Love takes Time
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Love Takes Time was the second single from Mariah Carey album.

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The single cover Love Takes Time came out in October 1990 as the second single from Mariahís debut album Mariah Carey. It entered the charts on #73 and reached the top on November 10, 1990. It lasted there for three weeks, being replaced by Someday.
Love Takes Time was another beautiful ballad, made by Mariah and Ben Margulies. When she was presenting her songs for the album, everybody agreed that she has to use this song on her first album. Mariah was actually planing to use it on her second album, but Tommy insisted that the song has to be finished right away. They presented the demo to Walter Afanasieff, who made the arrangements on Whitney Houstonís first three albums. Mariah Carey cover He was assigned for the production of the track. They managed to record all the rhythm and instrumental tracks in only one day and on the next day Mariah made her vocal performance. In three days they had the whole song recorded, but people at Columbia wanted to have more strong voice. Walter and Mariah fixed that and created a beautiful ballad that finally ended up on the album. Because of some error the first few copies of Mariah Carey did not have the song listed, so they had to throw away a few hundred copies...
The single came out only with LP version of Vision Of Love and it was also featuring some other songs from her debut album. The sales of the single went gold.
Love Takes Time was honored for the Song Of The Year at BMI 40th Annual Pop Awards.

7": US (38 73455):
1. Love Takes Time
2. Sent From Up Above

CD5: UK (656364 5) (pic. CD):
1. Love Takes Time
2. Vanishing
3. You Need Me
4. Vision Of Love

CD5: UK (656364 2):
1. Love Takes Time
2. Vanishing
3. You Need Me

The video:
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Mariah looking sad The music video for Love takes Time was directed by two directors: Jeb Bien and Walter Maser. They have shot the video in 1991. There was quite a lot of problems, because it was raining all the time, so Mariah had to spend a lot of time in her trailer. The video is filmed in black & white, what makes it even more romantic. Mariah is dressed in a one piece swimsuit and wrapped in a towel. Her curly hair makes her look very sweet. Mariah is walking alone on the sand at the beach. The feelings of emptiness and heartbreak were expressed by an empty phone booth, with a dangling receiver...

Some captures from the video:
Vision Of Love music video

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The Lyrics:
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Love Takes Time

I had it all
But I let it slip away
Couldn't see that I treated you wrong
Now I wander around
Feeling down and cold
Trying to believe that you're gone

Love takes time
To heal when you're hurting so much
Couldn't see that I was blind
To let you go
I can't escape the pain
Love takes time
I don't wanna be here alone

Losing my mind
From this hollow in my heart
Suddenly I'm so incomplete
Lord I'm needing you now
Tell me how to stop the rain
Tears are falling down endlessly


You might say that it's over
You might say that you don't care
You might say you don't miss me
You don't need me
But I know that you do and I feel that you do


© 1990 Sony Music Inc.

Lyrics: Mariah Carey
Music: Mariah Carey, Ben Margulies

Produced and Arranged by Walter Afansieff
Vocal Arrangements by Mariah Carey
Engineered and Mixed by Dana Jon Chappelle
Additional Engineering: manny Lacarrubba
Recorded at The plant Studios, Sausalito, CA and The Hit Factory, NY
Mixed by David Frazer at The Plant Studios, Sausalito, CA

Keyboards, Synthesizer, Synthesizer Bass and Drums: Walter Afanasieff
Programming: Louis Biancaniello and Ren Klyce
Background Vocals: Mariah Carey

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