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Noli Me Tangere

Missing chapter from Noli Me Tangere

El Filibusterismo



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JosÚ Rizal is a hero not just because he was shot at Bagumbayan, but because of his social and political ideas that he put into all his writings. More than that, he lived according to those ideas even at the cost of his life. In his thinking, Rizal was at least 200 years ahead of his time. This webpage is dedicated to bring Rizal to a wider audience.

Welcome to our collection of quotations from the writings of JosÚ Rizal, said to be "The Greatest Malay" ever born. Click on any of the titles to the left to access the pages on which are the quotations and commentaries. Click on the boxes below for flash movie presentations on Rizal.

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JosÚ Rizal

Ang Huling Paalam

Minsan...May Isang Gamu-Gamo

Infamous Carnival

Marcha de Cadiz

JosÚ at Andres

Pahinang Pilipino

Kuwentong Kutsero

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