This is just a page to hold random resources related to the Gameboy. I collect odd Gameboy hardware and like to know how it works, so here you'll find some scans and datasheets or whatever. Right now it has some info on the Interact Shark MX, the Interact Game Shark Pro and the Mad Catz Camera Link.

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Interact Shark MX

I found the Interact Shark MX at a local software store, never heard of it before. The Shark MX is a specially designed gameboy cart that has a modem and software that lets you send and receive email, along with organizer functions. Probably annoying to use. However, I had to know more about it, so I picked one up on markdown for around $17 USD. I'm guessing they'll end up on clearance next to all the Gameboy Cameras soon.

The Shark MX is made by Datel like other Interact products like the Game Shark, etc. It's sold in .uk as "Mail Junkies World Port".

Opening the Shark MX is easy, its case just snaps together, none of the security screws that Nintendo carts have. Inside is a board with a few chips and components on it along with a phone and gameboy cart connector. One of the chips is a custom Datel MBC which isn't compatible with any of the Nintendo MBC's. The only memory onboard is a 2mbit SST 39SF020 flash eeprom, which stores both code and data. Also onboard is a Silicon Labs 2400 baud Si2400 ISOmodem chipset.

Here's some pix of the Shark MX:
Plug Case Guts Less Blurry Guts (Thanks to Matt Kasdorf)

One interesting thing about the Shark MX is that it replaces the original gameboy startup logo with a GB-MAIL logo.
It replaces the Nintendo(tm) logo with the gb-mail logo.

Interact Game Shark Pro

The Interact Game Shark Pro for Gameboy is a cheat device that lets you modify the way games work by insterting itself, physically and electrically between the Gameboy and the cart being played. It comes with a PC cable with a Gameboy link connector on one end and a parallel port connector on the other.

Opening the Game Shark reveals a circuit board with three chips, a male and female gameboy card connector, an on-off switch and a momentary pushbutton.

The interesting thing about the cable is that it is a commercially available means to connect a Gameboy to your PC. The only other known cable is the Mad Catz Camera Link which is pretty much usable only for its intended purpose. Here is the pinout and wiring information for the Game Shark cable.

Mad Catz Camera Link

This cable is made by Mad Catz, Inc. and has a Gameboy link connector on one end and a parallel port connector on the other. It is designed to interface with the Gameboy Camera cart and comes with included software for this. It works by simulating the Gameboy Printer with a PIC chip inside the parallel connector shell. It doesn't do a particularly good job at that so it pretty much only works with the Gameboy Camera. For those interested in the protocol, check out madcatz.txt and madcatz.c.


GBTMX V0.01 - This is a version of GBT for Bung XChanger to allow it to read from and write to the Shark MX's flash eeprom. Its a quick hack, use it only on the Shark MX, it most likely will fail on other carts so use the normal GBT for them. Note that using this tool overwrites the data on the cart, effectively destroying all data. Backing up original cart data is strongly recommended. C Source

GBTGS V0.01 - This is a version of GBT for Bung XChanger to allow it to read from and write to the Game Shark V3.1 cart. Again, use it only on the Game Shark cart, use the normal GBT for all other purposes. Note that using this tool overwrites data on the cart, most likely making the cart useless in the process (unless you're restoring a backed-up image.) Note there are other versions of the Game Shark, most likely very different in implementation. This was written with the hardware version 3.1 in mind and most likely will not back up other versions correctly. (My cart has "ACTION REPLAY V4.01" for the software revision.) C Source

GSTERM V1.7 - This is a modified version of Jeff Frohwein's GBTerminal for communicating with his GB-BASIC cart. This version works with the Interact Game Shark Pro cable instead of Jeff's GB-to-PC cable. C source included.


SST 39SF020, 39SF010 - Flash EEPROM used in Shark MX and Game Shark Pro
Si2400 | AN26 | AN29 - Info on Si2400 Modem Chipset used in Shark MX
BSI 62LV1024SC-70 - 128K * 8 bit CMOS SRAM used in Game Shark Pro

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