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Sun, 04-Oct-1998 18:35:59 GMT IP:

I am interested in any Allen children that might have settled in NJ. I have Allen's in West Jersey, but am at a dead end.

Peter Taylor

Time: Fri, 15-Oct-1999 23:24:45 GMT IP:

For sometime I have been trying to research our family tree. My grandmother Lucy Francais Allen Married Samuel Nathaniel Allen Somewhere around Marion Va. Most of her family as well as his are buried there somewhere. All I know at this point is that her father was named Jack Allen and her mother was Nannie Wright. Lucy died in Keyser West Virginia on Jan 22, 1971 any help appreciated.

Paul D. Allen


Time: Wed, 25-Aug-1999 23:18:23 GMT IP:

Birth mother's name: Frances Wardwell Married to Dwight Auchard in 1930.

Parents lived in Kansas City, Kansas or Kansas City Missouri. Do not know their full names.

Need medical history.

Adopted as a teen with her consent.

Elaine Auchard Tuggl


Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:23:13 GMT IP:

I am searching for parents of Doddridge Bailey, born 1788 or 1789 in Tazewell Co. Va. He later married Phebe Belcher & had 8 children. Did any of your ancestors relocate to VA before 1788?



Sun, 27-Jun-1999 01:50:45 GMT IP:


Seek parents of RHODA BANCROFT. She m. NOAH FARNAM ( FARNHAM ) He b, 13 Jan 1780. They m. 1805, he d. 1833/1832. I am descended through their son STEPHEN HEAD FARNAM.

Bill McHenry

Sun, 06-Jun-1999 16:15:01 GMT IP:


JOHN BANCROFT born 1891, married IDA STONEHILL, had two daughters(twins) Mary Ellen-&- Betty Jean born 1925.I need information on great-gr&parents.


Dave Larson

Wed, 11-Nov-1998 18:03:34 GMT IP:

I am looking to expand my information on the Stiles & Bancroft connection. I noticed in the "Spelman Genealogy" that the daughter of Roger Stiles married Lemel Bancroft in the 1700s. They made their home in Granville, Massachusetts & removed to Bedford, Mass later.

However, I am seeking information on Sarah STILES b: 1661 in Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts (I understand this used to be Enfield, Connecticut) & Ephraim BANCROFT b: 1656 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticu & they married in 1681 in Windsor. I believe her father is John STILES... but, that is all I know.

Any help would be appreciated.

Bonita Hillmer

Sun, 27-Dec-1998 02:07:48 GMT IP:

My ggggmother Sarah Elizabeth Bancroft, daughter of William Henry Bancroft & Grace Spinney, was born on June 27, 1826 in Lynn, Essex Co., MA. She married John Julius Delchamps in 1844 in Mobile, AL. With all the Sarahs & Williams in the Bancroft line in Lynn, MA, there must be a connection. Please help, & have a happy holiday!

Richard Barrett

6128 Hansen Drive
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Sun, 27-Dec-1998 00:57:33 GMT IP:

Using the Family Tree CD's I've searched through all the Bancrofts I can find. It seems that this is a reasonably common surname both in the UK & USA. One fact that really stands out is that all of the US Bancroft lines seem to originate with the Bancroft/Hollingsworth marriage in Swarkstone Derbyshire during the 16th century. The latest few generations of the English Bancroft line (of which I am a member) were inhabitants of Nottinghamshire but would appear to have moved there during the industrial revolution to produce mainly coal & lace.

However, before moving to Nottingham the ancestors I have traced appear to originate in villages very close to Swarkstone & this would indicate that quite probably I am descended from the same branch of the family but from the ones that did not sail on "the James" to America.

Has anybody any idea how many Bancrofts emigrated in the 16th -&- 17th centuries?

In the meantime (& with a little licence) Hello cousins!

Alan Bancroft

Sun, 03-Jan-1999 20:54:56 GMT IP:

Hello Potential Cousins

I am seeking on information on ancestry of Elizabeth Bancroft (1744-????) who had William Bancroft (????-????) & Elizabeth ????? (????-????) as her parents.

This Elizabeth (Bancroft) Foster was born in 1744 & died in ????. She was married to James Foster (1743-c1812) who had David Foster (1706-c1786) & Elizabeth Markham (????-????) as his parents.

James Foster & Elizabeth Bancroft had their son, Jesse Foster (1772-1836) who was married to Bethiah Messenger (1773-1863). Jesse Foster & Bethiah Messenger were my gggggrandparents on my father's maternal side.

Jim Marsh

Wed, 11-Nov-1998 16:26:33 GMT IP:


Searching for ancestor information of both Samuel & Sarah (White) Bancroft. Children: Samuel, Joel, Lemuel, Sarah, Sabra, Hannah, John, Enoch, Ruth & David -- all botn in Granville, MA. Any help will be greatly appreciated....

Thank-you, from Donna


I am currently researching my own family,and others from the Yorkshire area of England,and would be interested to hear from anyone else with BANCROFT ancestry from YORKSHIRE.

Jarlath Bancroft


My Bancroft's came from the Yorkshire area about 1632. Have you tried "familysearch.org"...type William Bancroft ...nothing else is needed then search...I think you'll be surprise to see what you get. good luck...let me know if i can help

Karen McBain

Jefferson Bancroft is one of the branches in my tree. I have quite a bit of info from newspaper articles saved by my grandomther. One article outlines his life as Dep Sheriff, Prison Warden, City Official, etc. What I would dearly love is to get a photograph of him. I have tried several sources without luck. If anyone could direct me to a source, would be very helpful. Don't let the Y2K bug bite. I thank you.

Morris Millard


Wed, 11-Nov-1998 17:53:39 GMT IP:


Ancestry.com has a book online that does cover this line ... "Spelman Genealogy - English Ancestry & American Descendants of Richard Spelman".

Bonita Hillmer



Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:37:35 GMT IP:

I am trying to find the parents of Daniel Beebe. Daniel is my GGG Grandfather.

Daniel was thought to be born in S&gate, Bennington Co. VT. His date of birth was May 12, 1783. He married Sarah/Sally. Possible last name of Sarah/Sally is Conant.

Daniel Died in Manchester, Bennington Co. VT on May 2, 1845 & is buried in the "old part" at Dellwood Cemetary.

Would appreciate any help you may be able to give.

Thank you

Eileen Bernier

Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:26:23 GMT IP:

I'm looking for the connections to the Beebe's through my gr&father: Oliver Kellum (Pal) Beebe b. oct 19, 1900 Lima Montana. died Forsyth Mt. 1992-1994: Father George Franklin Beebe, b.??? d.Feb 1907...Mother Rose (Rosa Linda/ Rosalinda) Dodd. George Franklin Beebe came to Montana from Virginia in 1884, Rosa came to Montana from Iowa in 1890, George & Rosa Married in Wyoming. I need help finding information about ggr&parents.....

Betsy M. Beebe Castle

Time: Thu, 03-Jun-1999 15:30:03 GMT IP:


I have I have Laura Isabell PORTER married Sheldon DUEL/DUELL/DEUEL;her parents- Orson PORTER and Julia BEEBE; her maternal grandparents- Daniel BEEBE and Sarah ?

Laura,Sheldon, and Julia all died in Saratoga Co., NY.

Ella Kemp



Sat, 19-Jun-1999 21:57:47 GMT IP:

I would love to hear from anyone with Bickley genealogy. I'm looking for John heneberger bickley born in the 1800's. Thank you.

April Meckel


Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:20:53 GMT IP:

Martha Brown b. 1845 Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, ENG. m. William Stone. Parents were James --&-- Sarah Brown both b. 1821. Other siblings were; Mary b. 1848, Sarah b. 1840, George b. 1839 & James b. 1851.



Do you have a Timothy Carpenter son of Cyril [1743-1811] and Lucy Lane [ 1748-1793] married Hannah Brown 25 Aug 1795-Attleboro,Mass. Timothy was born 2 Aug 1773-Attleboro,Mass and died before 1860-Morgan/McMinn Co,Tn. Hannah born ca,1770-Attleboro,Mass died after 1860-McMinn,Tn. I know they had 2 sons Daniel and Cyril, but I need to know if they had a daugther named Nancy born ca 1809/10 in Morgan Co, Tn. I have a Nancy ______ md William Potter 1829/30-Tn As a married couple they were neighbors to Timothy Carpenter. Nancy and William had a son named Timothy Carpenter Potter and another named Cyril and Daniel. Nancy and William are my 3 gt.grandparents.

Do you know of anyone researching this Carpenter line?

Thank you.

Nancy Turney

I am searching for information about James Ludwell Carpenter born 1776-1793died ca 1853. He is buried in the Carpenter family cem. in what is Stanly Co. in N.C. He was married to Beedy----- and after her death married EleanorMcIntyre. His children were

















In family history handed down it is said he had a brother Buck Carpenter. Wethink Buck's name was William. They both settled in Rocky River area ineither late 1700 or early 1800's. We are searching for parents. The fathercould have been John Carpenter but can not prove it. In your research haveyou come across any information about these Carpenters

Thank you

Genoal Russell


Tue, 24-Nov-1998 19:03:59 GMT IP:

Does any body know a person named Billy Gene Cleek



Mon, 16-Nov-1998 19:04:37 GMT IP:


I am interested in family of John W. Daniels, born 1839 in IN, later of Laclede County, MO. Father of Josephine Estelle Daniels, born 1859 & others.

Any input welcomed. Thanks!



Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:12:44 GMT IP:



Mostly came to Canada.

There is a FARNAM group at www.planetall.com. This is a website which you can join for free & find people who have the same interests you have - not just gen, hunting, places of work, sports, etc. If anyone decides to join, use my name as a reference - Sue Modolo - & I will get credit.


Sat, 10-Oct-1998 19:27:34 GMT IP:

Who besides Greg Fewer, is trying to trace a Fuir/Fewer line of Wexford?

Steve Dwyer


Hello, just found your home page in WhoWhereGenealogy!

Would appreciate info re connection of John Sweet EDDY who md Mary Ann FIELD,Rhode Island, mid-1700's.

My children are direct descendants thru their father - Grande/Field/John Chester FIELD/Edwin FIELD/Mary Ann Field md John Sweet Eddy.

Will share their info if you wish.

Thanks. Doris Brown GRANDE ROSE


Tue, 02-Feb-1999 00:55:32 GMT IP:




is it possible that their might be another John French in your family tree. I have a gr grandfather name John French who married a Jennie or janet Mckenzie. these are the parents of beatrice Elizabeth French who is my grandmother. she came from P.E.I. this is all I know about the family.

Thank You

Albert S Creighton
P.O.Box 284


Hell0, I descend from Col. John George and Jane Cole, John born abt 1603 at Writtle, Essex, England Jane was the daughter of Humphrey Cole. They settled in the Isle of Wight, VA. had son Isaac George that married Hester Fawdon, this would be my direct line, they later settled in Edgecombe Co, NC.
If anyone has any info on this line of George's please e-mail me direct.

MLINC Publishing

Young surnames

Searching: Alabama; Arkansas; Georgia; Maryland; Mississippi; Missouri; Ohio; Oklahoma; North Carolina; Tennessee; Texas; Virginia.

For: Bannister; Beeman; Bobo; Cain; Cantrell; Caskey; Cheatham; Coker; Copeland; Frederick; Hill; Howell; Kennemer; Lackey; Mead; Mills; Morrow; Pope; Rudd; Sullivan; Taylor; Willingham; Wood.


I am looking for a Samuel J. Griffin (1852-1940) Married to a Susan E. Belote (1856-1904). Possible in Iowa or Idaho I'm not sure which. If you have any information please e-mail me.

Thank you

Teri Etienne

Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:36:46 GMT IP:

Looking for family of Truman William Griffin, raised in Yuma, Arizona...........help ??????

Jennie L. Griffin

Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:33:59 GMT IP:

Hi, I'm searching for information on Nathaniel & Parnel (Clark ?) Griffin, husband & wife. He was born, in Conn., in 1761. Parents, I believe were, Ebenezer Griffin, Jr. & Elizabeth Martin. By 1790 living in Clinton, N.Y. where he is buried. Would appreciate any information that you might be ableto send me.

Larry Barker

Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:30:59 GMT IP:

Richard Sands son of Edward --&-- Mary( Cornell ) Sands m Jan 1749/50 Deborah b Aug.23 1729 d mch 16 1799 daughter of Benjamin --&-- Mary ( Disbrow ) Griffin of Marmaronneck , N Y Have list of their children if interested.

June Diehl

Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:21:40 GMT IP:

looking for information on

griffin charles born abt jul 1846 MI

griffin eggert born abt july 1887 NE



My grandma Bertha Alice Griffin was born in Harrison Co. WV 15 Jun 1887. Do you have any info on her parents? Thank you for your time!


Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:13:54 GMT IP:

Here's a bit of my line:

My many times great-grandfather was

Ezra GRIFFIN Sr. b: circa 1761 Granby, Hartford, CT
d: 18 May 1843 at Morgan Twp, Ashtabula, OH

m: Margery [?] circa 1784 at Barkhamsted, Litchfield, CT
d: bef. 1829

Ezra died: 18 May 1843 Morgan Twp. Ashtabula Co., OH.
One of his sons was

b: 11 May 1800 Barkhamstead, Litchfield Co,CT.

m: LAURA ?
b: circa 1803 NY
m: 18 Sept 1850 Jefferson, Ashtabula Co, Oh.

Ezra died before 1870 possibly Harrison Co., MO

One of their sons was JAMES B. GRIFFIN
b. CA 1827, ASHTABULA CO., OH,

b. CA 1830, NEW YORK,
d. 1880-1900.

JAMES died 8-Apr-1895, PAWNEE, HARRISON CO., MO.

I am willing to share info if we are related.



i am trying to find some of my family history. my dad's name was jefferson griffin and his dad's name was john griffin. my dad had brothers name leonard, tom buck. is any of this familiar to you? if you have any information i would appreciate hearing from you.

thank you,


Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:19:33 GMT IP:

Do you have in your records:

Lemuel GRIFFIN, Jr.

b. 1738, East Haddam, CT

m. 1764 to Lydia WILLEY

Have everything coming forward. Willing to share all.

Frances Wentz Tabe


I am trying to find information about Sherman Griffin. He was my Great-Great-Grandfather. I know that he was born in Yorktown, NY in April, 1850. He was married to Rebecca Robirts in March, 1889. The only child I know of is my Great-Grandfather James Merrill Griffin. I also know that both Rebecca and Sherman died in Idaho. I have heard the name Godshalk, but do not know the connection.


Michele Chapman


My husband's grandmother's maiden name was Griswold. Her first name was Mary Grace or Grace Mary. Her married name was Orton, & I believe she lived most all of her life in Ohio. Sharon Center? I think her brother's name was Park Griswold. Maybe there is some connection. Thank You for any help you may offer.

Mary Lou


Fri, 06-Nov-1998 21:48:14 GMT IP:

My mother Viola Hewitt(nee Hanna) Has a lot of info of Hanna's in eastern Ontario. Do you think that they belong to your tree??? If so feel free to mail me.

Glen Hewitt

Tue, 29-Dec-1998 16:48:29 GMT IP:

Hello: I at long last am following up on a previous inquiry!! I previously asked you if your Hanna's had connections with Hanna's in Eastern Ontario. You replied that you did not think so & kindly shared some of your information with me.I found one part of your tree very interesting . It deals with the daughter of Clarisa Sidney Hanna who married Louis Kayser Wood. Emma S. Wood married a Stinson. Stinsons are a big part of our Hanna tree. Do you know the name of the Stinson???We have Stinson's who are connected to our tree living as far west as Kansas. Could one of these Stinson's have met up with your Hanna's??

As a side note I would also like to say that John Hanna left Ontario, Canada & went to the Nevada silver mines. He took a steamer from New York & went to California & then on to Nevada. He was not heard from in quite a while that William Hanna (his brother ) went down to find him. William also entered the silver rush & was killed near Silver City Nevada in a mine collapse. William is buried in Goldhill(Close to Silvercity I am told)Nevada.John is to this day an enigma. Do you have a John in your line that may be him??I know this is slim pickings & an attempt to find the pin in a haystack but have no information to go on after he gets to the mine fields in Nevada. Thank you for your reply to my first quiry. I appreciate any information you may send.

Glen Hewitt

Fri, 05-Feb-1999 06:10:38 GMT IP:

I have enjoyed your website very much, I just hope that I can be as successful as yourself. You did a great job!

I am looking for Andrew Jackson HANNAH, born circa 1815 near the Ohio River in Brown Co. He married Margaret C. DUNLAP (d/o Joseph & Mary "Unknown" DUNLAP, sister of Alexander), she died in the 1850's. Their children were: Joseph Mansfield HANNAH, William A. (married Sarah Jane GAMBLE in 1891, d/o Charles & Sarah JACKSON GAMBLE, sister of Kate GAMBLE McMurray, Rachel, & Edna GAMBLE Antose; Wm. & Sarah are buried in Robinson Run Cemetery in PA, he died in 1909, born in 1852), & Mary E. HANNAH (m. Dr. George BONE).

In the 1850 census Andrew is living with a Rachel MEEKAN, her husband & their one year old daughter. AJH owned a farm in 1865-1871 in Robinson, Washington Co., PA, he sold it to move west. His 4 sons followed him to Kansas (from his marriage to Martha WEAVER).

Martha WEAVER Andrew Jackson HANNAH's children were: Henry, James, Gustave, Ida, Allie, Agnes, Rachel, George Weaver, Blanch, & Estella. Martha was born 1830 in North Fayette Township, Allegheny Co., PA & died in 1908.

Thanks for your time!

Deneise Hannah Myers


Wed, 18-Nov-1998 03:32:34 GMT IP:





Fri, 11-Dec-1998 18:17:02 GMT IP:

I am looking for the parents & siblings of Hannah Huston b.13 Mar 1792 in County Cavan, Ireland. Hannah died 16 Sept. 1870 in Pleasant township, Clark County, Ohio. Another source says shedied (same date) in Madison township, Perry County, Ohio.

She married Alex&er Baird on 29 Oct 1817 & lived in Madison,Perry, Ohio for years & years. To see their list of children go to http://www.oocities.com/Heartland/Village/3233


Audrey Moran


Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:22:32 GMT IP:

I am looking for family of Johnson's in TN about 1830-1850. Daughter Louisa married Thomas S. Wheat in Tuscaloosa Co Al. I think she may have had a brother named George ??? & possibly sister Elizabeth that married James Hendricks. Any of this sound familiar to your family. Any help would be appreciated.


Seek info about parents of Rachel Johnson, b. 22 May 1761,in MA and m. 22 Aug 1782, Dr. David Smiley. Would appreciate any help.

Thanks, Dick Brown



My father was Edgar Buriah Kingsley 04/28/1906 to 12/13/1979 born in Appelton , MN

His father Treat Minor Kingsley 02/11/1874 to 02/07/1919

His father Buriah B. Kingsley 08/23/1841 to 12/23/1907 Born in RI, moved to NY at age 2, married in MN

Do you have any information on this line of Kingsleys


Rose Kingsley Thomas


I am looking for Sarah W. Ledyard who lived in Ft. Smith, Arkansas 1850. She was head of the household and put that she was born in Ohio on the census list. She had a son 1 month old, William C. and a daughter, Martha Pauline that was 1 year old.

1860 census, Mrs. Ledyard was still in Fort Smith, Arkansas with only Martha. Perhaps William had died.

1870 census, she was 59 years old, living with her daughter, Mrs. Alexander H. Lamb, in Butler, Bates County, Mo. Martha Pauline died in 1874 and Mrs. Ledyard would have been 83 if still living. She is not mentioned in the obituary so she may have died before then. I do not have her husbands name.

Does that fit in with any information you have on Ledyard? Thank you.

Helen Webb



Time: Tue, 24-Aug-1999 18:58:08 GMT IP:

would like to have some of my late father , have every to go on, please help if you can . mother was ada lee

lorin f beebe


Time: Tue, 24-Aug-1999 08:00:27 GMT IP:

My ggggrandfather was John Leonard, born in NJ 1755 married Nancy

(?). He died in Ohio. I am desended from his son George. I also noticed on your Leonard's a John. My John had a son John.

Linda Bernal

do you have any info. on Dee leonard married Hattie Black abt 1830 had a daughter name Lydia Ann Leonard abt 1842 who married James Wyatt Cheatham she was my ggrandma that all i know about her

Thanks so much

Bobby Herron

Time: Sun, 22-Aug-1999 09:14:52 GMT IP:

Searching for descendants;

Hannah May Blair married Alexander Henry Leonard known in Australia (pre 1900).

Children - John or James (c1900), one older brother, daughter Gladys? married Remington typewriter rep(?) known in Penn USA1920-30's.

Any information appreciated

Lori Lockhart

i WAS BORN IN VALLEY COUNTY, NE. MY Family came to Ne. in the 1880's

via Middleville, Mi.. They came to MI. FROM Chili, N.Y.. My great great grandfather, Henry Leonard, was born in Vt. in 1798. I do not know where.

Arnold Leonard


Time: Fri, 22-Oct-1999 16:02:21 GMT IP:

It so happens I decend From John G. Leonard and Salome Ward in Hamilton Co.Ohio then Union Co. In. My Susanna Todd maried Sylvesto Leonard in Union Co..Came to madison Co. In.their daughter Harriet Louisa Leonard married John Fox They had my grandfather Sylvestor Fox marrid Nellie Blake They had my mother Roviene Fox Tuxford

Marjorie Tuxford Knopp

Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:27:09 GMT IP:

Is any one out there working on the Leonard family from South Louisiana? Would love to hear from you.



Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:11:19 GMT IP:


I am trying to find John Matthew Leonard that was stationed in Fort Dodge, Iowa in the 1920's-30's.

Please contact

Z Moore

Sun, 08-Nov-1998 22:49:50 GMT IP:

Looking for information about John Francis Leonard. Emigrated from Ireland in early 1800's, settled in Wickham, Quebec area, had a family of 12 children. One of which was John Frederick Leonard, my ggfather, who lived in Waterloo, Quebec, where he practiced law.

Ken McInrue

Wed, 18-Nov-1998 15:12:00 GMT IP:

I am just beginning my search for ancestors of Ralph Leonard from Michigan. This is what I know so far, any additional information or guidance you can provide I would sure appreciate it.


Robin Jett

Ralph A. Leonard (Bert)
b:16 Mar 1854 in Michigan
d: 1919 Anadarko Ok

Laura Abigail Parks
b: 13 Nov 1867 in Lockhart Tx
d: 1948 Lawton OK

Eugene Leona b: 1 Jul 1886, Ft Worth TX
Clara August b: 2 Feb 1888, Lehigh OK
Allie b: 13 Nov 1890, Loco OK
Preston Lenor b: 12 Dec 1891, Loco or Lehigh OK
Perry Gerome b: 4 Jul 1894, Marlow OK
Floy Frankie b: 16 Jan 1902, Parks OK
Luther Newton b: 11 Oct 1904 Rushsprings OK


Time: Tue, 05-Oct-1999 18:59:09 GMT IP:

Looking for info on family of my ggrandmother CATHERINE LEONARD. b.Tenn. married 8 Dec.1837 Highland Co.OH to Jacob Haines. Known Children: Archibald 6 Jun 1858 d.14 Oct.1933 wife Maggie Lafferty {my grandparents} Martha husband John or Charles Tarlton Any information would be appreciated.

Thank You.

Robert Davis

I am not having much luck on the leonard family. I have gotten my hands on death certificate that shows Joseph A Leonard was from va. His wife is sarah good from va. One of their children was robert a leonard born oct 1,1861 in mo and died aug 28,1935 in El Dorado Springs, Mo. He was married to Minnie Cora Edwards on sept 18, 1884 in Osceola, Mo. They had 10 children. One child was avery lester leonard, which is my husband's grandpa. I got the kids birthdate out of the family bible. Then i got the death certificate. No one in the family knows any information. Thought you might see connection. I am at a dead end. Thanks in advance



I am searching for information on Philip Taylor Leonard, born in Detroit Mi in 1915 married Louise Fowler 1955 New York. He moved to Great Falls, Montana in about 1920. His father Charles B. Leonard was a physician in Great Falls. Anyone with information on this Leonard line pleas email me.

Sue Woodford

My gGrandmother on my Mothers side was a Leonard, She married my gGrandfather Joseph Sanford Jacobus in 1868 in Champaign, ILL. They had 3 sons Leonard -&- Lenny and Freddie. Joseph died before 1880 and she married Wm. B Smith. Don't know if we hook up with your Leonards yet.


This is the information that I have on my Leonard Line. Any help would be appreciated: My line goes like this:

Janell Margaret6 Shumaker (Ernest Glenn5, Alfred Leonard4, Mary Elizabeth3 Leonard, Alfred2, John1)

Descendants of John Leonard

Generation No. 1

1. John1 Leonard was born 1794 in VA. He married Catherine ??. She was born 1801 in Ohio.

Notes for John Leonard: Lived in Addison Twp, Gallia Co, OH in 1850,1870, but not on 1880 census In 1850 Edward McFaten, age 45 lived with them. Owned 11500 Acres in 1850

Children of John Leonard and Catherine ?? are:

i. ALBERT2 LEONARD, b. Abt. 1819, Ohio. 2.
ii. ALFRED LEONARD, b. March 22, 1820, Ohio; d. March 21, 1873, Sangamon Co., IL.
iii. JOHN LEONARD, b. Abt. 1821, Ohio.
iv. ORLANDO LEONARD, b. 1823, Ohio.
v. CHARLES LEONARD, b. 1824, Ohio.
vi. LORIN LEONARD, b. 1825, Ohio.
vii. FRANCIS LEONARD, b. 1826, Ohio.
viii. JULIA LEONARD, b. 1832, Ohio.
ix. JAMES LEONARD, b. 1834, Ohio.
x. MARION LEONARD, b. 1837, Ohio.

Generation No. 2 2. Alfred2 Leonard (John1) was born March 22, 1820 in Ohio, and died March 21, 1873 in Sangamon Co., IL. He married Ermina Maddy 1854, daughter of John Maddy and Mary Switzer. She was born January 14, 1836 in Gallia Co., OH, and died August 19, 1905 in Pawnee, ,Sangamon Co., IL.

Notes for Alfred Leonard: 1860 census states that he had 4000 A of real property and 1500 A of personal property. James Canedy, age 36 lived with them in 1860. he owned 200 A of personal property

More About Alfred Leonard: Burial: at Horsecreek Cemetery, Pawnee, IL

Notes for Ermina Maddy: Cause of death: Cardiac Dropsy, cerebral Apoplexy

More About Ermina Maddy: Burial: Hosecreek Cemetery, Pawnee,IL

Children of Alfred Leonard and Ermina Maddy are:

3. i. MARY ELIZABETH3 LEONARD, b. July 30, 1856, Pawnee, Sangamon Co., IL; d. December 12, 1897, Dederick, Vernon Co., MO.
ii. CHARLES WILLIAM LEONARD, b. October 15, 1857, Pawnee, Sangamon Co., IL; d. August 31, 1860, Pawnee, Sangamon Co., IL.

More About CHARLES WILLIAM LEONARD: Burial: HorseCreek Cemetery, Pawnee,IL

iii. GEORGE ALFRED LEONARD, b. September 01, 1858, Pawnee, Sangamon Co., IL; d. September 01, 1858, Pawnee, Sangamon Co., IL.

More About GEORGE ALFRED LEONARD: Burial: HorseCreek Cemetery, Pawnee,IL

iv. FRANK LEONARD, b. 1860.
4. vi. JAMES E LEONARD, b. 1864; d. April 01, 1913.
vii. EFFIE L LEONARD, b. 1866; m. CHARLES W REICHARDT, September 05, 1889.

Notes for EFFIE L LEONARD: Twin with Emma

5. viii. EMMA J. LEONARD, b. 1866.
ix. OLIVE BELL LEONARD, b. August 25, 1872, Pawnee, Sangamon Co., IL; d. October 07, 1881, Pawnee, Sangamon Co., IL.

More About OLIVE BELL LEONARD: Burial: HorseCreek Cemetery, Pawnee,IL.

Generation No. 3

3. Mary Elizabeth3 Leonard (Alfred2, John1) was born July 30, 1856 in Pawnee, Sangamon Co., IL, and died December 12, 1897 in Dederick, Vernon Co., MO. She married Eli Shumaker October 28, 1874 in Sangamon Co., IL, son of Samuel Shumaker and Agnes Merchant. He was born February 29, 1852 in Lovettsville, Loudoun Co., VA, and died January 05, 1932 in Lovettsville, Loudoun Co., VA.

Janell Keuler


My Name is Frank Leonard and my great grandfather was named Paul Leonard, his wife's name was Blanch all I know about them is they lived in Columbia Cross Roads in Pa. My Grandfather's name was Ralph C. Leonard (died 1953) married to Minnie (Dorsey) Leonard from Watkins Glen NY.

Thank You

Frank Leonard

Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:15:56 GMT IP:

I have a great great grandmother Roselia (Leonard) Guyor she married Joseph Guyor on September 18, 1865. Any connections ?

Glen Guyor

Fri, 01-Jan-1999 18:59:47 GMT IP:

Hello. I am searching for information on my ggg-grandmother, Emma Jane Leonard, daughter of Joseph Leonard (b. Pennsylvania?) & Lucinda Buckingham (b. Massachusetts). Emma Jane Leonard was born February 1854 in New York, NY & married John Mann on 22 December 1875 in New York, NY. They had several children (all born in Brooklyn, NY): Anna Maria (b. August 1876), Mary I. (b. May 1880), Emma (b. June 1885), Eliza M. (b. July 1887), Albert F. (b. 11 Oct 1889) & Eva (b. December 1891). If you have any information, I would be pleased to share with you.

Lisa Ann Finger

Glad to finally find a leonard site.My group came from Cambridge, Ohio. in Gurnsey county. If anyone might have a link, i'd love to hear from you.

Stephanie Leonard

I am looking for ancestry of Alfonzo Paul Leonard. He was born Oct. 11, 1900 in (?)Macon, Georgia. He came to Ala. while a teenager or younger, with his father. In 1924, he married Lillian Herron of Brookwood, Ala. He worked as a logger, railroader, and underground welder for the mines. He was a birdman there as well. He died in July, 1995. AP and Lillian had 5 children: AP Jr., JW (died in infancy at the age of 9 mo.) Charles, Herbert (my father), and H. Jack. I don't have any information on my great-grandfather, or his wife, other than that she was a Cantrell and that they divorced while my grandfather was young. I do know that he had one brother, Jesse. If you have any information on them, Please, please email me.

Thank you,

Charlotte Leonard Pennington

I am living in Canada and just started my search for my Leonard ancestry. Who knows where it will lead. If anyone has any clues my grandfather's name was Edward Leonard and my grandmother's name was Rose Brennan. They lived in Little Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada. It is great to see people working on finding their lineage.

Take care.

Tara (Leonard) Tiller

Time: Sat, 25-Sep-1999 19:29:12 GMT IP: I am looking for any info on Sylvanus Leonard b. Sept 15, 1759, in Bridgewater, MA who married Eunice Kinsley b. 1761 in Bridgewater, MA. Their daughter, Clarissa , was born in 1788-9 in Bridgewater, MA and married Leonard Pratt in 1888 in Bridgewater, MA. I need info on both Sylvanus and Clarissa, especially the death date of Sylvanus....and what happened to Clarissa between 1800 and 1818. Any info on Eunice Kinsley Leonard Butler would be welcomed also!



I am searching for a man...last name Leonard (unsure of spelling or first name). He was married to Renate Cote, both were of french descent and lived in the Poughkeepsie, NY area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



Time: Sun, 26-Sep-1999 02:38:17 GMT IP: I am searching for info on my g grandmother, Elizabeth Omah (or Odessa) Leonard. No b. or d. dates known. She married Jason Newton Belton. Their children are: Charles Washington (my grandfather), Walter, Paul, Summers (hanged or lynched in OK in 1920's or 30's), Bessie,Lila and Cordell. Jason's parents are: James Lee Belton and Elizar Girven. I have hit a brick wall trying to find anything. If you have any info, my e-mail is jpsnow@intplsrv.net .


Jim Snow


Looking for info on: Celinda or Elinda Leonard, mother of Martha Perfect, born 1846 in Delaware County, Ohio. Possible marriage to John Perfect. no other information known at this time.


Ruth in California

Tue, 02-Feb-1999 18:47:00 GMT IP:

I am searching for information on the family of John Leonard. He was married in Shelby Co. MO on 20 Dec 1859 to Virginia Van Deren. She was born in 1840 in Harrison Co. KY to Godfrey B. Van Deren & Rachael Caldwell. She died 19 Dec 1925, prob. in Shelby Co. MO.

I would like more information on John & his parents. I would like information as to any children this couple probably had.

Thank you,

Marcie Van Deren

825 Helena Flats Rd.
Kalispell, MT 59901

You have a very nice site and easy to use. I am looking for the family of Charles Henry Leonard born 23 March 1813 Meath co. Ireland; son of George -&- Jane Percy Leonard. Family moved to Toronto, Canada before 1835. George was said to be in the British Army (colonel) and served in the War of 1812. Charles settled in Galveston, TX were he married Ada H. Rielly of Ireland. He was 3 times Mayor of Galveston.

any help apprecaiated.



I found your Leonard family and also the subject Harry Albert Leonard. I have been looking for his family. He married my mother-in- law's mother, Anna Caroline Sifford and they had two daughters. Fae Elizabeth and Ruth Esther. I have the family bible and can answer more questions. Harry was in civil war and fought on the side of the South. He was in the Ky. infantry volunteers. Co. E. 4th Infantry.

Alene Conner

Time: Thu, 29-Jul-1999 04:41:57 GMT IP:


My ggrandmother, Catherine (Kate) Leonard was born in Roscommon, Ireland in 1856 and married Garrett Sennett, born in Wexford in 1855. They came to Chicago, IL and then to Springfield, OH where they had 7 children and are buried in Calvary Cemetery. There are also a lot of Leonard's buried there, Wilbur, Thomas, Timothy, Brdget, James,Mary, with burial dates from 1903 to 1929.

Juanita Dennison




John Clarke


Thu, 12-Nov-1998 08:39:07 GMT IP:

Looking for Louisa Moore, born 1757, the daughter of James Moore & Mary Norton. Louisa married Oliver Gillett.

Dale Gerboth

Fri, 06-Nov-1998 04:56:38 GMT IP:

I am looking for info on Orlo Jordon Moore & Charles Westley Griffin.

Orlo was born 5/4/1860 in White Lake, PA. He married Acelea(Celia) Mathews in Sparta MI. He died 3/17/1930.

Charles married Agnes Magdalene(?) DuPont on 4/4/1888 in Alanson, MI. He died on 3/20/1952



Thu, 24-Jun-1999 02:15:46 GMT IP:

I'd be overjoyed to hear from any Newton's. I desend from Earl Burk Newton who married Gertrude Marquart. Of their children, my grandfather Pearl Marquart Newton was one.

Russ Newton

Thu, 12-Nov-1998 08:42:03 GMT IP:

I have an Isaac Newton, b. 28 Oct 1802, Lanesboro, MA. His parents were Philo Newton, Sr. & Elizabeth Shattuck. I don't have a wife or child for him though. Would this be the one?


Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:10:02 GMT IP:

My mother is researching the Newtons in Ohio, we are related in some way, my side of the family aloso moved from England & on to Sudbury middlesex MA, & from there they moved on to New Philidelphia Ohio, if you are interested in more of your family history my mother & myself are still researching, you know we are related to Sir Issac Newton in some way, & one of your relatives here in Ohio is said to have been a warlock, he died in 1875, his name was Ransom Newton, kids in New Phili still burn candles on his grave!! There is some pretty interesting family history here as well!

Thomas Tate

Fri, 02-Oct-1998 22:17:50 GMT IP:

seek info on Isaac Newton m. Annie Louise Crosby or son- Henry Newton m. Victorena Alfaretta Nelson.

Marjorie Newton


Time: Fri, 16-Jul-1999 06:20:02 GMT IP:



Cindy Mayo



Hey everyone, my mothers name is Mary Evelynn Plumlee and her fathers (my father) name was George Dewey Plumlee. George died in Cameron, MO.

Please let me know if you have any information back further on the George Dewey Plumlee line or if we are related. Thanks.


My Annie Plumlee(b. 1828 SC) married Andrew(Andy)J.Brown(b.1824 Tn) Nov.7,1846, Van Buren Co.Tn. I am conveniced that there is some connection between my Annie and the Plumlee family living there at the time (the one that went on to Ark, Joel, ect). But have not yet found the connection. Shortly after their marriage they moved to Morgan Co Al and were living in the 1850 Census a few houses from who I am certain was Annie's mother Phobe Plumlee(b.1799 NC), her father(b.NC) was dead by this time and the younger children were still at home with her mother. These other children were Elizabeth,Martha, John, Jonathon and James Plumlee. If this rings a bell with anyone would love to hear from you.


Mon, 16-Nov-1998 19:06:37 GMT IP:


I am researching the PLUMLEY clan, so far in Georgia. I would really like to connect the Plumley family in Georgia to other branches. The only link that I currently have is that Mary A. Plumley, b. Abt. May 1822 in North Carolina as a CARROLL or a ROGERS, moved from Tennessee to Gilmer County, Georgia in about 1846.

I will be happy to swap info on the Georgia branch.

Wally Plumley


I am looking for info. on William L. Pruett b. 1869, Ill., son of William Hamilton Pruett, 1844 Ray County, Mo. & Elizebeth Ringo, 1829, Howard County Mo.. I know that they both died in Org. did they have any other children? . William L. m. Nancy Jane Mansell ( my gggmother) in Independence County Ark. 1895. I'd like to know more about him. Hope you can help. Thannk you.


Time: Thu, 03-Jun-1999 05:34:38 GMT IP:


I am a descendant of Jacob Prewitt and Nancy Agnes Ritchie. I would be interested in communicating with you. Please email me back.




Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:28:47 GMT IP:

I am looking for the Quaker family of William Plumley Roberts, b:1806 d:1871 I believe he was of one of many Quaker Roberts families in that area. I just need to put him with the correct parents, obviously! He married Sarah Harlan (I have her line pretty much complete.) in 1829 in Newport Village, Bristol Twp. Bucks Co. They lived there many years. Then c1849, they moved to Livonia, Oakland Co. MI with their 5 children.

*Mary Ann Roberts, the eldest, married James Pusie Bicking, of Philadelphia in 1851.
*Phoebe L./S.
*Elizabeth J. (Jarrett?)
*Ezekial Harlan
*Hannah H.

Marcie Van Deren


Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:25:37 GMT IP:


I seem to keep hitting brick walls. I'm looking for relatives of Almon Rogers, b. oct 31 1811, in NY, d. nov 29 1892 in Fremont cnty Ia. Married Eliza Rogers, b. apr 7,1817 at Watertown, NY & d. dec 18 1900 in Fremont cnty Ia.

Delos b.1839
Duane Feb 12,1841
Byron Jun 1843
Adelbert Jan 1845
Orvilla 1847
Mary C. 1850
Emma jun 1852

Any & all help would be greatly appreciated. thanksss

Virgil Reiter


I am researching the Gerard Spencer line. More accurately, I am looking for information regarding his brothers. I have traced Gerard up to William Augustus Spencer who perished on the Titanic. I have a beautiful old photo, that when my grandmother gave it to me she said "Cherish it, it is your great uncle who perished on the Titanic."

I have lots of information to share on William Augustus' brother Lorrillard, but can't find mention of another brother, so I am assuming my grandfather was a cousin rather than a brother...

My Grandfather was Paris Albert Spencer, died in Bangor Maine 12/10/1951 at the age of 53. I do not have his birth date. His parents were Ralph A. Spencer, and Nellie Inman, both born in Maine, Nellie died in Maine, and Ralph may have died in California.

If anyone has any information to help me make the connections I would appreciate it, and will gladly share my information.


Sandi Spencer Clark


I am researching Daniel STRATTON poss. b. 22 Nov 1783 Sherburn, Middlesex, MA and d. 1810-1817 m. 1806 in Vermont? to Zilpha PHIPPEN b. 8 Mar 1789 Westminster, Windham, VT d. 5 Apr 1859 in Windham Co., VT. (her 2nd marriage was to Job PARKHURST)

His children were:

1) Isaac STRATTION b. ca 1807 and d. 30 Dec 1885 in Westminster, Windham, VT. He married Marilla Witherell Apr 27, 1828 in Westminster.

2) Daniel STRATTON b. 14 Feb 1810 in Surry, Cheshire, NH or Westminster, Windham Co., VT

m. Elizabeth CHILDS in 1840. I believe they are the Daniel and Elizabeth buried in Saxton River Cemetery, Rockingham, Windham, VT.

This is not the Daniel STRATTON who married Jane Stickney and lived in Newfane, Windham, VT.

I am aware of the notation in the Book of Strattons by Harriet Russell Stratton about this family. I am hoping there is another researcher out there to share ideas/information about this man.

Debra Branigan
St. Inigoes, MD


Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:24:14 GMT IP:

I am trying to find out if any of these Strattons belong to the Strattons I am trying to find. They are James & Sally Stratton & Joel Stratton . I believe they came from Monroe Tn. & some of the line may have come out of PA.

Patty Brock

Mon, 09-Nov-1998 17:38:13 GMT IP:

Hi, I was hoping maybe someone had some suggestions for me. I am.researching the STRATTON name but I don't have much to go on. My.GGGrandmother was Sarah Catherine STRATTON. She was born in Virginia according to one of the censuses but they claim to have no record of her. She was born in 1856. I know her death date, but they returned the check from Kansas with no help at all, not even a note telling me the record didn't exist. I know her father's name was James STRATTON but her mother was an indian & no one ever called her anything but "the indian". So I don't have her name. Can anyone help.

Jennifer Egan


Fri, 06-Nov-1998 05:34:55 GMT IP:

I have been trying to find where my Strattons came from. Mine are first mentioned in the 1860 census (I think that's the one) in Monmouth County, New Jersey. My ggggrandfather's name was Loveman Stratton married to Susan Adams of Ireland & in that census they had 5 children. Have been searching for several years for the parentage of Loveman. In that same census, there is a George B. Stratton listed in another town, & am pretty sure they are related, but I just don't know how.

Karen Reynolds

researching Harnett, Palethorpe, Leicester in the U.K.
Woolley, West, Marshall, Stratton, Duryee, Riddle in New Jersey

I'm looking for the ancestors to Alex Stratton b 08-08-1841 married to Susie Willlingham.

Son Sidney Taylor Stratton b 09-02-1875 married to Alma (VO) McElyea


Dennis Nichols

I am just beginng a search for my family. My father was Russell Smith Stratton.

I would love to hear from you.


Margarette Devaney


Time: Fri, 01-Oct-1999 01:03:05 GMT IP:

I'm a SWEET descendant of Robert-&-Joanna-John-&-Mary-John-&-Elizabeth- Henry-&-Elizabeth...and down. I found your site VERY useful. I should point out that the Henry Sweet-Mary Griffin-Elizabeth Walker profile needs a second look. Did Henry have 2 wives in the same timeframe, or were there actually 2 Henrys from the marriage of John Sweet and Elizabeth Jeffery(Jefferies)? Henry -&- Elizabeth had at least 5 children between 1693 -&- 1703. The marriages were only a year apart...but both women had children by Henry long after that! I'll look into this further, maybe you should, too. The LDS (Morman Chruch) was a key source of my information. Nevertheless, God bless you for all you've done here! Hope to communicate further in the near future!


I am also researching the Sweet Family:- John Thomas Sweet -Born Jan.21,1864,Wales and I think his father was Thomas Louis Sweet who died Oct.21.1914 and was married to Elizabeth Ainsworth born 1835 and died 1901.



Mon, 24-May-1999 15:45:54 GMT IP:


I just found your Tarbox page, & your Samuel Tarbox is my gggggrandfather. He had 11 children, & his son, Benjamin, moved from Greenwich, RI, to Otsego county, NY, where my gggrandfather, David, was born.

I have the Tarbox line going back to Thomas in England in the early 1600's if you would like it.




Looking for information on the Orange County, North Carolina Tilleys. If you can help me email me.

Patricia Tilley


Hi Jo,

I am researching John Joseph Whitford born circa 1810 Birmingham, died 1882 Alberton Victoria Australia, married 1850 Alberton to a Bridget Flynn born 1828 Kilkenny Ireland, died 1916 Greenmount Victoria.

John Joseph was a convict, arrived in Tasmania Aust. in 1830 on board the "Royal George". He was not the muster for Tasmania in 1841, may have been pardoned by then, or travelled to Victoria because he owned the "Travellers Rest Hotel" Alberton in 1850.

John Joseph and Bridget had the following family:- Anne 1851, John Joseph 1853, Catherine 1856, Thomas Augustav 1856 (twins), Ellen 1860, Margaret 1862, Daniel 1864, Emily Myra 1869, Michael Henry 1872.

Descendants and information would be appreciated if you can assist.


Bill and Marion McGuirk (nee Whitford)



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