Here's how to make a few pipes and bongs out of household items!

These Pipes are purely disposable, and can be made with regular, throw away items that can be found anywhere and everywhere! If you don't have something to smoke out of then use your imagination!!
Type of Pipe: Materials: Description and Instructions
TP Steam Roller Toilet Paper Steamroller Pipe Toilet paper roll, Tin foil, sharp object.

Take the empty toilet paper roll and cut a hole in it about 2/3 up it. Cut a hole about the size of a quarter. Fill the hole with a layer of tin foil and create a bowl loosely while being careful not to break the layer of foil. Take a sharp pin or needle (or something similar) and make a few holes in the bottom. Add some bud and light up! (use your hand to cover the other part)

Tin Foil Pipe Tin Foil Pipe Tin foil Take a piece of tin foil and wrap it into a small cone (Make a BIG cone if you have lot's of tasty bud) Slightly bend into a pipe shape, add your tasty bud and .....PUFF!
Pop Can Pipe Pop can Pipe Pop can, and a sharp object. Take a pop can and smash the side of it (a dent actually) Take a sharp object like a nail, and create a few small holes in it. Add some tasty bud and you have a nice pipe! (I like a carb on the end of this one so I add an extra hole!)

RE: Pop can Pipe

  If you are smoking weed from a can and someone happens to approach you (cop maybe), then act as if you are drinking a soda by putting your hand over the side of the can with the weed on it. (Try to hide the caborator as well!) When getting rid of a can smash it before leaving
  Homemade Bong Small Shampoo bottle (or something similar), Bic pen, some tin foil and a sharp object. Take a bottle and wash out good (Make sure all the smell is out of it!). Take the sharp object and make a hole in the bottle, take the Bic pen case and shove it through. Make a little bowl out of the tinfoil (use the "Tin Foil Pipe" method) and put it at the top of the Bic. Add a little water and DO BONGS! (Be careful not to melt the bic pen!)
Apple Pipe Apple Pipe Apple, Tin foil, knife, long sharp object, Bic pen (optional) Cut you apple, as shown to the left (click the thumbnail) take the Bic pen (or something similar) and ram it through to the area you just cut out, take the tin foil and use it for a screen. This makes that tasty bud even tastier!
  RE: Apple Pipe
NOTE: I'm gona dive in here and take a few final steps... You can also use Pineapples, Pears, or whatever you can think of... A potato will substitute for an apple if you dont have the latter. A little easier to shape the bowl, too. Great site, keep up the good work.
  C02 Pipe
(Yeah i know it looks weird but it works.)
Empty CO2 cartridge, hacksaw, and some tin foil Take an empty CO2 cartridge and cut about 3/4 of the main part off (using a hacksaw). Use the foil for a screen.
(Great Idea!)
  Tampon Rolling Papers Tampon Wrapper (You know. . the kind that's like a plug :) If you don't know what this is then ask your momma! Tampon wrappers work great!
The paper is so thin you don't even need any glue and you can roll some bombers!
  Shoebox Papers The thin, paper like material that covers your shoes when you buy them. (Not the stuff that the Goodwill puts them in for you to take home, thats called a plastic bag) I don't know if you know or not, but shoebox paper makes for good rolling papers! Smoke on!
  Bible Rolling Papers 1 Bible (Please, no comments!) If you don't mind defacing the bible, the blink pages in the back are the same thing as rolling papers, and you can roll some fattys!!!!
  Film Canister Pipe Film Canister, metal salt shaker top, tin foil, sharp object, Straw. To make a nice pipe take a film canister and pop off the top. Then take a METAL salt shaker top (make sure its wide enough) and put it in the top so it fits tightly. Now poke a hole in the side with a knife and insert a straw.
  Yoyo Popcan Bong Popcan, Sharp Object, Tin Foil You can make a bong out of a pop can. Make it like you did with the pipe only make a small hole 2 inches from the bottom and make a long thin piece of foil with a foil bowl at the top.-don't forget to make a screen between the shute and bowl--- use lots of tape. make a carb. , put in the bong water at the bottom (if you use AW root beer, it tastes soooo sweet.) then fill up the bowl with high quality THC shit. then enjoy.
Cereal Box Pipe Cereal Box Pipe Here is a pic of a pipe I just made with a little cereal box. All you need is a little cereal box, tape, foil, and knife.It worked pretty good. Just Click on the picture to the right and you should be able to figure this one out for yourself!
  Asthma Inhaler Pipe Asthma inhaler, tin foil Asthma inhaler pipe, make a bowl with tin foil etc over the part where you put the mouth, take out the medicine canister and inhale out of there, keep the cap that come with the inhaler so you can conceal it as a inhaler.
  PVC Pipe PVC Pipe, PVC cement, Cologne top, Screen, cologne top, pipe Here's what I did. First, my dad had some pvc laying around (you can pick this up cheap at any hardware store). One was about 5 inches long, the other was an L shape. I also took a gap cologne bottle top (the small kind) and drilled a hole in the bottom. Next I took some screen from my window and trimmed it up to fit inside the cologne top which had the hole in it and fitted it right over the hole. Now just put a little PVC cement or other strong glue and shove the cologne top in the top of the L PVC with a little glue on the inside and do the same for the 5 inch tube. It sounds like a lot of work but I completed mine in less than fifteen minutes. It helps a lot to take the cologne top to the hardware store to make sure you get the right diameter of pipe. You don't have to use a cologne top, but I found that it worked alright. You can also drill an optional hole in the side of the pipe if you want.
  The Waterfall   Get a large bottle of soda prefebly a 3 liter, put a cigarette hole near the bottom, keep your finger on the hole and add water until the bottle is nearly full up.then place some tinfoil around the opening of the bottel and puncture pinholes into the tinfoil.put your hash or weed on the tinfoil and light it.when you light it pull your finger from the cigarette hole and the water flows out but the smoke fills the chamber then all you have to do is inhale and get stoned. You have to put your finger over the rushole (cigarette hole) when you take a lug and as your near the end of your lug lift your finger off the rushole this creates a vacuum which is good because it gets you stone big time its easier with two people and their is enough smoke to go around.
  The Hooka A water bottle like evian or poland spring(a plastic soda bottle works too), tin foil, a sharp object, a pin, and a straw. Poke a hole about 3 or 4 inches above the base of the bottle. put the straw in (mcdonald's staws work great cause they are big) If you want a carb, then poke a hole at the top of the bottle too. then put the water in. after that, you put the tin foil around the mouth of the bottle, poking it a little in the bottle. then, you take the pin and poke tiny holes in the tin foil. you put the weed in there. you light up and suck through the straw and enjoy. honestly, this thing works better than alot of my bowls do. Come to think of it, it's actually more of a hooka than a bong but whatevs... anyways your page is great! have a great day, and keep on tokin'!
  Brass Chamber Pipe Small brass(copper is bad for you) plumbing elbow joint, and threaded strait plumbing pieces,teaball(for screen),pen grip from a BIC with a rubber grip,cologne bottle top. Cut the teaball into 3 small circles that are large enough to fit into your piping. Place one screen inside of the top side of your new bowl (top of elbow joint), another screen on the other side of the elbow joint, and another inside a brass washer then screw it on. Only use the pen grip if your elbow joint has three holes in it. If it doesn't just toss that grip away. Now you have a tripple screened pipe for fuckin fat hoots and it cleans easily and produces alot of oil. Directions for a third lung: materials: large freezer bag(no ziplocks, they don't work),top of 2L pop bottle and a big elastic. directions: Cut a 2L pop bottle's end off so you have only a part with the screw on cap part and some extra plastic to stick your mouth on.Take the large freezer bag and place it on the spout of the bottle but first remove cap.Then rap rubber band around bag and spout. Now recycle your hoots and join my Wheelchair Clan Pot Smokers club~!
  Buckets 2-liter bottle
Rachet socket head
Small Bucket
Take a 2-liter bottle and cut off the bottem drill a hole in the lid put a socket in the hole (for the bowl) fill a small bucket with water put the jug in the water screw on the lid be careful if u push down the weed will shoot out- . pack it and hold a liter to the weed and pull up un screw the lid and enjoy!!
(Try attaching a string to the bag on one side and a loop for your foot on the other. It makes it easier to pull out.)
2-liter bottle
Tin Foil
  1. Take a 2 litre bottle and empty it.
  2. Cut in half (or nearer the bottom if you've got big lungs).
  3. Tape a plastic bag over bottom and suck - the bag should be drawn into the bottle.
  4. Remove lid, put tin foil over opening and make 20 small holes.
  5. Add hash and burn it while slowly pulling the bag down(2 people help) which draws the smoke in.
  6. Pull off tin foil and cover the opening with your hand (careful it's a little hot).
  7. Empty your lungs off air and take your hit.
  Condom Bong Any size soda bottle
Bic pen
Condom (unlubricated)
This is a really neat idea I though of one day. Nobody I told about it liked it but that has yet to change my feelings.
  1. Fill bottle about full with water
  2. Unroll condom and cut the tip off
  3. Lower it into the bottle and make sure it goes down in to the water
  4. Stretch the other end and flip it over the rim of the bottle
  5. Make a bowl with foil and put it over the condom and the top of bottle
  6. Poke holes with needle in tinfoil
  7. Use matches to burn two holes on either side of the bottle one is a carb
  8. Insert the bic pen in the other hole(make sure the pen doesn't go in the water, also for dumasses take the pen apart so it is just a cylinder)
  9. Seal with shoegoo putty or whatever
  10. Put weed in bowlpiece
  11. Cover carb
  12. Light and suck so the smoke goes down the condom into the water and out when bottle is full of smoke
  13. Release carb and inhale makes really sweet ass hits enjoy