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Featured Toys

Monster Garage Motorized Series II Vehicle: Grim Reaper

A 1954 Cadillac Hearse that digs a grave and places a kasket. The only way to go!!

Hearse Model Kits, Die Casts, & Toys

63 Olds Cotner Bevington Resin Model Kit - Builder Unknown, 1:25
Santa Monica Maniacs - JL Surf Rods repaint of Haulin Hearse
Ford Funeral Van or "Bestattung" - Noch, HO, Import, w/figures
Askew-Houser #1 - Ertl, 1917 Ford T, bank, 480 made
Askew-Houser #2 - Ertl, 1938 Chevrolet, bank, 563 made
Askew-Houser #3 - Ertl, 1904 Hearse, bank, 744 made
Askew-Houser #4 - Ertle, 1950 Ford Delivery Van, 750 made
Visit the
Askew Houser Online Store and buy direct, supplies are limited
Diapet Lincoln Continental "Dragon Pagoda" Hearse, pic2
1924 Czech Hearse w/coffin - Import
Packard Henney Promo - Very rare, large, thought to be salesman sample, pic 2
Packard Henney Promo - plastic, 12", windup
Jo-Han Cadillac Hearse GC 600:200 - 1 year only, comes with casket & church truck
Heavenly Hearse GC600 - Jo-Han, 1:25 scale, 60's (available until late-ish 80's)
Heavenly Hearse - JL FL First Shot
"Cars of the Hard Rock Cafe" - HW Collectibles
Collectors Singles '59 Woody Hearse - HW (exact name soon)
"Voodoo Highway" - HW Collectibles
"Voodoo Highway" - HW, 1963 Cadillac M-M hearse isolated
1959 Jaguar Mk9 hearse GNCgc25
Carzilla "Bone Crusher" - Kenner, 4X4 battery operated '59 Hearse, wacky!
Horror Hearse - RC, hybrid early/late 60's hearse, comes in 4 tampos, each w/a matching 'lil figure!
Horror Hearse Bad to the Bone (Zombie thing)
Horror Hearse Mummy Dearest (Mummy)
Horror Hearse Bloodmobile (Dracula)
Horror Hearse Monster Mania (Frankenstein)
Horror Hearses are available at your local
Hot Topic Store for $6.99 each
'59 M-M Trad. Landau - Jimmy Flintstone, resin kit, converts "normal" Ecto kit to traditional landau hearse.
'70 Cadillac Station Wagon #42903 - Busch, HO. (get real Busch, it's a limo style hearse)
Ford AA Hearse #47709 - Busch, HO, 30's
1964 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL CONVERTIBLE "3 in 1" kit - AMT6414, 1:25, orig 1960's issue (one of 3 versions is Lincoln Station wagon, very hearse ready)
Reissue of above kit AMT8122 - 1998
Haulin Hearse GC 800:200 - Jo-Han, Gold Cup Series, 1:25 scale, 1960's, 4wd, 2 hemi's, kick ass!
Haulin Hearse - JL FL, die cast, collector's edition (correct color)
Surf Hearse by George Barris - JL FL First Shot
LA County Coroner Black Mariah - Ertl, Bank

Recommended Reading

Collecting Model Car & Truck Kits
by Tim Boyd
In addition to a snapshot history of model kits, this colorful look back at these nostalgic treasures features histories and descriptions of the most collectible models produced by Revell, Monogram, AMT, and MPC. Color photos illustrate subjects like AMT's Trophy Series double kits, 1953 to 1962 Corvette kits, the rise and fall of AMT's annual kit line, 1/25 -scale semis and tractors, 1/16 -scale kits, road-going Ferrari kits, and dragster models. A final chapter offers advice on getting started in the collecting hobby and and discusses the issue of collecting vintage kits versus actually assembling them.

Ambulance Model Kits, Die Casts, and Toys

Monster Garage Motorized Series II Vehicle: Wheelie Ambulance

Plastic 40's Ambulance - Repro, Plastic
Cowabunga Boys - JL Surf Rods Repaint of Meat Wagon
1930's Turner Ambulance - wood wheels
Remote Control Tin Ambulance, 60's, Japanese, pic2, pic3
Transformers "First Aid" Ambulance Autobot, early 80's
Plastic Cadillac Ambulance, Hasbro, 1950's, pic 2
Garton Field Ambulance - Hallmark Kiddie Classics
The Gurney Getaway Ambulance - Burger King Kids Meal Promo, gurney shoots out
Plymouth Ambulance - Ichiko, friction, 60's
1964 Pontiac Superior Criterion Ambulance - Corgi #263, w/patient
Lupor Ambulance - 1940's, tin, friction
1936 Ambulance - Wyandotte #340, 11 3/8", tin
Rambler Ambulance, Bandai, Japan, 11" long, friction, circa 1962 pic 2, pic 3
1961 Cadillac Superior Ambulance - Corgi Toys #437
Meat Wagon by Aurora (packard ambulance)
'64 S & S ambulance - Matchbox #54
1953 Chevrolet ambulance DES 9amb
1966 Cadillac Fire Rescue Ambulance GC500 (original), pic 2
Cadillac Ambulance GC500-200 - Jo-Han
'66 Cadillac Ambulance GC500-200 - Jo-Han Kit built by Kyle
Dinky#288 Cadillac Superior ambulance - in box, stretcher w/patient, neat!
#405 Chevrolet Superior 61 Ambulance - Corgi, 1978, includes Patient, stretcher and attendant figures
VW LIEFERWAGEN TYPE 83 AMBULANCE 1945 - Vitesse, 1:43 scale
Playart Ambulance Set - # 7602 1970's, Hong Kong
1973 FORD PANEL VAN MPC - (stock, pit crew or ambulance),1/20 scale
#3 Mercedes Ambulance - Matchbox, Lesney, English, LL01-67 plate on the rear, pic 2
Die Cast High Top Ambulance - Tomica, 1976, 1/77 scale, high top, Superior
Matchbox Premiere Fire II Collection Series 21 - 1/64
Ford Ambulance - 1/64
"Rescue 911" Dodge Ambulance AMT6416
NYC EMS AMBULANCE #222 - Majorette, 1:60
1948 Chrysler Sedan Ambulance - Solido 1:43
Dinky#626 Military Ambulance - 1956
Blackwall London Ambulance - Lledo
VW Ambulance - Roco, Austrian, 1:87
Dinky#556 Citroen DS19 Ambulance - just gorgeous
Matchbox Lomas Ambulance - Lesney Product, England, early 60's, pic 2
Fiat 1800 ambulance wagon - EKO, HO
1949 Chevrolet Ambulance #19-1463 - First Gear, 1:34, 1994
Ford 1940 Ambulance - 1/43, Brooklin, "Philadelphia Bureau of Fire", cream, MB, limited edition
Red-line Hot Wheel Ambulance - dated 1969, red line wheels (parts truck in picture)
Plasticville ambulance - 4 1/4 " ambulance
Roarin Rambulance - Jo-Han, Kit 1/25 scale, funny car ambulance
1931 Cadillac Ambulance "Manhattan Fire Brigade" - Solido #4038, 1/43, red
Little People Ambulance - #126, Fisher Price, rare to find complete
Mercy Me Ambulance & Stretcher, Muffy Vandebear (site), (pic of her & friends), 1997, wooden, cute!
Peugeot Boxr Ambulance #47378 - Busch, railroad scale
Citroen C25 French Ambulance #43296 - Busch, railroad scale
Fiat Ducato Ambulance #47313 - Busch, railroad scale
Fiat Ducato Italian Ambulance #43293 - Busch, railroad scale
Renault Espace Ambulance #45528 - Busch, railroad scale
Code 3 Los Angeles Fire Dept Ambulance
Code 3 Long Beach Ambulance
Code 3 Philadelphia Ambulance
Bedford Utilicon Ambulance #1572 - Corgi, Cream
Hi-Speed Ambulance #39 - Corgi, White
Ford Transit Ambulance #832 - Dinky, White
Superior Cadillac Ambulance #1505 - White/Red, w/patient on stretcher
Mercedes Benz Ambulance #1177 - Matchbox
Ambulance - Midgetoy CO, has Pat. # 2775847 stamped inside on the roof of vehicle.

Recommended Reading

The American Ambulance 1900-2001
by Walter McCall, Walt McCall
Follow up to his successful Classic American Ambulances 1900 -1979 Photo Archives with a new and expanded title that fills in a heretofore missing chapter in American emergency vehicle history!

Building an ambulance model kit? Nab this book for source material to build the most accurate ambulance!

Ecto (so good he gets his own section)

Surf Daddies - JL Surf Rods Series 1 Repaint of Ecto
Ecto and the Gang posing - RGB series
Frightning Lightning - die cast
Ecto Siren - McDonalds Happy Meal promo, RGB 1992
Ecto (Kodak Mail Away) - die cast, series one
Ecto - JL FL, Collectors Edition (correct color)
ECTO-1A Ghostbusters II AMT6017 - model kit, 1/25 scale
Ecto 1 - plastic, RGB, 1986, canadian package, ooh..(opened)
KFC Kids Meal - 1998, came w/kids meal at Kentucky Fried Chicken, EGB
Soft Plastic Ecto - made of softish squishy plastic, unknown origins
Extreme Ghostbustes Ecto - Trendmasters, 1997, makes noises, modified look
ECTO-1a Ghostbusters - Target Halloween, Orange Hood Tampo
(also came in black hood tampo)

Recommended Reading

Making Ghostbusters
by Don Shay (Editor),
Ivan Reitman (Designer), Harold Ramis (Photographer)
Out of print, expensive, but called the Holy Grail of Ghostbusters Books by fans.

Did you know Ecto was originally supposed to be a hearse in the original draft? But they thought that would be too dark in the film.

More killer info in this book!

Limo Models, Die Casts, & Toys

'58 Caddy Limo
Exotic World Limo - model kit, from Exotic World, a stripper museum
'86 Cadillac Limo - Majorette #339, die cast, 1/58
Micro Machines #22 - 3 little limos: '59, Lincoln, 'n Bubble Top, cutey patooties
Buick 50 Limo #44706 - Busch, railroad scale
Mercedes 170V Limo #41409 - Busch, railroad scale
'70 Cadillac Limo #42904 - Busch, railroad scale
Rolls-Royce Limo #44415 - Busch, railroad scale
Cadillac 52 Limo #43416 - Busch, railroad scale
Opel Olympia 38 Limo #41100 - Busch, railroad scale
Air Force One Toy - Includes presidential limo, die cast
JFK Presidential Lincoln Continental Limo - Minichamps, w/figures
JFK Presidential Mercedes Limo - Busch, HO, w/figures

Recommended Reading

Stretch Limousines 1928-2001 Photo Archive
by Richard J. Conjalka; Paperback
Beginning with the 1928 Big Band buses, actually the first stretch limos, this book shows the development of the stretch limo through its various configurations up to the present day. Following the Big Band buses came the airporter shuttle limos from the 30s to 60s. In 1963 the luxury commercial stretches were introduced. Finally the party/bar/VIP stretches came on the scene. This books features both commercial and one-off stretches and even includes the 2001 Presidential limo built for our current President George W. Bush.

Misc Oddities & Neato Stuff

1:18 Scale Starsky and Hutch '76 Torino
Fast Lane Radio Control 1-14 Scale Cadillac Escalade- Black 49 MHz
I-Racer Mini Cooper

Related Spooky & Weird Stuff

Cemetery Kit - Mouse Models, HO, cruise by your local hobby shop for this one
Boothill Express (die cast) - from Johnny Lightning "Frightning Lightning" collection.
Lil' Coffin MG94 - 1/24 scale
Boothill Express MG2703 - 1/24 scale
Elvira Macabre Mobile T-bird MG2783 - 1/24 scale
The Munster Koach AMT901 - 1/25 scale, 1964, George Barris
Dragula - Grandpa's coffin dragster from Munsters TV show, came w/above kit.
Graveyard Ghoul Duo AMTT309 - 1/25 scale, 1960's, includes 2 cars:
The Overtaker and The Bodysnatcher.
Graphics of green ghoulish Vampire on the box lid, looks just like Munsters Koach and Dragula.
The Bride of Frankenstein POL5005 - make yourself a date
Surf Hearse by George Barris - JL FL First Shot
Munsters Living Room POL5013 - park the model hearse in front of it
(built up)
Undertaker's Dragster POL5014 - very slick
Dragula by George Barris - JL FL First Shot
Munsters Koach by George Barris - JL FL First Shot
Undertaker Dragster by Carl Casper - JL FL First Shot
Godzilla's Go Cart POL5029 - where's Godzuki?
Creepy T - Monster Rods, ERTL, 1/25 scale, Skull T Bucket
Mummy Machine - Monster Rods, ERTL, 1/25 scale, Mummy T Bucket
Ed Roth's Mysterion RV1277 - 1/25 scale
Batmobile of 1950 DC Comics HOR37321 - (hey, it's spooky)
Rigor Motor - Hot Wheels, many color variations, coffin w/skull and bats adorning it
Alice Cooper Trash Mobile - Racing Champs, die cast

Frightning Lightnings by Johnny Lightning

Set One - 17,500 made of each series
(actual number may vary slightly up or down)

Series 1

Pic of entire series one

Series 2

Ghostbusters Ecto-1a (Silver)
Vampire Van (Red)
Elvira Macabre Mobile (Dk. Red)
Boothill Express (Green)
Haulin' Hearse (Green)

Series 3

Haulin' Hearse (Dk. Blue)

Series 4

Ghostbusters Ecto-1a (Gold)
Vampire Van (Green)
Elvira Macabre Mobile (Purple)
Boothill Express (Brown)
Christine (Dk. Blue)
Haulin' Hearse (Orange-Red)

Collector's Edition - correct color schemes

Ghostbusters Ecto-1a (White)
Rest to follow soon!

Set Two

Heavenly Hearse
Meat Wagon
Carl Casper's Undertaker Dragster
Munsters Koach
Surf Hearse

White Lightnings - very rare!

Boothill Express - Series 4, Brown, White Tires
Christine - Series 2, White Bottom/Rims
ECTO-1a Ghostbusters - Series 2, Silver w/White Bottom/Rims
ECTO-1a Ghostbusters - Series 4, Gold w/White Bottom/Tires
Elvira Macabre Mobile - Series 2, Burgundy, White Tires
Elvira Macabre Mobile - Series 3, Green, White Tires
Haulin' Hearse - Series 2, Green w/White Tires
Haulin' Hearse - Series 3, Met. Blue / White Tires
Haulin' Hearse - Series 4, OrangeRed w/White Tires
Mysterion - Series 4, Blue w/White Tires
Vampire Van - Series 2, Maroon w/White Tires

Set Two White Lightnings

Surf Hearse

Special Edition Frightning Lightnings

ECTO-1a Ghostbusters - Set one, Target Halloween, Orange Hood Tampo
Dragula - Set two, Target Halloween, 1999

Package Art - Set One

Frightning Lightnings Series No. 1 Blister Card - Original 1964 Mysterion Artwork!
Frightning Lightnings Series No. 2 Blister Card - Original 1967 Boothill Express Art!
Frightning Lightnings Series No. 3 Blister Card - Original Elvira Artwork!

Set Two

Johnny Lightning Frightning Lightning First Shots

5,000 made total, 2 piece sets, one bare metal, one Candy Chrome.
No first shots were made for series one.

Surf Hearse by George Barris
Heavenly Hearse by Johan
Meat Wagon by Aurora
Dragula by George Barris
Munsters Koach by George Barris
Undertaker Dragster by Carl Casper

Special Johnny Lightning's Car - repaint of Meat Wagon, 5,000 made

Custom Stuff

Hearse & Coffin Trailer - made out of a JL Frankenstude & HW Rigor Motor
Tombstone Horse Drawn - by Gary Pope

Unless link to merchant is provided, or mentioned, these items are not for sale.
We're just an online museum sharing pics and what info we have.

Dead link? Email me at and let me know.

If you are looking for any of these kits, I suggest the following:

  1. Gargage Sales
  2. Swap Meets
  3. Toy Shows
  4., for the newer ones.
  5. Online Auctions such as eBay.


POL = Polar Lights | AMT = AMT | RV = Revell | GC = Gold Cup | MG = Monogram
JL = Johnny Lightning | ERTL = ERTL | scale = size | Busch = German Company
tampos = stickers HW = Hot Wheels | POL = Polar Lights | RC = Road Champs
FL = Frightning Lightning | RGB = Real Ghosbusters | EGB = Extreme Ghostbusters
HO = railroad scale 1:87

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