have been there before 1758 because in that year the Cherokee began raiding the isolated farms west of the Yadkin, and the Moravianís in Bethania and Bethabara (a predecessor to todayís "Old Salem" in Winston Salem, NC, first settled in 1753) record that Jacob and his family, along with 220 other settlers took refuge with them from 1759 until 1762. This was called the Cherokee War, and although there were few battles, and only a handful of deaths on the Yadkin, people were frightened. There were a total of 2000 settlers "across" the Yadkin in 1758, but by 1762 only 800 remained. Most, like Daniel Booneís father Squire Boone, Jacobís neighbor, had returned east temporarily. Of those that remained, the majority took shelter, like Jacob, in protected areas such as the Moravian Colony of Wachovia or Fort Dobbs (todayís Statesville, NC). They would return to their land at harvest time and winter there until spring planting for the Cherokee were doing the same over the mountains and did not make war during those months. But as soon as the crop was in they would pack up and return to the safety of the forts for the summer.
The following is an extract from a letter from the Moravian Bishop Spargenberg, Bethlehem, Pa. June 11, 1760 upon returning from a trip to North Carolina.
"Now concerning the Wachau [Wachovia]. I felt that I was leaving a land of the. Lord; the Brethren and Sisters living there are dear hearts. More than 220 persons have taken refuge with the Brethren, fleeing from the terrible hand of the Wild Men. They are living among the Brethren, but in separate houses and huts. The Gospel is diligently proclaimed to them, and not without results. We were not attacked by the Wild Men, while I was there, but the roads are very unsafe. The Government is trying to clear the woods by sending out parties of soldiers. Our Brethren keep a constant watch, which is necessary, and also good for the country, for many neighbors have come to them with all their movable possessions as well as wives and children."
Jacob had evidently made a good impression on the Moravians while he was in Bethabara, for when the local missionary for the Moravians, Father Soelle wandered across the Yadkin on numerous occasions he always stopped in to visit and preach. 
Jacob, as noted had died before June 1772. In his will, written on July 22, 1771 in Rowan County he determined his wife Ann was to have 1/3 of his estate. Son Marten to have 5 sillings and son Valentine to have residue of estate. Times must have been hard for the family over the years for Jacob often sold off sections of his land. Listed in the Rowan County Deed Book on June 9, 1766. "Jacob (X) Reece to Peter Sprinkle for L32 proclamation money, 324 A on S side of Deep Creek." To illustrate this further, when the estate was settled the assets of Jacob were listed and valued. The inventory is dated this first day of January, 1773. Jacob's estate had 5 cows, two mares, two colts, two hogs, eleven pigs, four breeding sows, eight sheep, various tools, and household items. 13 pounds of wool. His wife got the spinning wheel. Total sum of the estate was 558 (a fancy L, probably pounds), 8 SH (shillings?) and 11 Ĺ (?). (see Peggy Fuller's Research)
257.	Anna Maria ---RIES was born in Wurttenburg, Germany.
258.	Johanne HERRMAN Harmon died 1774.
262.	Jeremiah GREENE was born estimated 1713 in Hunterdon NJ. He died 1762 in Jersey Settlement, Yadkin NC. Jeremiah married Joanna HUNT.
About the middle of the eighteenth century Jeremiah Greene came to North Carolina with the Jersey settlers and bought 541 acres of land on the waters of Pee Dee, near Linwood. This was about 1762. Jeremiah's son, Isaac, and himself remained in the Jersey settlement, but "Stephen Greene, who was probably a younger son of Jeremiah Greene, in 1784 settled in the Forks of the Yadkin, and has left in Davie County a large and honorable progeny." Soon after the Revolution three sons and two daughters of Jeremiah Greene left the Jersey Settlement and moved to what is now Watauga, then a part of Wilkes. These brothers were Richard, Jeremiah jr and John, all them married, as were their sisters, Joanna, to Landrind Eggers, and Sarah, to a man named Wilson. Richard, the eldest, settled at Blowing Rock and was accompained by his father-in-law, an old man named Sullivan. He brought a tombstone with him and died February 27, 1794. His coffin was hewed out of a poplar tree when the wood was frozen hard. The stone still stands in the graveyard of the German Reformed Church, one mile from Blowing Rock. 
The brothers, Jeremiah and John, settled in the middle of the eastern part of the county, while the sisters, Mr. Greene thinks, probably lived nearer the borders of Tennessee, which is true of the one who married Landrine Eggers, at least, and possibly of the other also, according to the Wilson she mrried. Richard Greene's children were eight in number, the first five of whom had twelve each, two others had ten each, while one had to be contented with seven. Jeremiah Greene jr, whose wife was Polly Wiseman, an aunt of J. W. Wiseman, of Farmington, had eleven children.
263.	Joanna HUNT was born about 1720 in Hopewell NJ, Mercer NJ.
264.	Amon BUMGARDNER was born 1715 in Germany.
312.	John Jr GREER was born 1714/1720 in Baltimore Co MD. He died 1782 in Wilkes Co NC. John married Nancy Ann WALKER.
313.	Nancy Ann WALKER was born 1716 in Baltimore Co MD. She died 1804 in Wilkes Co NC.
314.	John WILCOXEN was born 6 Sep 1720 in Berks Co PA. He died a 1799 in Wilkes Co NC. John married Sarah BOONE.
315.	Sarah BOONE was born 7 Jun 1724 in Berks Co PA. She died 1814 in Madison Co Ky.
she was a half sister of Daniel Boone. Later moved to KY with much of his family.
352.	Lewis THOMAS was born about 1690. He married Jane ---LEWIS.
353.	Jane ---LEWIS was born Abt 1690?.
354.	John HARDIN? was born 1710 in Prince Will. Co VA. He married Catharine MARR .
355.	Catharine MARR  was born about 1712.
356.	Stephen BOURNE was born 1720 in Louisa VA. He died 20 Mar 1810 in Louisa VA. Stephen married Hannah BOURNE--.
357.	Hannah BOURNE-- was born 1726.
358.	James JONES was born about 1725 in Fredricksburg VA.
According to Miss Bertha Nuckolls, a descendent of Rosamond Jones Bourne, James Jones' brother was John Paul Jones the famous captain of the US Navy in the Revolutinary War.
360.	John Jr GREER is printed as #312.
361.	Nancy Ann WALKER is printed as #313.
362.	John WILCOXEN is printed as #314.
363.	Sarah BOONE is printed as #315.
364.	Jacob HAMPTON was born 1727 in Caroline Co VA. He died in Moravian Falls Wilkes Co VA. Jacob married Judith JOHNSON .
365.	Judith JOHNSON  was born about 1730 in VA.
366.	William LAWS was born 1718 in Henrico Co VA. He died 1781 in Wilkes Co NC. William married Elizabeth -----LAWS.
367.	Elizabeth -----LAWS was born about 1720.
unknown maiden name
384.	John POTTER I is printed as #198.
385.	Hannah TIDWELL is printed as #199.
392.	Daniel STOUT was born about 1720. He died in Fredrick Co VA. Daniel married Elizabeth ----STOUT.
393.	Elizabeth ----STOUT was born about 1720. She died in Fredrick Co VA.
394.	Johan Peter BOLTZEN was born about 1730. He married Marie Elizabeth MINTZIN.
395.	Marie Elizabeth MINTZIN was born about 1730.
396.	William POTTER married Frances ----POTTER.
397.	Frances ----POTTER.
398.	John TIDWELL was born 1714 in Stafford Co VA. He died before 1790 in Fairfield Co SC.
418.	Thomas BENTLEY "Jr" was born 1720. He married Hannah ---BENTLEY.
419.	Hannah ---BENTLEY was born about 1720.
432.	John Jr GREER is printed as #312.
433.	Nancy Ann WALKER is printed as #313.
434.	John WILCOXEN is printed as #314.
435.	Sarah BOONE is printed as #315.
456.	John NORRIS was born 1672 in Charleston SC. He died A 1775 in South Carolina. John married Mary Winnifield PATRICK.
457.	Mary Winnifield PATRICK was born 1689 in Maryland Colony. She died 1760 in Long Can, South Carolina Colony.
496.	Lambeth DODSON Sr was born about 1685 in Richmond Co VA. He died 1780 in NC.
another source has him born 15 1689, Richmond Co VA,
married 1722 in same.
died 1775-1779 in N Farnham, Richmond Co VA
500.	Thomas ESTEP was born 1710 in Fredrick Co MD. He married Mary GREENE?.
501.	Mary GREENE? was born about 1712 in Fredrick Co MD.

Tenth Generation

512.	Tobias RIES  was born 25 Sep 1693 in Gamberg, Baden Germany. He died 3 Mar 1770 in Gamberg Germany. Tobias married Maria ENGLERT on sept 31 1717 in Gamberg, Baden Germany.
513.	Maria ENGLERT was born 1696 in Heckfiel Germany. She died 30 Jun 1751.
524.	William GREENE was born estimated 1671 in England (tradition). He died 6 Jun 1722 in Hunterdon NJ. William married Joanna REEDER.
525.	Joanna REEDER was born 1669 in New Town LI NY.
526.	John HUNT was born about 1688 in Hopewell NJ. He married Margaret MOORE.
527.	Margaret MOORE was born 1698 in Hopewell NJ, Mercer. She died 1752 in Hopewell NJ, Mercer.
624.	John Sr GREER was born 1688 in Gunpowder, Baltimore Co MD. He died 15 Sep 1750 in Augusta Co VA. John married Sarah DAY.
625.	Sarah DAY was born A 1685 in Baltimore Co MD. She died before 1747 in Baltimore Co MD.
628.	Daniel B WILCOXEN was born a 1680 in Wales. He died 1738 in Berks Co PA.
630.	Squire BOONE was born 25 Nov 1696 in Devonshire England. He died 2 Jan 1756 in Rowan Co NC and was buried in Joppa Cemetary Davie Co Nc. Squire married Sarah MORGAN.
father of Daniel Boone
631.	Sarah MORGAN was born 1700 in Berks Co PA. She died 1 Jan 1777 in Rowan Co NC and was buried in Joppa Cemetary Davie Co Nc.
712.	William BOURNE was born 1685 in VA. He married Ann BOURNE--.
713.	Ann BOURNE-- was born 1689 in Kent VA.
unknown maiden name
720.	John Sr GREER is printed as #624.
721.	Sarah DAY is printed as #625.
724.	Daniel B WILCOXEN is printed as #628.
726.	Squire BOONE is printed as #630.
727.	Sarah MORGAN is printed as #631.
728.	John HAMPTON was born about 1701 in Caroline Co VA. He died after 1769 in TN. John married Mary ----HAMPTON.
729.	Mary ----HAMPTON was born about 1702.
768.	William POTTER is printed as #396.
769.	Frances ----POTTER is printed as #397.
770.	John TIDWELL is printed as #398.
784.	Godfrey Daniel STOUTZEN was born about 1693 in Bosenbeck Germany. He died 7 Aug 1770 in Fredrick Co VA. Godfrey married Elizabeth SCHMIDT.
785.	Elizabeth SCHMIDT was born 1695 in Eissweiler Germany.
796.	Richard TIDWELL II was born 1679 in West Moreland Co VA. He died after 1744 in Prince William Co VA. Richard married Sabrina -------TIDWELL about 1710 in Kinsale VA.
797.	Sabrina -------TIDWELL was born 1681 in West Moreland Co VA. She died 1740 in Kinsale VA.
864.	John Sr GREER is printed as #624.
865.	Sarah DAY is printed as #625.
868.	Daniel B WILCOXEN is printed as #628.
870.	Squire BOONE is printed as #630.
871.	Sarah MORGAN is printed as #631.
912.	Jr Thomas NORRIS was born 1638 in St Marys Co, MD. He died Jun 1683 in Lancaster Co MD. Thomas married Elizabeth HOSIER.
913.	Elizabeth HOSIER was born A 1638 in Kent Maryland Colony. She died after 1690.
914.	Henry PATRICK.
992.	Charles DODSON Sr was born 1649 in VA. He died 6 Feb 1705 in VA. Charles married Anne ELMORE.
993.	Anne ELMORE was born 1654 in Richmond Co VA. She died 1703 in VA.

Eleventh Generation

1024.	Theodoius RIES  was born 31 Jan 1657 in Gamberg, Baden Germany. He died 7 Mar 1729 in Gamberg, Baden Germany. Theodoius married Maria RODENBUCHER on 5 Nov 1680 in Gamberg, Baden Germany.
1025.	Maria RODENBUCHER was born 28 Jan 1663 in Gamberg, Baden Germany.
1050.	John REEDER II was born estimated 1645 in NY. He married Joanna BURROUGHS.
1051.	Joanna BURROUGHS was born estimated 1645.
1054.	John Gershom MOORE was born about 1670 in Newton NY. He died about 1720. John married Anna SACKETT.
1055.	Anna SACKETT was born about 1668 in Newtown LI NY. She died before 1720.
1248.	James GREER was born 1655 in Baltimore Co MD. He died 1688 in Baltimore Co MD. James married Ann TAYLOR.
1249.	Ann TAYLOR was born A 1660 in Baltimore Co MD.
1250.	Nicholas DAY Sr married Sarah DAY--.
1251.	Sarah DAY--.
1260.	George III BOONE was born 1666 in Stoak Cannon, Devonshire England. He died 1744 in Exeter, Berks Co PA. George married Mary Milton MAUGERIDGE.
1261.	Mary Milton MAUGERIDGE was born 1669 in Bradninch Devonshire England. She died 2 Feb 1740 in Oley Turnpike, Berks Co PA.
1262.	Edward MORGAN was born about 1665. He married Elizabeth JARMAN.
1263.	Elizabeth JARMAN was born about 1665.
1424.	William BOURNE was born about 1650 in New Kent VA.
1440.	James GREER is printed as #1248.
1441.	Ann TAYLOR is printed as #1249.
1442.	Nicholas DAY Sr is printed as #1250.
1443.	Sarah DAY-- is printed as #1251.
1452.	George III BOONE is printed as #1260.
1453.	Mary Milton MAUGERIDGE is printed as #1261.
1454.	Edward MORGAN is printed as #1262.
1455.	Elizabeth JARMAN is printed as #1263.
1456.	John HAMPTON was born 1650 in Glouchester Co VA. He died 1718 in Glouchester Co VA. John married Mary MANN.
1457.	Mary MANN was born 1652 in Glouchester Co VA.
1540.	Richard TIDWELL II is printed as #796.
1541.	Sabrina -------TIDWELL is printed as #797.
1592.	Richard TIDWELL I was born 1635 in Alford, Stafford England. He died 25 May 1692 in West Moreland Co VA. Richard married Anna BARNETT on 9 May 1674 in West Moreland Co VA.
1593.	Anna BARNETT was born 1655 in West Moreland Co VA. She died 1699 in West Moreland Co VA.
1728.	James GREER is printed as #1248.
1729.	Ann TAYLOR is printed as #1249.
1730.	Nicholas DAY Sr is printed as #1250.
1731.	Sarah DAY-- is printed as #1251.
1740.	George III BOONE is printed as #1260.
1741.	Mary Milton MAUGERIDGE is printed as #1261.
1742.	Edward MORGAN is printed as #1262.
1743.	Elizabeth JARMAN is printed as #1263.
1824.	Thomas NORRIS was born A 1608 in Congham Co, Norfolk England. He died Nov 1675.
1984.	Jesse DODSON was born 1620 in Jamestown VA. He married Judith HAGGER on 7 May 1645 in Jamestown VA.
1985.	Judith HAGGER was born 1627 in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England.

Twelfth Generation

2048.	Theodosius RIES  was born 1605 in Gamberg, Baden Germany. He died 27 Jun 1686 in Gamberg, Baden Germany. Theodosius married Barbara MUELLER on 15 Oct 1641 in Gamberg, Baden Germany.
2049.	Barbara MUELLER was born 6 Jun 1625 in Gamberg, Baden Germany. She died 9 Jan 1710 in Gamberg, Baden Germany.
2100.	John REEDER I was born 1610 in Suffolk England.
2102.	John BURROUGHS was born about 1620. He married Joanna JESSUP.
2103.	Joanna JESSUP was born about 1620.
2496.	John James GREER was born 1627 in Argyle Scotland. He died in Baltimore Co MD.
Supposed to come to America in 1649.
2498.	TAYLOR.
2520.	George II BOONE was born 17 Nov 1646 in Stoak Cannon, Devonshire England. He died 1696 in Devonshire England. George married Sarah UPPEY.
2521.	Sarah UPPEY was born 1646 in Devonshire England. She died 1726 in Devonshire England.
2880.	John James GREER is printed as #2496.
2882.	TAYLOR is printed as #2498.
2904.	George II BOONE is printed as #2520.
2905.	Sarah UPPEY is printed as #2521.
2912.	Rector Thomas HAMPTON was born 16 Apr 1623 in Hampfield VA. He died 1690 in James City VA. Thomas was married about 1649 in Glouchester Co VA.
3080.	Richard TIDWELL I is printed as #1592.
3081.	Anna BARNETT is printed as #1593.
3184.	Robert TIDDESWALL was born 1605 in Alford, Stafford ENG. He married Marie MARSH.
3185.	Marie MARSH was born 1605 in Ellastone Par. Stafford, ENG.
3456.	John James GREER is printed as #2496.
3458.	TAYLOR is printed as #2498.
3480.	George II BOONE is printed as #2520.
3481.	Sarah UPPEY is printed as #2521.
3648.	Geoffrey NORRIS was born A 1565 in Congham Co, Norkolk England. He died after 1609 in Congham Co, Norkolk England. Geoffrey married Anne Mary MYLES.
3649.	Anne Mary MYLES was born A 1568 in Norfolk England.
3968.	John DODS was born 1580 in GreatNeck Yorkshire, England. He married Jane Eagle PLUME on 1606 in Jamestown VA.
3969.	Jane Eagle PLUME was born about 1585 in England.
One source lists her father as an Indian Chief, while others have same name but make no mention of an Indian link. Doubtful at best.

Thirteenth Generation

4992.	Sir James GREER was born about 1600 in Scotland.
"Official" Greer family historians are unanimous in that the Greer/Grier/Grear families are all descendents of the MacGregor clan of Rob Roy MacGregor fame. After yet another failed Scottish insurrection led by Rob Roy the English authorities for a while banned the MacGregor name.
5040.	George I BOONE was born 1605 in Stoak Cannon, Devonshire England. He died in Stoak Cannon, Devonshire England. George married Ann FALLACE.
5041.	Ann FALLACE was born 1605 in Stoak Cannon, Devonshire England.
5760.	Sir James GREER is printed as #4992.
5808.	George I BOONE is printed as #5040.
5809.	Ann FALLACE is printed as #5041.
5824.	William HAMPTON was born 28 May 1592 in Twickenham, Middlesex ENG. He died 5 Sep 1652 in Glouchester Co VA. William married Joanne HOTTEN  before 1620 in ENG.
5825.	Joanne HOTTEN  was born 1596 in Middlesex ENG. She died in Glouchester Co VA.
6160.	Robert TIDDESWALL is printed as #3184.
6161.	Marie MARSH is printed as #3185.
6368.	Ralph TIDDESWALL was born about 1575 in Denstone, Alfordshire ENG.
6912.	Sir James GREER is printed as #4992.
6960.	George I BOONE is printed as #5040.
6961.	Ann FALLACE is printed as #5041.
7296.	John NORRIS was born B 1520-1529 in Norfolk England. He died 1575 in Norfolk England.

Fourteenth Generation

12320.	Ralph TIDDESWALL is printed as #6368.
14592.	Geoffrey NOREYS was born 1490/1499 in West Bilney, England.

Fifteenth Generation

29184.	Robet NOREYS was born A 1460 in West Bilney, England.

	Name	ID	Generation
	-------TIDWELL, Sabrina	797	10
		1541	11
	------BUMGARDNER, Mary	67	7
	-----CLAWSON, Martha	221	8
	-----LAWS, Elizabeth	367	9
	----HAMPTON, Mary	729	10
	----MORRIS, Franky	159	8
		219	8
	----POTTER, Frances	397	9
		769	10
	----STOUT, Elizabeth	393	9
	---BENTLEY, Hannah	419	9
	---LEWIS, Jane	353	9
	---RIES, Anna Maria	257	9
	ALDRIDGE, Mary	113	7
	BARNETT, Anna	1593	11
		3081	12
	BENTLEY, Rachel	209	8
	BENTLEY, Thomas	418	9
	BOLTZEN, Catherine	197	8
	BOLTZEN, Johan Peter	394	9
	BOONE, George I	5040	13
		5808	13
		6960	13
	BOONE, George III	1260	11
		1452	11
		1740	11
	BOONE, George II	2520	12
		2904	12
		3480	12
	BOONE, Sarah	315	9
		363	9
		435	9
	BOONE, Squire	630	10
		726	10
		870	10
	BOURNE, Patience	89	7
	BOURNE, Stephen	356	9
	BOURNE, William	178	8
	BOURNE, William	712	10
	BOURNE, William	1424	11
	BOURNE--, Ann	713	10
	BOURNE--, Hannah	357	9
	BROWN, Ambrose	10	4
	BROWN, Ezekiel	20	5
	BROWN, Pearl	5	3
	BRYANT, Nancy Fanny	61	6
	BUMGARDNER, Amon	264	9
	BUMGARDNER, John	66	7
	BUMGARDNER, Leonard	132	8
	BUMGARDNER, Mary Elizabeth	33	6
	BURROUGHS, Joanna	1051	11
	BURROUGHS, John	2102	12
	CAMPBELL, Jane	229	8
	CHURCH, Lena	37	6
	CLAWSON, Nancy Jane	55	6
	CLAWSON, William	110	7
	CLAWSON, William	220	8
	COINSTNER, Jane	77	7
	CORTNER, Mary A	17	5
	DAVIS, James S	60	6
	DAVIS, John B.	30	5
	DAVIS, Mattie C D	15	4
	DAY, Nicholas Sr	1250	11
		1442	11
		1730	11
	DAY, Sarah	625	10
		721	10
		865	10
	DAY--, Sarah	1251	11
		1443	11
		1731	11
	DODS, John	3968	12
	DODSON, Charles Sr	992	10
	DODSON, Jesse	1984	11
	DODSON, Lambeth Sr	496	9
	DOTSON, Allen	62	6
	DOTSON, George	248	8
	DOTSON, Reuben	124	7
	DOTSON, Sarah E	31	5
	DUGGER, Ruth	251	8
	ELMORE, Anne	993	10
	ENGLERT, Maria	513	10
	ESTEP, Sarah Green	125	7
	ESTEP, Shadrick	250	8
	ESTEP, Thomas	500	9
	FALLACE, Ann	5041	13
		5809	13
		6961	13
	GILBERT, Ann	115	7
	GILBERT, Simon	230	8
	GRAGER, Elizabeth Snider	103	7
	GREENE, Jeremiah	262	9
	GREENE, Joannah	131	8
	GREENE, William	524	10
	GREENE?, Elizabeth	249	8
	GREENE?, Mary	501	9
	GREER, Andrew	54	6
	GREER, Benjamin	156	8
		180	8
		216	8
	GREER, Ellen	27	5
	GREER, James	1248	11
		1440	11
		1728	11
	GREER, James	90	7
	GREER, James	4992	13
		5760	13
		6912	13
	GREER, Jane	39	6
	GREER, Jesse Sr	78	7
		108	7
	GREER, John James	2496	12
		2880	12
		3456	12
	GREER, John Jr	312	9
		360	9
		432	9
	GREER, John Sr	624	10
		720	10
		864	10
	GREER, Mary	45	6
	HAGGER, Judith	1985	11
	HAMPTON, Jacob	364	9
	HAMPTON, John	728	10
	HAMPTON, John	1456	11
	HAMPTON, Mary	91	7
	HAMPTON, Thomas	182	8
	HAMPTON, Thomas	2912	12
	HAMPTON, William	5824	13
	HARDIN?, John	354	9
	HARDIN?, Mary	177	8
	HERRMAN, Christiana { Harman}	129	8
	HERRMAN, Johanne Harmon	258	9
	HOLMAN, Margaret	111	7
	HOLMAN, Thomas	222	8
	HOSIER, Elizabeth	913	10
	HOTTEN , Joanne	5825	13
	HUNT, Joanna	263	9
	HUNT, John	526	10
	ISSACS, Mary	29	5
	JARMAN, Elizabeth	1263	11
		1455	11
		1743	11
	JESSUP, Joanna	2103	12
	JOHNSON , Judith	365	9
	JONES, James	358	9
	JONES, Rosamond	179	8
	KEYS, Susannah	21	5
	LAWS, Abigail	183	8
	LAWS, William	366	9
	MADRON, John	76	7
	MADRON, Mary Polly	19	5
	MADRON, Robert	38	6
	MANN, Mary	1457	11
	MARR , Catharine	355	9
	MARSH, Marie	3185	12
		6161	13
	MAUGERIDGE, Mary Milton	1261	11
		1453	11
		1741	11
	MILLER, David	56	6
	MILLER, David Filmore	14	4
	MILLER, Ephraim A	28	5
	MILLER, Thelma Iva Lee	7	3
	MILLER, William	112	7
	MILLER-MUELLER, Catherine	133	8
	MINTZIN, Marie Elizabeth	395	9
	MOORE, John Gershom	1054	11
	MOORE, Margaret	527	10
	MORGAN, Edward	1262	11
		1454	11
		1742	11
	MORGAN, Sarah	631	10
		727	10
		871	10
	MORRIS, Henry	158	8
		218	8
	MORRIS, Mary	79	7
		109	7
	MUELLER, Barbara	2049	12
	MYLES, Anne Mary	3649	12
	NOREYS, Geoffrey	14592	14
	NOREYS, Robet	29184	15
	NORRIS, Elizabeth	57	6
	NORRIS, Geoffrey	3648	12
	NORRIS, John	114	7
	NORRIS, John	228	8
	NORRIS, John	456	9
	NORRIS, John	7296	13
	NORRIS, Thomas	912	10
	NORRIS, Thomas	1824	11
	PATRICK, Henry	914	10
	PATRICK, Mary Winnifield	457	9
	PAUL, Martha	53	6
	PEARCE, Delila	63	6
	PEARCE, Elander	127	7
	PEARCE, James	126	7
	PLUME, Jane Eagle	3969	12
	POTTER, Abraham	192	8
	POTTER, Bernice Mabel	3	2
	POTTER, Daniel Marvin	6	3
	POTTER, Elizabeth	99	7
	POTTER, Enoch	48	6
	POTTER, James	12	4
	POTTER, John I	198	8
		384	9
	POTTER, John O	96	7
	POTTER, Rueben	24	5
	POTTER, William	396	9
		768	10
	RAINBOLT, Adam	98	7
	REECE, Chester Albert	2	2
	REECE, Don	4	3
	REECE, Gregory Ray	1	1
	REECE, Hugh	32	6
	REECE, Jacob	64	7
	REECE, John Valentine	128	8
	REECE, Will. Columbus	8	4
	REECE, Will. Larkin	16	5
	REEDER, Joanna	525	10
	REEDER, John II	1050	11
	REEDER, John I	2100	12
	RIES , Johan Jacob	256	9
	RIES , Theodoius	1024	11
	RIES , Theodosius	2048	12
	RIES , Tobias	512	10
	ROARK-GREER?, Hannah	193	8
	ROBERTS, Maggie Naomi	9	4
	ROBERTS, Rufus	36	6
	ROBERTS, William Harrison	18	5
	RODENBUCHER, Maria	1025	11
	SACKETT, Anna	1055	11
	SCHMIDT, Elizabeth	785	10
	SHELTON, Elizabeth C	23	5
	SILVERS, Hannah	65	7
	SILVERS, Hugh	130	8
	SNIDER, Elizabeth	51	6
	SNIDER, Peter Jr	102	7
	SNIDER, Peter Sr	204	8
	STOUT, Daniel	392	9
	STOUT, Godfrey Daniel	196	8
	STOUT, Hannah Eliz.	49	6
	STOUTZEN, Godfrey Daniel	784	10
	TAYLOR,	2498	12
		2882	12
		3458	12
	TAYLOR, Ann	1249	11
		1441	11
		1729	11
	THOMAS, Debbie	11	4
	THOMAS, James Wiley	22	5
	THOMAS, Jonathan	88	7
	THOMAS, Lewis	352	9
	THOMAS, Owen	176	8
	THOMAS, William	44	6
	TIDDESWALL, Ralph	6368	13
		12320	14
	TIDDESWALL, Robert	3184	12
		6160	13
	TIDWELL, Hannah	199	8
		385	9
	TIDWELL, John	398	9
		770	10
	TIDWELL, Richard II	796	10
		1540	11
	TIDWELL, Richard I	1592	11
		3080	12
	TUGMAN, Susannah	223	8
	UPPEY, Sarah	2521	12
		2905	12
		3481	12
	WALKER, Nancy Ann	313	9
		361	9
		433	9
	WALLACE, Drewry	50	6
	WALLACE, Eliza	25	5
	WHITAKER, Matishia	13	4
	WHITEAKER, Richard	208	8
	WHITTAKER, David	52	6
	WHITTAKER, Jesse	26	5
	WHITTAKER, Thomas	104	7
	WILCOXEN, Daniel B	628	10
		724	10
		868	10
	WILCOXEN, John	314	9
		362	9
		434	9
	WILCOXEN, Nancy	157	8
		181	8
		217	8