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March 17 2006


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Welcome to The Wonder Of Greg!

I don't really know what to write or what to say because I guess people change, life changes and things change and at the moment in my life I really don't feel like updating this website. Its nothing negative about this at all, but very positive in fact.

This website was a way of expressing myself as I felt very alone and quite sad a few years back and I put my heart and soul into this website and it helped a lot to finally realise that I was being silly and I wasn't alone and I guess I grew up and the problems and feelings I use to feel, feel very silly and uneventful.

As I write this, I don't feel I should say I will never update this website again or make another website because I honestly don't know. I will continue to update MySpace so please come look!

So lets just say this is the last update for a while and its a big one!

The Following Pages have received their last update:

Newz - Polished page and left old Newz posts for history

About Me - All new information about me

Journal - A catch up entry

Snaps - How you can see snaps of me

Forum - Forum Newz

Thank you all for stopping by my site and please look me up on MySpace!

Greg (webmaster)



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