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This stuff is for kids, Take me to the Adult Christmas Downloads...

Have you been naughty or nice? Well here at Lee's Wacky Humor were naughty all year round bringing you the best in multimedia entertainment. If you have a Christmas file you would like to share with us please send them in to Leeswackyhumor@cs.com credit will be given for all submissions used on this page. Well, I have to go now and wash the coal out of my stocking from last year. Happy downloading...


*** Spank~A~Clause ***

More downloads to come as it gets closer to Christmas


santa_gift.zip - A gift from Santa and Joe Cartoons. Thanks Pam

n_exe02.zip - surprise Nasty Santa . Thanks Sue

santajam.zip - Choose the type of music Santa plays. Thanks Pam

musictree.zip - Click the presents and the ornaments. Thanks Pam

hohohos_v2.zip - Santa whips his girls into shape. Thanks Pam

themall.zip - Use up your credit cards at the mall. Thanks Pam

santa_y2k.zip - See Santa crash and burn. Thanks Ed

xmas.zip - Redneck Christmas card. Thanks Pam

santa.zip - Are you naughty or nice . Thanks Ed

christmas_excitement.zip - Christmas greeting from Killer Cartoons. Thanks Stauff

xmaspc.zip - Miss Muffy Holiday Greeting - Rated R. Thanks Sue

santapervert.zip - Desktop Pervert greeting. Thanks Johnny

xmas2.zip - Rescue Santa from the ice. Thanks Wayne

snow.zip - These two birds can realy build a snowman. Thanks Wayne

santaclaus_is_dead.zip - Kill Santa from EvileDave.com

elfbowl.zip - What's Christmas without Elf Bowl Thanks Wayne

chsmas.zip - Santa burns his bum

xmasgirl.zip - Xmass suprise for the guys Thanks Wayne

xmasguy.zip - Xmass suprise for the girls Thanks Wayne

christmas_frostyp.zip - Send Frosty peeing in the snow Thanks Wayne

santa_frosty_showdown.zip - Santa vs. Frosty

snowman.zip - A little snowman

snow.zip - A awsome 3D snow sceen Thanks Pam

xmas_fruitcake.zip - Fruit cake can dangerous Thanks Pam

crimbo.zip - Christmas Count Down Thanks Pam

xmass_monkey_in_basket.zip - Give a Christmas monkey in a basket Thanks Stauff

psychosanta.zip - Psycho Santa game from Zooass.com

islandxmass_greeting.zip - 3 Christmas wishes on a deserted island

eb2small.mov - Elf Bowl 2 is coming see the trailer for it Thanks Pam

xmasfred.zip - Xmass Fred plays on your desktop

deer.zip - Farting musical reindeer, gives error message click continue Thanks Stauff

xmass_ball_game.zip - Click the red balls game Thanks Pam

christmassnow.zip - It's finally snowing for Christmas Thanks Wayne

whack_a_elf - Whack A Troll game Thanks Pam

dogjingl.wav - Jingle Bells sung by dogs Thanks Wayne

n_exe01.zip - Nasty Santa in No More Milk & Cookies Thanks Steve

n_exe14.zip - Nasty Santa opens a can of woopass Thanks Steve

rodneyx.zip - Rodney Dangerfield Xmass card Thanks Gail

rouldpoh_lost.zip - Rouldoph makes a wrong turn Thanks Sue

snwflk_game.zip - Snowflake game Thanks Pam

hoildaypunch.zip - Holiday punch recipe Thanks Stauff

elves2.zip - Elf Bowl 2 Thanks Pam

sign-xmas.wav - Xmass signs

wshntlv.wav - Christmass spoof song

christmas_ride_2000.zip - Interactive Christmas Greeting Thanks Stauff

xmasbeer.wav - Grandpa got run over by a beer truck Thanks Sue

xfilexma.wav - X File CXhristmas Thanks Wayne

ojxmas.wav - OJ Christmas song Thanks Wayne

badkid_xmas.wav - Bad kids for Christmas Thanks Wayne

richierichchristmas.zip - Richie Rich Xmass Thanks Wayne

diddly.wav - A Christmas diddy Thanks Wayne

talkbird.wav - Funny talk about the Christmas bird

santmess.mp3 - Santa's answering machine

santa_green_wrapper.zip - Santa's likes elves

bastardsanta.zip - Bastard Santa for the desktop

snowcraf.zip - Cool snowball fight game Thanks Wayne

elves.zip - A pair of Elves for your desktop

ns_exe04.zip - Christmas Turkey for Santa

ns_exe05.zip - Santa has to take a crap

ns_exe06.zip - Farting Christmas Elves

ns_exe07.zip - Miracle on 254th street

christmas_restroom.wav - Christmas Restroom song Thanks Stauff

santababy.avi - The Dancing Christmas BabyThanks Chantale

santa_moon.zip - Santa Moon

santaclaus.asf - Damn Elves didn't replace the toilet paperThanks Chantale

snowman_tag.zip - Snowman Tag

car_2.zip - Xmass greeting from adagrin.com Thanks Stauff

xmas_smiles.zip - Xmass greeting from adagrin.com Thanks Stauff

12_pains_of_christmas.wav - Funny Xmass song

strip.zip - Strip Fatty Big Eye dressed as Santa Thanks Pam

frosty_game.zip - Frosty screen saver game Thanks Johnny

xmas.zip - Christmas Screen Saver Thanks Sue

xmascard.zip - Musical Xmass card Thanks SW

carols.zip - Christmas music on your computer Thanks SW

jingle_balls.zip - A Xmass greeting just for the Ladies Thanks Donna

xmas_song.zip - Your computer plays Xmass music Thanks SW

mall_santa.zip - A visit tto the Mall Santa Thanks LB

jingle.zip - Jingle Bells with Fatty Big Eye and Bruce

zthingdroppins_1.zip - Santa's droping presents game

yllwsnow.wav - Yellow snow Xmass song

xpokemon.wav - Pokemon Xmass song

xmschmny.wav - Somthing is stuck in the chimney

xmaszero.wav - Weird Al Ground Zero to Xmass song

xhohoho.wav - Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum

x12dys01.wav - Redneck 12 days of Xmass

DysfunctionalFamilyChristmas.mp3 - Disfunctional Christmas Family

ns_exe08.zip - Nasty Santa regrets stopping to take a wizz

rebel_noel.zip - Rebel Santa game

wrong_chimney1_ad.zip - Santa goes down the wrong chimney part 1

wrong_chimney2_ad.zip - Santa goes down the wrong chimney part 2

wrong_chimney3_ad.zip - Santa goes down the wrong chimney part 3

dasb.zip - Dumb ass Christmas Bass Thanks Wayne

atom_chipmunks_ad.zip - Twisted Chimpmunk song ad

domina.zip - Mrs. Claws

tinkle_bells.zip - Funny Xmass greeting

x2000.zip - Funny Xmass greeting from Bunnygrenade.com Thanks Johnny

sne.zip - Forigen Xmass cartoon clip Thanks Johnny

fatty_stuck.zip - Fatty is stuck in the chimney Thanks Johnny

real_slim_santa.mp3 - Funny Xmass song spoof Thanks Sue

missiletoe.zip - Missile toe game Thanks Sue

elf_wrestle.zip - Use the elves to fight Thanks Johnny

santap.zip - Santa takes a dump in the chimney Thanks Johnny

shinny_up_a_tree.zip - Shinny up a tree cartoon Thanks Johnny

sp_carol.zip - South Park Christmas Carol Thanks Johnny

xmass_fatty_elf.zip - Holiday stress with Fatty Big Eye Thanks Johnny

crazy_sleigh_ride.zip - Crazy sleigh ride Thanks Johnny

snowball_basharama.zip - Snowball Basharama Thanks Johnny

gift_idea_for_her.zip - Gift idea for her Thanks Pam

gift_idea_for_him.zip - Gift idea for him Thanks Pam

christmasglobe.zip - Drag and shake the snow globe Thanks Pam

xmas_game.zip - Another Xmass game

santastrike.zip - Shoot Santa Xmass game

xtree.zip - Grow a Xmass tree on your desktop Thanks Pam

snowman_get_even.zip - Snowman revenge Thanks Johnny

sugarplum_mary.zip - Sugarplum Mary Thanks Johnny

hairball_hack.zip - Garfield Hairball Hack Thanks SW

jax_christmas_card_5.zip - Fun Christmas Card Thanks SW

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